MarvelVision: She-Hulk, Episode 5: “Mean, Green And Straight Poured Into These Jeans”

She-Hulk, Episode 5 Mean, Green And Straight Poured Into These Jeans

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Jen takes on Titania in the courtroom as we recap She-Hulk Episode 5, “Mean, Green and Straight Poured Into These Jeans”. With Titania opening a beauty line in She-Hulk’s name, it’s up to Mallory Book to help get the hero’s name back. Meanwhile, Pug and Nikki to set her up with a new costume, leading to Easter eggs for Daredevil, Deadpool and even some X-Men and Fantastic Four characters.


Full Episode Transcript

Alex:                 Welcome to MarvelVision, a podcast about Marvel, the MCU, and right now, She-Hulk, I’m Alex.

Justin:              I’m Justin.

Pete:                I’m Pete.

Alex:                 We are going to be talking about the fifth episode of She-Hulk, “Mean, Green, and Straight Poured Into These Jeans.” Woo hoo.

Justin:              Appropriately said by Mr. Alex Zalben.

Alex:                 Thank you. Now, if you haven’t watched it on Disney+, go watch it. But, brief bit of spoiler here, Jen is taking on Titania in the courtroom for control-

Pete:                Not in a good way.

Alex:                 Sure, not in a fighting way, but in a lawyer-y way, as they go head to head for the name She-Hulk that Titania has taken the trademark out on. Meanwhile, Nikki and Pug are trying to set She-Hulk up with some new clothes and specifically a superhero costume, some new drip, thanks to the fashion designer to superheroes, Luke, who shows up this episode. And, it all ends on a big easter egg for everybody’s favorite horn head. So, there you go. Now, I want to-

Pete:                You might be talking about Loki, if you say everyone’s favorite horn head. You’ve got to be a little bit more specific.

Alex:                 No, my favorite horn head is you Pete.

Pete:                Oh, boy. I don’t have horns-

Justin:              Yeah, he’s a horn dog, horn dog. That’s what we call Pete. Pete’s nickname is the horn dog.

Pete:                Yeah.

Alex:                 Because he loves dare because he loves Daredevil so much. There you go.

Justin:              He’s a horn head dog.

Alex:                 Now I just want to get this out of the way up front, right at the top of the podcast, we’re five episodes in we’re past the midway point, I don’t think I’ve been very kind to the show, so I wanted to start this off on something positive here, right at the beginning. I love how short these episodes are.

Justin:              Let me throw my takeaway, which is similarly backhanded. This episode made me like last episode a lot.

Pete:                Nice.

Alex:                 Now, I want to mention something and we’re going to start out of on a triple negative here, Pete, you also didn’t this episode.

Pete:                Yeah. This was a hard one to watch. We didn’t get any after credits fun. So they let us down there. We didn’t even get to see the suit at the end of the episode, I thought, “Okay, we’re going to get a fun suit reveal.” We got shafted on that, it was, as they say a middling episode, it was a real chess pieces moving on a board episode, as much as I hate to say that. We didn’t even get to see the shoe collection! I mean, we saw it in the fun painting watercolors, I love the watercolor credits. That’s nice, but I-

Alex:                 Yeah, and I will mention before we get too far into it. And before I forget, there’s obviously a lot of Easter eggs in that shoe painting that we could probably plum through, people are going nuts because there’s Deadpool shoes, there’s Cyclops shoes, there’s The Thing shoes, canonically putting-

Pete:                I wanted to see that shoe collection it looked bananas.

Alex:                 Here’s what I’ll say, actually, I’ll flip it over to the negative part instead of the easter eggs part, we should have seen these shoes collection. The way that this was structured was so weird. Once again, the fact that we got, I don’t know, five to 10, I honestly didn’t time it, solid minutes of Nicki and Pug, like going shopping and going to a Boba place and talking to a fashion designer with [inaudible 00:03:26]

Justin:              Sort of screw around.

Alex:                 Which is fine. But just structurally, when you’re talking about a TV show that they weren’t cutting back and forth between the a and B plot was bizarre.

