Stargirl - Wildcat

Starguys: “Wildcat”

It’s game on for the Justice Society of America as Stargirl recruits her first member on DC’s Stargirl “Wildcat.” While Pat gets deeper into the mystery of what’s going on in Blue Valley, and we meet the mysterious Dragon King, Courtney tries to turn Yolanda Montez into a superhero, with mixed results. Meanwhile, Mikey reveals […]

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Stargirl - Icicle

Starguys: “Icicle”

Things get downright chilly on DC’s Stargirl as Jordan Mahkent arrives in Blue Valley, and our podcast recaps “Icicle.” While Barbara makes some moves at work and Mikey feeds Cheetos to the dog, Courtney and Pat go after the latest member of the Injustice Society to show up in town. But when things go horribly […]

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Stargirl - STRIPE

Starguys: “S.T.R.I.P.E.”

In the aftermath of Courtney’s first battle with Brainwave, it’s Pat to the rescue as our DC’s Stargirl podcast recaps “S.T.R.I.P.E.” While Courtney wants to take the bad guys head on, we meet Pat’s robot suit, and find out it’s not totally functional. More members of the Injustice Society get introduced, Barbara starts her new […]

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