Marvel Preview: Wolverine #44

Wolverine #44 preview

Read a preview of Wolverine #44 from Marvel Comics, written by Benjamin Percy and Victor LaValle with art by Cory Smith.

In the latest chapter of the Sabretooth War, Quentin Quire is (mostly) dead. Daken is dead. Laura, aka X-23 is taken. And Wolverine is minus hands and feet. In the preview pages, you see how he gets his appendages back. As for the rest of them? TBD, as there is a lot more story to go here, until the War wraps up in May.

Wolverine #44 Preview

Check out four pages and the cover from the February 28, 2024 publishing issue here:

Wolverine #44 Official Synopsis:

SABRETOOTH WAR – PART 4! Death has followed LOGAN for over a century. But as the blood pools and the gravestones pile up around him, what happens when SABRETOOTH kills again? The fallout of significant mutant deaths, and a desperate tactical play by WOLVERINE and X-FORCE turns the SABRETOOTH WAR on its head!

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