Justin:              Well, and let me throw on top of that, they weren’t even really A and B plots. They ended up being completely unrelated to the point where She-Hulk at one point is like, “oh right. The other thing we’re doing in this episode.” I was like, there’s no reason why it didn’t have to tie in, it could’ve easily tied in, and I don’t know why they would save that outfit reveal for another episode when, either do it at the end or do it in the courtroom. She shows up to court in a full on superhero uniform. That’s fun. And it makes sense for the show. And instead they didn’t give us the reveal and instead un-entwined the plots so that they were purposefully not related, which is also very strange. It’s just-

Alex:                 Well, particularly because it came up in the courtroom as well. I didn’t mind the theme of the episode. We’ve talked a lot about how Jen is sort of grappling with the idea of, is she Jen, is she She-Hulk, what does she want to be? How do people view her? That seems to be the core ethos of the series. And that’s brought to bear here with the idea of Titania literally stealing her name, the name that she didn’t want in the first place, which obviously they dig into.

Alex:                 So from that dramatic perspective, I think that all makes sense and plays out through the episode to the point that Titania is calling out her clothes. But, to the point you’re making Justin, if they’re going to make a whole big deal about her suits and what she’s wearing and her clothes and what she physically looks like and how she’s physically presenting herself, have that come together.

Alex:                 Going back to that whole thing, a couple of episodes back where they made the fourth wall breaking joke about “wow, the A plot and the B plot coming together,” where it wasn’t, they were just in the same place at the same time, were now five episodes in and they still don’t know how to bring an A and B plot together.

Pete:                I did want to talk about one more thing. I thought was fun. I really liked how the dude liked the schwag, the bootleg Avenger stuff, picked it up and started swinging it around, I thought that was kind of a fun moment of even though they are kind of like, this is ridiculous, how into the shirts and stuff they got. I thought that was a fun little moment though.

Justin:              Yeah. I mean, agree with you, there are some elements in the show that are fun and have a lot of potential. It’s just strange to me and not even being super negative about it. It’s just strange. It’s odd how they’re not coming together.

Justin:              And then I feel like the show is really good at showing off some of the smaller characters and making them fun. Titania is sort of a less fun Madison. And in a way that’s like, oh, you want her to be a more fun or a different version of Madison. Madison pops so much both on the show, and in reality, that they had an opportunity to be like oh, let’s take that same creative energy and give something to Titania that is big like that, and instead she just sort did Madison to a lesser degree.

Alex:                 Can I throw out a very weird detail that didn’t necessarily bother me, but I thought it was a weird choice, why is Jameela Jamil doing an American accent? Because Jameela Jamil is British. And if you want to do pretentious influencer person, what better than to just have her do her regular accent? That comes across, that’s the character she did in The Good Place; maybe that’s why she wanted to separate it from it and come up with something different-

Justin:              Yeah, [inaudible 00:07:06] Answer your own question.

Alex:                 … the whole slight valley girl thing she’s doing, it’s not bad, but it’s just so strange to be when you already have Jameela Jamil, big who she is and doing something that is 2% removed from her public persona anyway.

Pete:                I think what you’re missing here is that, she’s got a bigger role coming up and it’s requires an American accent. So she’s using this role to get ready for that role. [inaudible 00:07:35].

Justin:              Oh, interesting, this is like an audition [inaudible 00:07:36]

Alex:                 What is her bigger role? Second president of the United States?

Pete:                Is that bigger?

Alex:                 Wow.

Justin:              Wow! [inaudible 00:07:44]

Alex:                 Joe Biden announces that he’s going to be guest star, I got next week’s She-Hulk.

Justin:              Yeah. Yeah. That’s why they had to hold the post credits because it’s the Biden drop. [inaudible 00:07:53]

Alex:                 Let’s talk about it a little bit. Other than her accent though, we finally get to see Titania doing stuff in this episode, she popped up very quickly, but she’s a big focus here, and obviously a very different sort of villain for the MCU. What do you think about the character and the direction as it plays out in this episode?

