Marvel Preview: The Amazing Spider-Man #44

The Amazing Spider-Man #44 preview

Read a preview of The Amazing Spider-Man #44 from Marvel Comics, written by Zeb Wells with art by John Romita Jr.

In the final chapter of Gang War, the assembled gangs and heroes are duking it out in Central Park. But who will end up running the gangs of New York? Will it be Madame Masque? Or someone else? Perhaps… You? Will you, dear reader, end up being a crime lord by the time this issue is done? I guess we’ll find out this week, but in the meantime enjoy the preview pages below.

The Amazing Spider-Man #44 Preview

Check out four pages and the cover from the February 28, 2024 publishing issue here:

The Amazing Spider-Man #44 Official Synopsis:

GANG WAR CONCLUSION! Madame Masque makes the power move she’s been waiting to make her entire life. This is not going to go the way you think it will!

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