Here’s Who Plays God On Preacher

Mark Harelik as God - Preacher _ Season 3, Episode 3 - Photo Credit: Alfonso Bresciani/AMC/Sony Pictures Television

Last night’s episode of AMC’s Preacher had a huge reveal: the identity of God. Or rather, goD, as this version of the almighty supreme creator has been parading around in a dog suit for the past season and change. But if you’re wondering who plays god on Preacher, it turns out that you might have known the answer all along.

Maybe. As we speculated on our Preacher podcast for the episode, “Gonna Hurt,” this probably is goD. But also maybe it’s not? Because this show — you may have noticed– gets weird sometimes?

Anyway, a little recap first:

In the Season 3 premiere, goD approached Tulip (Ruth Negga) mere minutes before she was resurrected by Jesse (Dominic Cooper) and Gran’ma (Betty Buckley). She was told that she had a destiny, and goD needed her for some purpose. After messing everything up during “Sonsabitches” she headed to New Orleans to make things right. Only by the time she got there, evil organization The Grail had already vacated the premises.

Driving back to Angelville, goD pulled up on a bike with a girl on the back. He pulled off his mask to reveal… He looks exactly like Fake God, from the Season 1 finale, “Call and Response“.

In case you forgot what was going on with that, with God missing from Heaven, an actor was hired to play God in a video call set up by Jesse. In Season 2, we found out that guy was dead, killed in order to get him to Heaven so he could play God.

So, Who Plays God On Preacher?

And now, the answer to who plays God on Preacher has been revealed to be… The guy who played Fake God on Preacher.

Tulip even dubiously calls it out, though goD explains that everything that’s happened so far has been by his design. We’ll side with Tulip and say it’s a pretty crappy design. But sure, that’s goD.

In real life, the actor’s name is Mark Harelik. He’s appeared in everything from Angel to The Big Bang Theory. And in Season 2 of Preacher he played an actor named… Mark Harelik. Also, fun fact: he grew up in the only Jewish family in his small town of Texas. Other than Preacher, you’ll see him soon as a regular on Hulu’s Stephen King mash-up series, Castle Rock.

So there you go! The Preacher goD actor is Mark Harelik. He’s an actor named Mark Harelik, playing an actor named Mark Harelik, who turns out to be goD. Whether there will be another twist, we’ll have to wait and see.

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