DC Comics Preview: Superman ’78: The Metal Curtain #5

Superman '78 The Metal Curtain #5 preview

Read a preview of Superman ’78: The Metal Curtain #5 from DC Comics, written by Robert Venditti with art by Gavin Guidry.

In the latest issue of the series continuing the adventures of the original Superman movie, Clark and Lois have to team up with their worst enemy: Lex Luthor. Can Lex be trusted? Or will he betray them the first chance he gets? You can get a little tease of what to expect in the preview pages below.

Superman ’78: The Metal Curtain #5 Preview

Check out four pages and the cover from the March 5, 2024 publishing issue here:

Superman ’78: The Metal Curtain #5 Official Synopsis:

CAN SUPERMAN TRUST… LEX LUTHOR?! After the massive battle at the White House, Superman is forced to turn to his sworn enemy Lex Luthor for help in his fight with Metallo. But what does the greatest criminal mind of our lifetime know about the Russian war machine, and just how will Superman use the info to take the fight to Metallo?

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