DC Comics Preview: Titans: Beast World Tour – Atlantis #1

Titans: Beast World Tour - Atlantis #1 preview

Read a preview of Titans: Beast World Tour – Atlantis #1 from DC Comics, written by Sina Grace, Frank Tieri, and Meghan Fitzmartin.

In the preview pages, Aquaman is dealing with the usual stuff: fish-monsters. But are they regular fish-monsters, or Beast World fish-monsters? And meanwhile, Aqualad is wrestling with some big emotions… As well as where his loyalties lie, as seen in recent issues of the main Titans title. Can he be trusted?

Titans: Beast World Tour – Atlantis #1 Preview

Check out four pages and the cover from the January 2, 2024 publishing issue here:

Titans: Beast World Tour – Atlantis #1 Official Synopsis:

AQUAMAN VS. AQUALAD! Beast World plunges into the deep! As Garth reacts to the crisis amongst his former Titans teammates, all hell breaks loose in the depths of Atlantis! It’s a clash of Aquaman and Tempest in a deep-sea battle royale that points the way to new horizons ahead. Plus, megalodons versus Mera and Jackson Hyde, and Black Manta channels his inner manta in this exciting next installment of “Beast World!”

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