Deadly Cast: “Kids Of The Black Hole”

Deadly Class - Kids of the Black Hole

It’s the penultimate episode of the season, as our Deadly Class podcast recaps “Kids Of The Black Hole”

2 thoughts on “Deadly Cast: “Kids Of The Black Hole”

  1. sigh SO disappointed in saya but also master lin. WHY would she abandon her post? WHY would he not be more specific in his orders? “look go to this address and go INSIDE the house. in there are PEOPLE i need you to protect. memorize the address and destroy it”. probably the best episode of the season for me despite this annoying matter. great acting, marcus looks cute finally, great drama and suspense and no willy is super important. he’s the heart of the show. and there is nothing he could have done. he’s a pacifist, what was willy going to do to the thieves NOT fight them to death? yeah i wanted him to help like your fellow podcaster but i know he couldnt and it would have just made things worse and could have escalated to people dying.

  2. im 100% with pete. RUN! i hate this movie/tv trope. you tell the person to run or look out and they just freeze to cause tension and suspense. LAME. lets break the mold and make a common sense smart character who will do like the movie and just: GET OUT!

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