Garbage Pail Kids: Trashin’ Through Time #1 Preview

Garbage Pail Kids: Trashin' Through Time preview header

We’d say Garbage Pail Kids are back, but the truth is: they never left. And now, we’ve got a continuation of Garbage Pail Kids: Origins with the new title, Garbage Pail Kids: Trashin’ Through Time #1. In the new series from writer Adam F. Goldberg and artist Hans Rodionoff, the Kids have traveled through time to the 1980s… To a time when GPKs ruled the world. You know, just like they did in real life.

You can check out the preview below, and the comic hits stores from Dynamite on Wednesday, October 11.

Garbage Pail Kids: Trashin’ Through Time #1 Preview:

Check out four covers, and five pages from the new issue here:

Garbage Pail Kids: Trashin’ Through Time #1 Official Synopsis:

The unhinged trio of ADAM F. GOLDBERG, HANS RODIONOFF, and JEFF ZAPATA have rejoined forces with Dynamite Entertainment to continue their saga of the outrageous origins of the Garbage Pail Kids as they go Trashin’ Through Time!

Jumping from the days of World War II at the end of GPK: Origins, our heroes find themselves transported to the 1980s — where Garbage Pail Kids rule the world! That’s right, the Garbage Pail Kids are now the dominant species on Earth, and normal humans have been subjugated and forced to live as outcasts from society. It’s the Planet of the Garbage Pail Kids — and we just live on it!

The issue also features covers showcasing four incredible artists: TOM BUNK, JEFF ZAPATA, and CHRIS MEEKS, along with a classic GPK trading card image by DUSTIN GRAHAM. And best of all, every version comes polybagged with a special GPK: ORIGINS trading card created exclusively for Dynamite and officially approved by Topps!

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