Madam Satan: Hell On Earth #1 Review

madam satan hell on earth 1 spoiler review

Archie Comics starts to bring the threads of their horror universe together in Madam Satan: Hell on Earth #1, written by Eliot Rahal with art by Vincenzo Federici. But does it work? And more importantly: is it scary?

We reviewed the book on this week’s Stack podcast. But in the interest of highlighting more about the title, here’s a summary of the conversation with our thoughts. And if you prefer the longer audio version, that’s below as well!

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Madam Satan: Hell on Earth #1 Review:

Per the title, Hell is in Greendale and Madam Satan is caught in the middle. That’s when she gets help from an unlikely source: Archie Comics’ other horror star, Jinx. Host Pete LePage thought the issue — and in particular the introduction of Jinx — brought a lot of ” fun twists and turns… I’m having a great time with this.”

Justin Tyler agreed, stating, “The way that Archie Comics sort of approaches all their books is: let’s put this as far away from your mainstream expectations of what an Archie comic book is, and we’ll work our way back.”

Like LePage, Tyler appreciated the “collision course” that brought Jinx and Madam Satan together, adding, “This book is horrifying. It’s got a wild continuity that it’s dealing with, but it still makes me want to keep reading, especially the main horror stuff they’re doing.”

Madam Satan: Hell on Earth #1 Official Synopsis:

After Madam Satan waged war on Baxter High, Hell descended upon earth, and even she isn’t safe. Madam Satan seeks refuge from the forces of Lucifer in a random suburban home… and who she meets there is surprising. But is this powerful person a friend or foe? And can the two of them work together to summon Eldritch Terrors and stop Satan’s rampage? 

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