Marvel’s G.O.D.S. Revealed, DC Introduces A New Villain, Inferno Girl Red Heads To Kickstarter | Comic Book Club News For August 29, 2023

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Marvel’s G.O.D.S. are almost here, and Jonathan Hickman is revealing at least part of the mystery behind the new characters. DC’s Knight Terrors finishes up by teasing the mysterious villain behind the publisher’s next event. And Inferno Girl Red heads to Kickstarter. All on today’s Comic Book Club News for August 29, 2023.


Episode Transcript:

Meet Marvel’s G.O.D.S.

DC’s Knight Terrors ends with a new villain.

Inferno Girl Red heats up Kickstarter.

This is Comic Book Club News for August 29, 2023.

Marvel Reveals Their G.O.D.S.:

Marvel is revealing a lot more info on their highly anticipated new series G.O.D.S., which is written by Jonathan Hickman with art by Valerio Schiti. As part of a recent conference call attended by the site AIPT, G.O.D.S. editor Tom Brevoort teased the series is comparable to Saga or Sandman. Those are two very different books, so take from that what you will.

Not only will G.O.D.S. add a whole new mythology to the Marvel universe, but it will also do so in an oversized introductory issue. While Hickman’s initial script called for 72 pages, it was cut down to 55 — still more than double the length for a regular comic book. Teased Hickman, “The length is so everyone gets a full understanding of what the world was like, and I think we accomplished that. Even if you hate [the] writing, you’ll love the art.”

But what is G.O.D.S. about? It introduces five magically-aligned characters who have been retconned to always have been part of the Marvel Universe. They are separated into two factions: The-Powers-That-Be and The-Natural-Order-Of-Things. As you might expect, a bubbling conflict between the two finally boils over into the main Marvel universe. Along with these new characters, Hickman promises that we’ll see redesigned versions of some classic Marvel characters across the run.

G.O.D.S. #1 will hit comic book shops on October 4. It will be preceded by a digital collection of 10 pages that previously ran in other Marvel books, as a prelude.

DC’s Knight Terrors Finale Introduces A New Mystery Villain:

As one event ends, another one begins. And so it goes with comics, as DC Comics’ two-month Knight Terrors event has ended by teeing up their next event… And a mystery villain.

Spoilers for Knight Terrors: Nights End past this point. At the end of the issue, while the Justice League has beaten villain Insomnia, it looks like he has, in part, won. His goal was to break trust in the Justice League, and that’s just what happened.

Enter Suicide Squad leader Amanda Waller, who has taken possession of Insomnia’s Nightmare Stone, as well as the Helmet of Hate — another magical artifact. She hands them to a character covered in shadow, who seems to potentially be a former hero, and this figure is transformed into Doctor Hate.

So who is this dark riff on Doctor Fate? You’ll have to wait until November to find out, as he’ll be going after the Titans in the upcoming Beast World crossover. You’d hate to miss it.

Inferno Girl Red Heats Up Kickstarter:

Image Comics’ Massiveverse is getting even bigger, thanks to a new Kickstarter for the title Inferno Girl Red. Written by Mat Groom, with art by Eric D’Urso, Inferno Girl Red followed a young girl whose first day at school became a nightmare when her entire city was thrust into another dimension.

The just launched Kickstarter will include the entirety of Inferno Girl Red Book One, as well as Book Two, which has yet to be released.

“I’m beyond excited to return to the world of INFERNO GIRL RED,” said writer Mat Groom, via a release provided to Comic Book Club News. “In many ways it’s an allegory for the modern teenage experience – coming of age in a world with cataclysmic disaster looming, being told by older generations that it’s up to them to solve the problems they didn’t create. What does it take to succeed despite this pressure? And how can you embrace the radical belief needed to achieve the seemingly impossible without falling into dangerous self-delusion?”

Also, there’s a lot of fighting and weird villains, just FYI. As of this taping, the Kickstarter has already made well over $22,000 of its $85,000 goal. You can pledge until September 21. And if you’d like to find out more, Groom and D’Urso will be appearing live on Comic Book Club on September 12.

For Comic Book Club News, I’m Alex Zalben. But you can call me Doctor Great.

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