American Godcast: “The Beguiling Man”

American Gods The Beguiling Man

Shadow Moon gets tortured, Mr. Wednesday hatches a plan and Laura hits a dead end as our American Gods podcast recaps “The Beguiling Man”

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  1. though it only implies wednesday has been in shadow’s life for longer than he (and we the audience) knew, i have always thought he was shadow’s father and he created him specifically with his mom to be his weapon in the war on the new gods. this has been a long con/game that he has been working on. so for my theory on who shadow is and of wednesday being his father this backstory just gave more credence to it. his “light” (the light that only laura can see) that his mom “gives to him every day”, how she is so protective of him and insistent that he stay good and dont give in to hate, how she lies and says his father is dead and refuses to let him know anything about him, why had to give shadow a hero’s journey and let him earn his faith on his own….it just all falls into place for me

      1. well i read the book so i know the answer lol to be spoiler free i write my comments in the mindset of a viewer only. but i had the same thoughts while reading the book as well though the book had more characters to help with my theories. dont know if they will show up in the show or if they will change the reveal of shadow so we all are shocked ala what they did with legion making the monster the shadow king instead of one of his many personalities

  2. wait. you guys didnt watch the hbo hit tv show oz? thats where i know mr. town from. he played christopher. dont watch commercials so……….huh?

  3. what about czernabog’s speech about zorya. “a new zorya will rise and i pray she will be ready to guard the gate of the beast” (im paraphasing here). in the legend of the zorya sisters they guard this gate that holds back a beast that will destroy the world ala fenris from norse lore. in the opening scene it was hinted that there is a change zorya wont be risen in which case: no one to protect the gate, the beast gets out and what do we do then???? but if zorya does come back, does it mean we get a new actress ala media???

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