Marvel Preview: Luke Cage: Gang War #4

Luke Cage: Gang War #4 preview

Read a preview of Luke Cage: Gang War #4 from Marvel Comics, written by Rodney Barnes with art by Ramon Bachs.

In the preview pages, we’re flashing back to some classic Luke Cage adventures, as the current mayor of New York tries to take back his city from rampaging gangs. Only problem, with anti-vigilante laws on the books, he may save his city; but lose his job. Fun fact: we’re dealing with the exact same thing in real New York right now, with a rampaging mayor. True story!

Luke Cage: Gang War #4 Preview

Check out five pages and the cover from the February 21, 2024 publishing issue here:

Luke Cage: Gang War #4 Official Synopsis:

Unmasked and faced with giant Spider-Slayers, Luke Cage suits up as he never has before! New York City may survive this Gang War, but after breaking the anti-vigilante law, how can Luke still be mayor at the end? Will he even want to be?

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