Pete:                I mean, she was a bright spot in the episode, as far as she’s an interesting character. Her reactions in the courtroom were fun, that you don’t have to stand up with me, I mean like her as a character, I liked the fight in the beginning. I think that there’s a lot to this character and I want more, it was just not done well, but I think moving forward, I hope she is a reoccurring kind of better character.

Justin:              And I think it’s just like I was saying before the elements are there, they’re just oddly turned down. And I think if they just took what they have and turned it up to full volume creatively, it would be awesome. I want a Titania who is, she’s sort of mad. The Titania from the comics is pissed all the time, and she’d be like, “I don’t know about all this fashion stuff, I’m just trying to make money,” and smashes the table in the courtroom, or something like that, where it’s make some bigger swings. Everything feels like if your sriracha is just not spicy enough or something, it’s just it tastes like ketchup, when it should be giving us some kick here. [inaudible 00:09:26]

Alex:                 Let me throw out. Can I throw out another compliment actually to the show or rather to outside the show, we talked about this interview a little bit, that Kat Coiro, who is the show showrunner, did a couple of weeks back with Variety where she talked about how they realized pretty quickly that they couldn’t do trial scenes effectively, and so they’re sort of pivoted away from that. And I think this episode proves that yes, they can’t do trial scenes effectively, and I think she really nailed that. So I hope we never see those again.

Justin:              Wow.

Pete:                But it’s supposed to be a lawyer show.

Alex:                 It was so boring! Such a boring, weird trial, and to the point that Justin’s making, I really like the idea, which is ludicrous, does that make any loss ed, even though I’m not a lawyer, I think I could fairly say that, to bring in the guys that she dated on a dating app to a trial, but that is a fun idea, but the way that it’s executed, the pacing of it, the [inaudible 00:10:24]

Justin:              Pacing issues.

Alex:                 Yeah, non specificity of the lines. It wasn’t fun to watch. And that’s very frustrating because like you’re saying, Justin, these elements are in place here, like Pete, you pointed out the Avangers thing. There’s something about these jokes. That the way that they’re talking about them, the way that they’re directed, the way that they’re laid out on the show, at least for me, I don’t want to speak obviously for everybody listening to our podcast, but at least for me, they’re just not working. They’re not hitting. They’re just very soft.

Justin:              Well, I think that there’s a pacing issue and a little bit of a reality issue on the Avangers stuff because the shirts were really cool and well designed, but spelled wrong, I was like that doesn’t make sense in reality for the joke, cause I think the joke is fun, but if you’re going to have a misspelled, why is it so well designed? It’s that well designed-

Alex:                 Because they’re going to be selling them later today on That’s the real reason for it, because they’ve been very on the product game, but you’re absolutely right.

Justin:              Or at least find a comedic way to justify that, or something like that.

Pete:                It feels like this episode was like, hey, this guy she won on one date with is going to be super important later. So we have to bring him back in a way where I don’t know what his name is, but he is the hairy nipples guy from the Baywatch movie and he is-

Justin:              That’s how he actually wants to be known. So [inaudible 00:11:44]

Pete:                Okay, okay. Yeah. It’s just feels like-

Alex:                 Please, please, hairy nipples guy from the Baywatch movie was my father just called me hairy nipples guy.

Pete:                Okay. Well I just feel that this episode was clearly, this dude’s important moving forward for some reason, so we got to kind of set this up.

Alex:                 So there’s two other things that I want to point out here. I mean, obviously there’s a lot of things to point out, but just, these are top of mind at the moment, and, I’m going to couch this as usual in I’m a dude, so I don’t know. I will defer to any women listening to this podcast about being wrong about this, but the thing with the quote-unquote “nice dude” who she hooked up with last episode, being on the trial and being like, “listen, Jen Walters, isn’t my type, but She-Hulk, she’s awesome, I love her,” and then Jen at the end, giving him a nod and a thank you? Very weird to me because, essentially he’s like, “I don’t like half of you, I like this other half of you,” and that feels like that defeats the whole emotional theme of not just the episode, but the series?

Pete:                Well, I think with the point was of that and again, yes I am a dude, so sorry, but the thing is it was almost just, it seemed to me like a nod, thanks for doing this, that this parade of whatever, it was just more of appreciation, not-

Alex:                 I understand what you’re saying, it j-

Pete:                The point-

Alex:                 Sorry, go ahead, Pete.

