IDW Publishing Preview: Star Trek: Defiant #13

Star Trek: Defiant #13 preview

Read a preview of Star Trek: Defiant #13 from IDW Publishing, written by Christopher Cantwell with art by Ángel Unzueta.

In the preview below, Worf’s crew is battling an extremely creepy parasite invasion on an alien planet. So, you know, a regular Wednesday for the Star Trek crew. Check out the pages below and see if Worf finally yells “Worf speed!”

Star Trek: Defiant #13 Preview

Check out six pages and the cover from the March 27, 2024 publishing issue here! Click the thumbnails for a larger version:

Star Trek: Defiant #13 Official Synopsis:

Starbase 99 has been compromised. Worf and the Defiant crew are quarantined within, desperately trying to evade the infected as their parasitic counterparts flood the floors of the base. To make matters worse, one of the crew’s bounties is dead, another missing. Can the crew survive this raging parasitic invasion on the desolate starbase?

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