We’re Nerd(ist)s! Comic Book Club Joins Nerdist Network

Comic Book Club Logo - 1280x800

We’re super excited to announce that as of this week, Comic Book Club’s audio podcast is part of The Nerdist Network! Hooray!

So… What does that mean? Not much if you’re already listening right now, as it’ll be the same live show we’ve always done, every Tuesday night; and we’ll be posting the shows right here on the site still. But, there’s now the added bonus of being on The Nerdist website right next to amazing podcasts like Mike & Tom Eat Snacks, The Indoor Kids, and oh yeah, The Nerdist.

Anyway, check ’em all out – and the first episode – at this link: http://www.nerdist.com/2012/01/comic-book-club-david-cope/. And we’ll have plenty more exciting stuff coming down the pike soon, so stay tuned!

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