Pete:                But I think the real point was afterwards of when they were saying a dude could have done it, this wouldn’t have been an issue if it was a man later when they’re in the bar drinking talking about it. So I feel like they didn’t hit that as hard as they could have, or maybe didn’t want to over-hit it, but I think that was what they were kind of aiming towards.

Justin:              Well, I think that those two ideas why they are very similar, and I agree with you, Alex, it was sort of weird and problematic to have that be a point. I think they’re serving two different purposes in the show. I think the scene with the guy who’s like, “I like She-Hulk, but I don’t like Jen Walters,” that’s going to be her thing, I think, for the show, that’s the theme, where Bruce Banner’s thing is he and the Hulk are secretly the same, and he’s trying to repress this temper that he has, that turns him into a superhero, She-Hulk and Jen is the opposite. It’s like she’s split, she’s bifurcating, she’s losing herself, because She-Hulk is the cool version of herself, and she’s constantly deferring to her. And I think that’s what we’re going to get as sort the takeaways we get to the end of the season.

Justin:              But I think, and then when she’s talking to book and they’re like, “guys could get away with this,” I think that’s more of just a topic and they want to cover, and that they’re bonding over. But oddly unrelated to the very similar issue with a guy who is being nasty to her. So it’s a strange mix.

Pete:                But yeah, what’s interesting is, there’s this thing of her being like “there’s no difference between me and She-Hulk, and in this episode she specifically said, “oh, that was She-Hulk, that wasn’t me,” so she’s kind of where Bruce was immediately the Hulk, “I have no control,” and he’s kind of slowly realization [inaudible 00:14:58] coming to the thing of, “maybe we are the same,” whereas she initially was like “oh yeah, it’s definitely still me,” and is then maybe later at the end of season realized that there is a difference.

Justin:              And as a theme, I think that’s cool. I like that as an idea. And I hope they can execute that well, it just feels like because of the pacing, it’s very hard to enjoy the rest of the show.

Alex:                 Well, it’s a little all over the place, and I think part of the thing is they’re not letting everything come out of her emotional journey, they’re letting it work around her plot journey in a way, everything’s feeding the plot, rather than the emotions. So we’ve been talking about really the idea of Jennifer Walters grappling with, “am I She-Hulk or am I Jennifer Walters?” But that doesn’t seem necessarily to be what the guys are coming out of or what things are revolving around, plot-wise, yes, emotion-wise, not necessarily, to the point that one thing that maybe this was just me back seat writing in terms of missed opportunity, I know we established that in the first episode that Jen is able to maintain her form because women are always good at maintaining their anger, but having the first couple of scenes of clearly the way Tatiana Maslany is playing it, is just getting more and more steamed at everything that’s going on with Titania, but not having her show up as She-Hulk, or getting green and then repressing it, or anything like that in those first couple of scenes, was very strange to me.

Alex:                 It felt like once we went to the office and saw her as She-Hulk, that’s when she’s calmest, so if that’s what you’re going for, if that’s when she’s most comfortable in her skin, which I get, again, is an emotional idea, play with that. Talk about that. Have that happen in some way, versus right now it’s just kind of random when she’s She-Hulk and when she’s not She-Hulk, and it seems more based on when they had the budget and the crew necessary to do that, rather than what it was asked for by the script. [inaudible 00:17:07]

Justin:              I mean, it’s sort of a hat that she wears, as opposed to a purposeful thing that she’s going through.

Pete:                I think what I appreciate about what it is doing, is it her anger, isn’t getting the best of her, which I kind of want to happen as somebody who struggles with anger issues, but it is impressive how it’s been this kind of consistent of, she changes into the Hulk when she wants to, so far her emotions haven’t gotten the better of her, which is something she set up early that “I’m a woman, I deal with this on the regular, so I won’t accidentally do it.” And I’m impressed that it’s this all the time. So they’re kind of sticking with their mission statement in that aspect.

