Comic Book Club: Jonathan Marks Barravecchia, Sean Lewis, Griffin Sheridan, Ethan S. Parker, Bob Quinn, And Bob Fingerman

Comic Book Club: Jonathan Marks Barravecchia, Sean Lewis, Griffin Sheridan, Ethan S. Parker, Bob Quinn, And Bob Fingerman

It’s a cascade of dudes on this week’s live show podcast, as we’re welcoming guests Jonathan Marks Barravecchia and Sean Lewis (“Bear Pirate Viking Queen”), Griffin Sheridan, Ethan Smith, and Bob Quinn (“Kill Your Darlings”), and Bob Fingerman (“That’s Some Business You’re In”)!


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Jonathan Marks Barravecchia Bio:

In addition to his creator-owned comics, Jonathan has worked for companies such as Marvel, DC, IDW, Easton Press, and Upper Playground. His work has been recognized and published in juried competitions including Spectrum and American Illustration, and he shows his paintings at The Philippe Labaune Gallery in Chelsea, NY.

Sean Lewis Bio:

Sean Lewis is the co-creator and writer of Image Comics’ SaintsThe Few, and Coyotes. His plays have won the Kennedy Center’s Rosa Parks Award, the National New Play Network’s Smith Prize, the Barrymore Award, the William Inge Fellowship, and more. His work has screened at the TriBeCa Film Festival and has been heard on NPR’S This American Life.

Griffin Sheridan Bio:

Griffin Sheridan has spent his entire life in comic shops across Michigan, where he was born and raised. For over a decade, Sheridan was an active voice in comics discourse through numerous podcasting endeavours, including projects featuring creators such as Ryan Stegman, Donny Cates, Matthew Rosenberg, and Brian Michael Bendis. His love for the medium finally came full circle in 2023, with the launch of his debut series: KILL YOUR DARLINGS from Image Comics. He is perpetually making coffee, quoting Spider-Man (2002), and working on “the next thing” with his writing partner, Ethan S. Parker. He hopes you’re having a nice day.

Ethan S. Parker Bio:

Ethan S. Parker is a comic book writer who made his industry debut with the Image Comics horror/fantasy series KILL YOUR DARLINGS. Ethan is also widely known for creating podcasts and other online content for imprints like KLC Press, Ashcan Press, and JINXWORLD, with creators such as Donny Cates, Ryan Stegman, Brian Michael Bendis, and Matthew Rosenberg. He was born in Oklahoma, but currently resides in Arizona with his wife and their cats. He is deep into work on your next favorite book with his writing partner Griffin Sheridan.

Bob Quinn Bio:

After 12 years of video game development for companies like Disney, THQ, Activision, Bob Quinn left for comic book creation. Since then he’s drawn comic books for publishers like Marvel and Dynamite, drawn and written self-published work just for him, and drawn pictures for major studios. He currently is creating Kill Your Darlings for Image Comics.

Bob Fingerman Bio:

Internationally published and critically acclaimed cartoonist, illustrator and author, Bob Fingerman, is best known for his cult comic series Minimum Wage, the series that racked up critical accolades and a devoted following, numbering among its fans Patton Oswalt, Marc Maron, Dana Gould, Scott Aukerman, Margaret Cho, Janeane Garofalo and David Cross. Why? Because each page boasted sticky, uncomfortable truths drenched in bleakly familiar humor. It was “cringe comedy” before the phrase had been coined. In 2018 he realized his childhood dream to become one of MAD’s “usual gang of idiots.” Alas, MAD was soon thereafter essentially euthanatized. Bob accepts only partial blame for that. His latest books are the comical graphic novel Dotty’s Inferno (Heavy Metal/Virus) and the radically revised “author’s edition” of his novel Pariah, now Pariah Redux. He can be followed on Instagram (bobfingerman), where he shares art nearly daily, and Twitter (@BobFingerman).

Clients include Dark Horse Comics, Fantagraphics Books, DC Comics, Marvel, IDW, Image Comics, Tor, Les Humanoïdes Associés, Fluide Glacial, Tapages Nocturnes, Sony/Columbia Pictures, RiffTrax, Heavy Metal and Z2 Comics.

Comic Book Club Live Info:

Want to watch Comic Book Club live? We stream every Tuesday at 7 p.m. ET to YouTube, Facebook, Twitch, and Twitter/X. Come hang out, and ask questions of our guests (and us!). And you could potentially win a $25 gift card to Midtown Comics, or Long John Silvers. You can check out a current list of upcoming guests and other live appearances on our Shows page.

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