BOOM! First Look: Mech Cadets #4

Mech Cadets #4 First Look header

The Mech Cadets are all over the place. They’re on Netflix. They’re in comics. They’re in space. They’re on Earth! Get it together, Cadets!

…And that’s just what they’re trying to do in your first look at BOOM! Studios‘s Mech Cadets #4, written by Greg Pak, art by Takeshi Miyazawa. You can check out a ton of covers and pages from the November 8, 2023 debuting issue below. And in the meantime? Calm down, Cadets, you’re burning the candle at both ends!

Mech Cadets #4 Preview

Check out four covers, and five interior pages from the issue.

Mech Cadets #4 Official Synopsis:

While Olivia and Frank risk everything by breaking quarantine (and the rules), Maya and Stanford are in pursuit, with Stanford dumbfounded by Olivia’s perceived recklessness. But Olivia knows what she’s doing–more than ever before–and is after a bit of essential information that could mean success… And finding Franklin and General Park.

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