Justin:              I also think there’s another, I mean, we’re all comedy fans, and I think there’s [inaudible 00:18:08] hands raised for the listener, so that makes us maybe a little more specific or have more ideas and notes about this, that it considers itself a comedy, or it’s trying to be a comedy, and it’s missing the mark. And I think in all of television and movies, everyone’s like, “comedy? Yeah, it’s just a movie or a TV show where we add jokes. And it’s actually not that. There’s much more nuance and detail that you have to do to make a comedy, specifically with pacing.

Justin:              And I think this show is paced so down for comedy. For drama or a superhero show, I think it could get by on this pace because there’s action and there’s a lot of plot movement, and this show is plotted a comedy, where not a ton happens or specific A, B and C things happen, or in this case, unrelated A and B things, but they’re not doing all the comedy things, like really writing into the characters, having the characters have games that in go back and forth and entwine with each other to give us opportunities to hang jokes on them.

Justin:              Instead, there are jokes that are sort of added randomly, seemingly, to the thing, and some of them are good jokes, but it just doesn’t amount to that big great feeling you get when you watch a great comedy episode.

Alex:                 Well, for example, I actually got kind of excited when they had the Nikki and Pug interaction, at the beginning of the episode in the office, we haven’t really seen them have any relationship before on the show, but just coming in and having them be like “oh, you know how we always do, and we trade back and forth with deals,” I was like okay, this is a setup. We’re going to see that play out over the course of the episode. They’re going to spiral out in terms of their deals and it’s going to get ridiculous and it’s going to be back and forth. And then the fact that they were like, nah, forget about Pug’s thing, we’ll just do that at the end credits with a quick graphic, was a huge missed opportunity. That is fun to see them do that.

Alex:                 Even if it is just a B plot and it doesn’t tie in any way in the A plot, it’s like the Madison and Wong thing. That’s why that was fun in the last episode is because they kept hitting that game with those characters, regardless of what was ever going on. Instead Nikki and Pug were like, “we are two assistants of the main character who are going on a task, and that is what we were doing in this episode.”

Pete:                As a comic book fan, I did appreciate the fact that he gets two pairs of shoes, one to collect and then one to wear. So, that was like [inaudible 00:20:36]

Justin:              Yeah, he bagged and boarded those shoes. [inaudible 00:20:40]

Pete:                [inaudible 00:20:40] dude, if you’re going to collect shoes, you got to take care of them, all right, come on.

Justin:              Yeah, no, I feel the same way with my comics, which are stacked willy nilly all around me. I-

Pete:                A little piece of me dies every time you bring that up.

Justin:              A hundred percent. You must be super dead at this point.

Justin:              The other thing is Pug and Nikki, I just want them to have interests, hobbies, details about them. They are only allowed to be just bland assistants, like you’re saying, Alex, and I think the show does do a good job with some of the smaller characters where it’s like, oh, all they have to do is be this one thing or Madison or Wong in there, it’s like, then they take big swings with them and it works. But then these other characters are sort of in this mushy middle area, and you’re say something that a person would say to each other!

Alex:                 Well, yes, I mean I think, not to repeat my point, but I think that’s the thing with pug that got me excited about it. I was like, okay, he’s into fashion, he loves collecting shoes, that is a thing about him that we’re going to see play out over the course of the episode, and it immediately veered into, “no, we have to do this thing for the main character here, forget about whatever I’m doing,” and that he gets interested in bootleg stuff, which didn’t make any sense with the information that we were provided about him two scenes earlier.

Alex:                 So one other thing, just in terms of the specificity thing we keep talking about, and again, want to couch this in I’m man here, so probably totally wrong about this, but there’s a thing that initially I was like okay, I like this line, and then thought about it for a second. I like the scene of Mallory Book and Jen Walters having a drink afterwards. I thought they had good chemistry. I hope they date instead of any of those men. Definitely not going to happen, but that would be a good direction to go in.

Alex:                 But they talk about, they rag on the men, and Jen says something towards the end, I’m forgetting the first two things, but about being able to walk home at night without putting your headphones in, and I was like, okay, yeah, that’s a good line because that’s definitely something that happens a lot. And then I thought about it for a second. I was like, who’s walking home in Los Angeles?

