DC Comics Preview: Nightwing #110

Nightwing #110 preview

Read a preview of Nightwing #110 from DC Comics, written by Tom Taylor with art by Sami Basri, as Dick enters Beast World.

In the issue, we’re tying into the Titans: Beast World event, as starfish things are turning people into animal-human hybrids. But perhaps more importantly, this issue features what is arguably the best comic book cover of all time. Does the content of the book match the cover? Doesn’t matter. We’re judging it that way.

Nightwing #110 Preview

Check out five pages and the cover from the January 16, 2024 publishing issue here:

Nightwing #110 Official Synopsis:

CAN NIGHTWING SAVE THE SUPER SONS? Nightwing, Batgirl and the Titans are doing all they can to save a world overrun by Beasts. Heroes have become threats, and one of the biggests threats now stalks the streets of Bludhaven. Where once there was a Robin, now there is a cat. Can Jon Kent and Nightwing save the city from Damian Wayne? Or will the Super Sons be torn apart forever?

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