Marvel Preview: Superior Spider-Man #3

Superior Spider-Man #3 preview

Read a preview of Superior Spider-Man #3 from Marvel Comics, written by Dan Slott with art by Mark Bagley as Doc Ock and Spidey team up.

In the preview page, Doc Ock is egging Spider-Man on in order to come up with a plan to save Anna Maria Marconi, who has been kidnapped by one of their newest enemies. But Spider-Man is far more interested in figuring out Otto’s complicated continuity.

Superior Spider-Man #3 Preview

Check out five pages and the cover from the January 24, 2024 publishing issue here:

Superior Spider-Man #3 Official Synopsis:

TIME IS RUNNING OUT! Only ONE man can save the day! Well, one man and his army of expendable Spider-Minions! The Spider-Base will be reactivated! Refuel the Arachno-Mechs! Load your web-cannons! The moment you’ve been training for has arrived! Suit up, dolts! We’re going to WAR!

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