Riverdale After Dark: “Dog Day Afternoon”

Riverdale - Dog Day Afternoon

It’s an all-out assault on The Farm as Betty takes the fight to Edgar Evernever, Archie becomes a vigilante (again), Jughead deals with a deadly class and we recap “Chapter Sixty: Dog Day Afternoon.”

3 thoughts on “Riverdale After Dark: “Dog Day Afternoon”

  1. this episode went full riverdale and i LOVED IT lol A ROCKET!? that slowmo walkin’ like a badass moment with betty and her mom? and of course cheryl’s crazy paranoid ass lol oh so good!

  2. oh the car wash scene. had so much potential. less archie and more maddog reggie maddog those random asian hotties in the back maddog and the guys soaping each other up! also veronica get out of the shot and make this montage five minutes long. thank you cw! next fundraiser you know what to do!

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