Birds Of Prey #2 (2023) Review: In One Word? “Dope”

birds of prey #2 (2023) review

Now that the team is together in Birds of Prey #2 from DC Comics, what’s next? We discuss the latest issue of Kelly Thompson and Leonardo Romero‘s new series.

We reviewed the book on the Stack podcast. But in the interest of highlighting more about the title, here’s a summary of the conversation with our thoughts. And if you prefer the longer audio version, that’s below as well!

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Birds Of Prey #2 (2023) Review:

In the first issue of the new series, Black Canary assembled an elite team for a secret mission. Now, the secret is out: they need to rescue her sister, Sin, from Themyscira before an evil entity consumes her and destroys the world.

Host Alex Zalben said he continues to love the comic in the second issue, and “the dynamic is great” with the new Birds of Prey team. “Kelly Thompson is great with the humor, and Leonardo Romero’s art, I want to see a newsprint version of this… I want that sort of thing where you pick it up and get the ink on your hands.”

Justin Tyler agreed, shouting out that the look of Romero’s art reminded him of Wednesday Comics, an award-winning return to newspaper strips from DC that was released in 2009. “That really is making such a difference with this book,” Tyler continued, on the art. “It’s really starting to be fun as well as heartfelt, which is a tricky balance.”

In particular, Tyler shouted out a sequence where the team is fighting a group of giant, yellow golems as “dope.”

Summing up, Tyler said, “The whole thing is just a good package. It’s set so firmly in the DC universe, [and] we get to see a lot of characters we know and love.”

Birds of Prey #2 (2023) Official Synopsis:

Black Canary has built an all-new team with a very specific and very dangerous first mission: extraction! Their target: ! She’s being held on and guarded by a battalion of . Sounds simple enough, right? Well, then we’re explaining it wrong! It’s a terrible mission! And before it can even be launched, the Birds have to gather a few mysterious supplies and see some old familiar faces…that they punch!

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