Marvel Preview: Wolverine #46

Wolverine #46 preview

Read a preview of Wolverine #46 from Marvel Comics, written by Benjamin Percy and Victor Lavalle, with art by Cory Smith.

In the ongoing Sabretooth War storyline, Sabretooth now has the advantage… He’s mixed up Wolverine’s brain so the hero thinks they’re back in their covert ops days, running a mission together. Only they’re not, of course, and Sabretooth instead is using Logan to do his dirty deeds.

Wolverine #46 Preview

Check out three pages and the cover from the March 27, 2024 publishing issue here! Click the thumbnails for a larger version:

Wolverine #46 Official Synopsis:

BRAIN CHANGER/GAME CHANGER! – SABRETOOTH WAR PART 6! WOLVERINE’s memory has been altered, erased, restored, forgotten and destroyed. This time, if he can’t get his head on straight, SABRETOOTH will do far worse than that! The most diabolical chapter of SABRETOOTH WAR yet…and you thought those early issues were violent?!

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