DC Comics Preview: Justice League Vs. Godzilla Vs. Kong #5

Justice League Vs. Godzilla Vs. Kong #5 preview

Read a preview of Justice League Vs. Godzilla Vs. Kong #5 from DC Comics, written by Brian Buccellato with art by Christian Duce.

As this event continues, giant monsters are attacking the DCU. And as it turns out, it might be up to Lois Lane to investigate the heck out of them. With Superman “dead” and the Justice League on their back legs, the Daily Planet’s top reporter makes some big moves. And meanwhile, under the sea Godzilla is battling the Kraken, with some of the Justice League looking on.

Presumably, King Kong is somewhere as well but to be honest he hasn’t had a lot to do in this series. Kong underwater? It’s more likely than you might think.

Justice League Vs. Godzilla Vs. Kong #5 Preview

Check out four pages and the cover from the February 20, 2024 publishing issue here:

Justice League Vs. Godzilla Vs. Kong #5 Official Synopsis:

THE CATACLYSMIC CROSSOVER BETWEEN THE DC UNIVERSE AND LEGENDARY’S MONSTERVERSE CONTINUES! The Justice League have regrouped after their initial losses and discover nefarious plans by the Legion of Doom AND the League of Assassins are underway to use the Monsters for their evil purposes. As Lois Lane uncovers truths about the monster’s identities, the League also learns of a beacon that’s drawing all the creatures to one location…the final battle to save Earth is about to begin!

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