Marvel Preview: Wolverine #43

Wolverine #43 preview

Read a preview of Wolverine #43 from Marvel Comics, written by Victor LaValle and Benjamin Percy, with art by Geoff Shaw.

In the issue, we’re taking. a little break (at first) from the ongoing Sabretoth War to flash back to how things went so wrong between Wolverine and Sabretooth. They were once friends, right? Maybe even brothers? So why does Sabretooth hate Logan so much? And what about all those alternate universe Sabretooths?

Wolverine #43 Preview

Check out three pages and the cover from the February 14, 2024 publishing issue here:

Wolverine #43 Official Synopsis:

SABRETOOTH WAR—PART 3! SABRETOOTH and WOLVERINE once worked together—and killed together! But how do the violent missions of their TEAM X days factor into the SABRETOOTH WAR being waged in the present?

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