DC Comics Preview: Titans: Beast World #2

Titans: Beast World #2 preview header

In Titans: Beast World #2 from DC Comics, written by Tom Taylor with art by Ivan Reis, the world, per the title, is taken over by beasts. Having particular problems in the preview pages below? All of the Titans. Also Animal Man, who is seriously overloading with input. And Batman, who has to deal with a beast invasion of Gotham City. And that place is bad on a regular day.

Check out the beautiful pages below for a tale as old as time.

Titans: Beast World #2 Preview

Check out five pages and the cover from the December 12, 2023 publishing issue here:

Titans: Beast World #2 Official Synopsis:

THE STATUS QUO-SHATTERING TITANS CROSSOVER CONTINUES! With beasts rampaging through the streets and a world conqueror in the sky, the Titans must do all they can to save humanity. But as heroes and villains alike are infected, will the team stay clear of the spores or become part of the threat? And as the world rages, can Raven discover a way to save Beast Boy?

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