DC Comics Preview: Batman And Robin 2024 Annual #1

Batman and Robin Annual 2024 #1 preview

Read a preview of Batman And Robin 2024 Annual #1 from DC Comics, written by Joshua Williamson with art by Howard Porter.

In the preview pages, Bruce and Damian are on a mission to track down some baddies… Until they get waylaid leading to Robin’s first-ever road trip. Only because it’s Batman and Robin, this is a violent, dangerous trip without all the RV trappings.

Batman And Robin 2024 Annual #1 Preview

Check out four pages and the cover from the January 30, 2024 publishing issue here:

Batman And Robin 2024 Annual #1 Official Synopsis:

CAMPING CHAOS FOR THE DYNAMIC DUO! FATHER-AND-SON ROAD TRIP! Batman and Robin have gone through hell the last few months, so Bruce decides to take Damian on a camping trip to bond. But as they try to enjoy the great outdoors, they find a different kind of hunting ground…one that hunts the most dangerous game! Trapped and cut off from their weapons and backup, Batman and Robin must use their surroundings to hold off and take down some of DC’s deadliest mercenaries!

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