Alex:                 That’s a New York line, and not to call her out, but Dana Schwartz who wrote this episode is a New York writer who I think moved to LA or something like that. So totally valid in New York, I’m sure, I’m not saying that men do not cat call it or not horrible monsters in Los Angeles, because I’m sure they are. But the idea of that, again, I feel like that’s sort of thing you should have checked to the writer’s room. Literally anybody who lives in LA is probably like, “no, we take cars places.”

Pete:                Yeah. But I mean, come on [inaudible 00:23:14]. I mean, the idea of it is there, and a woman could park her car and try to walk anywhere you know what I mean? And so-

Alex:                 Totally. Yeah, absolutely.

Pete:                Right. But in New York you walk more than in LA, I hear you. That’s a very specific thing [inaudible 00:23:28]

Alex:                 [inaudible 00:23:28] specifically-

Justin:              Maybe in the writer’s room, commutes on the LA subway system, something that almost no human in the entire universe [inaudible 00:23:36]

Alex:                 I don’t want to harp, it just seemed like another example of the strong way of saying this is sloppiness, maybe it’s not that strong, but it definitely feels like that. A lot of the times that there’s things that are kind of falling by the wayside because they’re focusing on a lot of other things.

Justin:              Yeah.

Alex:                 What else do you want to call out about the episode though? What else jumped out to you, if anything?

Justin:              Do we want to talk about this Daredevil helmet?

Alex:                 Sure. Daredevil goes to a tailor in LA now?

Justin:              Well, wow.

Alex:                 I have questions. [inaudible 00:24:13] Maybe-

Justin:              The New York LA split is strong here. Daredevil’s into the drip. You got to go where the fashion is.

Alex:                 [inaudible 00:24:21].

Justin:              Do you know how Daredevil the character loves drip?

Pete:                It didn’t seem like the [inaudible 00:24:26]

Alex:                 One of the things I remember over the Netflix show, where he was constantly talking about drip, and Foggy was like, “the drip, you’re constantly talking about the drip, Matty.”

Pete:                What was [inaudible 00:24:36] to me, it wasn’t just the horned helmet that we saw, it was then the lid that was put onto it, and this really over the top box that was [inaudible 00:24:47]

Justin:              It was, I agree. [inaudible 00:24:49]

Pete:                He’s blind. That’s all wasted on him. You guys could just put it in the regular box.

Justin:              Also, too, the helmet is a tactical piece of equipment, and they ship it in a hat box that’s for Martha Stewart.

Pete:                Yeah. But when you think about it, who’s going to stop that hat box, you know what I mean? It’s so much that you don’t even want to open it and look inside. You know what I’m saying?

Alex:                 I got to be honest, and I know we’ve touched on this before, but the moment was overshadowed to me by the fact that we didn’t get to see any of the clothes that She-Hulk was wearing, which was the whole point of the episode.

Justin:              Yes. I thought we were going to get [inaudible 00:25:22] last episode-

Pete:                I watched the credits twice, because I was like, wait, we had to have seen, she’s going to step out, and at the end of the credits and we’re going to get to see the outfit. And I couldn’t believe [inaudible 00:25:32]

Alex:                 There had to be some rejiggering there because him taking the box and putting it to the side and seeing the Daredevil helmet, that’s the end credit scene, her coming out of there and either showing off the clothes that they look awesome, or alternately showing off the clothes and something is wrong about them, and there’s a wah-wah at the end there, that’s how you hit that moment. Then you do the credits. Then you come back to the box. So strange.

Justin:              Pete, I feel bad that you had to watch all the way through even the French credits.

Pete:                Yeah, I did.

Justin:              Holy shit, that’s crazy, dude.

Pete:                Yeah. I mean, [inaudible 00:26:08].

Alex:                 [Inaudible 00:26:08] three credits, three seasons of Daredevil just to make sure you weren’t missing anything.

Pete:                Yeah, exactly.

Justin:              What a great reveal.

