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Comic Book Club’s Valentine’s Day Spectacular

It’s Valentine’s Day, and we’ve got nothing but hot host on host action! No guests getting in the way of reviews for The Walking Dead, Daredevil and Swamp Thing!

Check out the website at comicbookclublive.com to find out how to watch the show live! And follow the show on Twitter: @comicbooklive, @azalben, @jtsizzle, and @realpetelepage

Comic Book Club: Jesse Karp + Alex Edelman

Jesse Karp, author of ‘Graphic Novels in Your School Library’ chats about bringing comics to academia, while comedian Alex Edelman teaches the boys how not to pronounce J.K. Rowlings’ name to Harry Potter fans.

THE STACK: All New X-Men #7, Swamp Thing #18, Helheim #1, Age of Ultron #1

Check out the website at comicbookclublive.com to find out how to watch the show live! And follow the show on Twitter: @comicbooklive, @azalben, and @jtsizzle.

Comic Book Club: Scott Adsit and Frank Tieri

Scott Adsit (30 Rock) and Frank Tieri (Space: Punisher) talk to the guys about the end of 30 Rock next season, and sending the Punisher to shoot space right in the face.

This Week’s Stack: Avengers vs. X-Men #3, Swamp Thing #9, Daredevil #12

Week in Geek:

* More ‘Avengers’ talk, as the movie breaks all box office records! Can the Dark Knight Rises take back the crown?

* ‘Avengers 2’ is coming, but do we want to see that first… Or solo movies first?

* And what’s next for director Joss Whedon, now that he has SO MUCH POWER?

Comic Book Club: Axel Alonso and Al Madrigal

Axel Alonso (EIC, Marvel Comics) and Al Madrigal (The Daily Show) came on the show to talk about ‘Avengers vs. X-Men’ and their comedy career respectively, and then it turned out they were the exact same guy. Also, Axel tells a crazy story about being on a fishing boat.

This Week’s Stack: Invincible #90, Swamp Thing #8, Daredevil #10.1

Week in Geek:

* Ben Kingsley is the villain in ‘Iron Man 3,’ but who exactly is he playing?

* Captain America 2 to hit theaters on April 4, 2014! That’s a long time from now!

* For only $125, you can have an action figure with your face on it. Finally, a body like Arnold with your Denzel face.

* Is Disney working on a Marvel animated movie?

Comic Book Club: Grace Randolph

Grace Randolph joins the boys to talk about her new BOOM! book Supurbia, and brings along wrestling announcer Larry Legend. Fighting, then teaming up, ensues.

This Week’s Stack: The Manhattan Projects #1, Swamp Thing #7, Amazing Spider-Man #681

Week in Geek:

* ‘The Walking Dead’ goes crazy-pants, and we learn just what Alex and his wife do in bed.

* We try to suss out if the Nicolas Cage heist flick ‘Action No. 1’ will be a secret Ghost Rider movie.

* Marvel announces their new Infinite Comics, but how will Pete bag and board his iPads?

* Mandrake the Magician is finally coming to theaters! Who’s Mandrake the Magician again?

Comic Book Club with Jamal Igle and Jeff Rubin

Jamal Igle joins the show this week to talk about his male nudity-prone DC Comics book The Ray, and also, leaving DC… FOREVER. Also on the couch? Jeff Rubin from CollegeHumor’s Nerd Alert, who lives in fear of CollegeHumor’s resident jock, Biff.

Meanwhile, Justin and Alex try to out ’90s reference each other, and Pete finally learns where cheeseburgers come from.

This Week’s Stack: Terminally Illin’ #1, Swamp Thing #5, Animal Man #5, Wolverine and The X-Men: Alpha and Omega #1

Week in Geek:
* Marvel is launching ‘Avengers Alliance’ a Facebook game, which may or may not have Jarvis harvesting beets in the backyard of Avengers Mansion.

* Thor 2 is filming this Summer!

* Marvel launches Avengers vs. X-Men: Versus, which gets rid of all that pesky dialogue.

* The Star Wars TV show is called “Star Wars: Underworld” and is probably about trade negotiations.