Dynamite Preview: Hercules #2

Hercules #2 preview

Read a preview of Hercules #2 from Dynamite, written by Elliot Kalan with art by George Kambadais as Hercules’s adventures continue.

In the preview, the prince of power is teaming up with a statue to solve a myth-tery! You get it. That’s a pun.

Hercules #2 Preview

Check out five pages and four covers from the May 15, 2024 publishing issue here! Click the thumbnails for a larger version:

Hercules #2 Official Synopsis:

After being ghosted by Aphrodite, Hercules suspects that the goddess of love may have been the victim of malevolent forces. But before he can investigate much further, he’s tasked with another Olympian mission — this time on behalf of Aphrodite’s husband Hephaestus, god of the forge, who enlists Hercules to track down a clockwork war machine that might be responsible for his wife’s mysterious disappearance.

However, when Hercules — joined by the always-helpful Phil and the newly incarnated Galatea — pursues the rogue automaton, Hephaestus goes missing as well. And while losing one god could simply be bad luck, losing two in as many days seems more like a conspiracy!

Crafted by the divinely inspired team of Emmy Award-winning writer ELLIOTT KALAN (The Daily Show) and Gargoyles artist GEORGE KAMBADAIS, Hercules #2 also features classical covers by KAMBADAIS, MATTEO LOLLI, FRANCESCO TOMASELLI, and ALESSANDRO RANALDI!

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