Pete:                I mean, I understand a little bit, to defend the show, I understand there can’t be that many people making really impressive superhuman suits, so I understand that there’s like one person who’s really good at it, and everybody goes to that person, but I was just like, no way Daredevil shops there. There’s no way he would’ve got through any of that, like-

Justin:              Well, we don’t know if maybe we’re getting a new Daredevil in the Marvel, this new Marvel [inaudible 00:26:42]

Pete:                Or maybe it’s Foggy that does all the shopping.

Justin:              Foggy is into drip, London fog, that’s what they’re going to change his name to.

Pete:                London fog.

Alex:                 All right. Why don’t we wrap up here and talk about what is on our vision board for the next episode of the show. Pete what’s on your vision board?

Pete:                The suit. I need to fucking see the suit, man.

Alex:                 She-Hulk suit or?

Pete:                Yeah.

Alex:                 Okay. I think we’re going to see it.

Justin:              Pug’s suit.

Pete:                Pug’s suit.

Justin:              It’s defining quality-

Pete:                Yeah, I want to see an adorable little suit made for a pug. Absolutely.

Justin:              Oh, a pug dog suit. Well the show seems to spend a lot more time on the detail. We got, on the coffee mug in the drawings of the credits, it said Avangers. And I was like oh, that’s a fun little moment. I was like, can you put some of that energy into the jokes in this show? Yeah, because that’s where they want them.

Pete:                Yeah. The booty spray on the serious lawyer was also fun in the credit. Yeah. I was like, where was that joke during the show? That would be great.

Justin:              Yeah. Especially when we had a scene with that guy and I was like, what was this scene for? It was weird, and [inaudible 00:27:48]

Pete:                Well, it was hilarious. He had the two dishes there, one for the pistachios, and then one for the shells. That’s some high class living there.

Justin:              Oh, wait a second. Hold on. What do you mean-

Pete:                He’s flexing.

Justin:              … are you saying-

Pete:                He’s flexing on him.

Justin:              Are you saying the flex there is having two dishes? Because, brother, you should have two dishes, in general.

Alex:                 No, no, no. If you ever had pistachios with him, he keeps the shells at the pistachios in the same dish and he keeps reaching in, taking out the shells [inaudible 00:28:15]

Pete:                That’s sloppy. You want to talk about sloppy.

Justin:              I have so many questions, Pete, because if you only have one dish, you’re basically a dog. So first off, that’s why me calling you a horn dog earlier tracks. Secondly, are you trying to say that you eat pistachios, shell and all, and so you only need one dish? Cause that’s also, I would say downright dangerous.

Alex:                 Pete unhooks his jaw, like a snake, and eats the entire dish as well. Just dish, pistachio, shell whole thing.

Pete:                Just dump it all in there. Yeah. Got to get it in there.

Justin:              I love that so much. It’s like what a little kid would go into a rich person’s office and be like, “wow, two dishes.”

Alex:                 On my vision board, I was really happy with the length of this episode, I would love them to go even shorter next episode.

Justin:              Get out of here!

Alex:                 No, I’d love to see-

Pete:                Let’s do some fighting!

Alex:                 … Daredevil would be great. I don’t know, I don’t want to watch this show anymore, stop making me watch it!

Justin:              Wow.

Alex:                 No, it’s fine, I’ll stick with it, I love it. Whee, Marvel. If you’d like to [inaudible 00:29:17]

Justin:              I want, I want to get a slow reveal of Daredevil’s left glove, right glove, boot, and then other boot.

Alex:                 Here’s a question. Do you think Daredevil’s head is also in that box?

Pete:                Oh, man.

Justin:              That’s fucked up.

Alex:                 Yeah. [inaudible 00:29:31] I think what’s the box, what’s in the box, seven was based there. If you’d like to support our podcast,

Justin:              [inaudible 00:29:37].

Alex:                 Also we do a live show every Tuesday night at 7:00 PM to podcast and YouTube, come hang out, we would love to chat you about She-Hulk, or would we? Apple, Spotify, Suture, or the app of your choice to subscribe, listen and follow the podcast @marvelvisionpod on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook, for this podcast, and many more. Until next time, stay marvelous.

Pete:                This podcast was longer than the show.

Justin:              The day I knew I made it? The day I bought my second dish.

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