Marvel Preview: Fantastic Four #17

Fantastic Four #17 preview

Read a preview of Fantastic Four #17 from Marvel Comics, written by Ryan North with art by Carlos Gómez, as they get skeletonized.

In the preview pages, Sue Storm gets her archeologist hat on (not literally) to explore a mysterious skeleton. And in the process, she turns everyone else into skeletons. So when I said “skeletonized” I didn’t mean have the flesh stripped from their bones. It’s just Sue turning their bodies invisible. I got you so bad, you should have seen your face.

In any case, check out the preview pages below, ya bone babies.

Fantastic Four #17 Preview

Check out six pages and the cover from the February 7, 2024 publishing issue here:

Fantastic Four #17 Official Synopsis:

When construction unearths something unexpected, Susan Storm is called in – not as a super hero but an archaeologist! But when the bones she uncovers – tens of thousand of years old, dating back to the first arrival of humans in the Americas – turn out to be female…and matching her build…and wearing the shredded and decayed remains of what appears to be BLUE FABRIC constructed of unstable molecules, she must accept the fantastic: Dr. Susan Storm is going to DIE deep in Earth’s prehistory… …and that time is coming sooner than she might think! Also in this issue: an anniversary date for Reed and Sue! So Sue gets both inarguable evidence of her own death AND some romance.

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