Comic Book Club: Chris Kipiniak and Swifty Lang


Chris Kipiniak (“Behemoth”) and Jonathan “Swifty” Lang (“Plunder”) hit the stage to discuss their new comics. Plus reviews of “Thor #8,” “Moon Knight #15,” and “Mad Max Fury Road: Nux & Immortan Jo #1.”

Check out the website at to find out how to watch the show live! And follow the show on Twitter: @comicbooklive, @azalben, @jtsizzle, and @realpetelepage.

2 thoughts on “Comic Book Club: Chris Kipiniak and Swifty Lang

  1. Gotta fix the volume level issue on the podcast. I’ve got phone/bt volume cranked full, stereo volume cranked full just to hear coherently. Skip to the next podcast in my playlist and just about blow my speakers.

    I deleted this episode because I couldn’t hear it.

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