MarvelVision: She-Hulk, Episode 3 – “The People vs. Emil Blonsky”

She-Hulk Episode 3

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It’s time for the trial of Emil Blonsky (and a B-Plot) as we break down the third episode of She-Hulk, “The People vs. Emil Blonsky”, on our Marvel podcast. After Wong takes Abomination for a trip to his fight club, it causes problems for Jennifer Walters’ appeal to free Blonsky early. And meanwhile, the law firm takes on Dennis, who has been cheated out of money by a light elf pretending to be Megan Thee Stallion. All this plus Marvel Comics origins, Easter eggs and more.


Full Episode Transcript

Alex:                 Welcome to MarvelVision, a podcast about Marvel, the MCU and right now, She-Hulk. I’m Alex.

Justin:              She-Hulk! I’m Justin.

Pete:                I’m Pete.

Alex:                 And we are going to be talking about the third episode of She-Hulk. So if you haven’t checked it out on Disney Plus, please go do that. Go watch that. But two things going on this episode, we got an A plot, we got a B plot, we got a little bit of a C plot going on. Maybe a D plot, maybe an E plot, who even knows. But the A plot here is that She-Hulk…

Justin:              We had a nice moment where She-Hulk told us that the A and B plot were connected.

Alex:                 And I definitely felt like, wow, they really did come together in a big way and that joke hit for me, square in the…

Pete:                C plot? Oh, okay.

Justin:              Square in the balls. That’s right where you want to feel a joke is right in the center of your testicles.

Pete:                Stop man.

Alex:                 In any case, the A plot here is that She-Hulk is trying to get Emil Blonsky let go from prison for good behavior, despite the fact that he has joined a underground fight club with Wong. We get a little bit of the old Wong coming in here as well to help out. And the B plot is… I don’t remember his name in the show, I’m going to say Adrian Chase from Arrow. You’re

Pete:                You’re talking about Dennis and Paul?

Alex:                 Jesus Christ. Anyway…

Justin:              We got a fan, we got a B plot guy over here.

Pete:                Yeah.

Alex:                 Adrian Chase from Arrow is helping out Dennis the jerk who got tricked by a shape-changing light elf, pretending to be Megan Thee Stallion and…

Pete:                Oh man, what a cameo.

Alex:                 And took $175,000 of his money. And then both of those things are mostly resolved by the end of the episode, though with promise of more. Now, as we have been going through, I think it’s still worth talking about as the show develops and it finds its footing and we’ve been on different sides. Pete, I assume you are still ba-da-ba-ba-ba, loving this?

Pete:                Stop plug McDonald’s. What are you doing? That’s horrible.

Alex:                 Every single time I plug McDonald’s on this podcast, I get five McDonald’s points. And you know, it’s like a thousand McDonald’s point to get a single cheeseburger, but I’m close.

Pete:                A little bit at a time. I don’t believe you, but…

Justin:              You are heavily invested in Marlboro dollars or whatever.

Pete:                Oh yeah. Whole drawer full of Marlboro miles.

Alex:                 I was this close to getting that camel when they took the points away.

Justin:              You went to college on free Dr. Pepper caps, right?

Alex:                 No, no. You got that wrong. I went to college at Great flag Six adventure based on Coke cans.

Pete:                Great. Right.

Justin:              I like, he said “Great Flags Six Adventures.” It should be that.

Alex:                 I’m very tired. I did not sleep last night because I was so hyped up to talk about this new episode of She-Hulk. Let’s go!

Pete:                Fired up. Oh man, there’s nothing like just going off in a bit right away and not getting to the show. You know what I mean?

Alex:                 Here’s the thing, we’ve been hit that Wong Wong hard and boom, ready to go. First episode they mentioned Bing bong. This episode they mentioned Wong Wong.

Pete:                They did not, you’re just being weird. They just said Wong.It’s just Wong.

Justin:              This is vamping. But the question was to you Pete, did you like this? Do you continue to like this?

Pete:                Yes and yes. Check and check. Yep.

Alex:                 What did you enjoy about this episode, Pete? I can’t believe it’s pulling teeth to get you to talk about liking something.

Pete:                I’m waiting for the other shoe to drop because I’m not buying what you’re doing here.

Justin:              Exactly, you’re waiting. You don’t want to talk about it. The opposite of pulling teeth is putting teeth back in. And that’s you’re like when we have an opinion about something.

Alex:                 Exactly. You go to the dentis, hey, for a little extra I could add some teeth.

Justin:              Yeah. I got a whole accidental shark row of teeth in my mouth because this dentist putting teeth in.

Pete:                All right. First off, we got Wong. We were teased Wong and then there was a great Wong cameo and Wong doesn’t have time for this shit, so that was enjoyable. It was nice to get that moment. Also She-Hulk was like, listen. This is my show, I know everybody’s excited for Wong and I felt very seen in that moment so I was like, thank you but you should be watching the road. I’m a little worried. And then I wanted more about Paul because he seemed like an interesting fellow, but is he a good guy? Is he a bad guy? I mean a gift basket is thoughtful, but it was nice to see him kind of relax and have a drink afterwards and de-stress and have a nice moment so I was enjoying that as well. Plus we got the Megan Thee Stallion cameo, which was hilarious. It’s kind of teased and you think maybe she’s going to show up, but then she shows up and also we get a song too. I mean that was amazing. Soulmates, you’re welcome. Yeah, I called it first [inaudible 00:04:49].

Alex:                 Hold on. Hold on. Just to stick off that for a second, yes. But you were 100% correct Pete. We blamed your autocorrect for soulmates because it sounded like cellmates, I thought it sounded like cellmates. It wasn’t, it was soulmates. There you go.

Justin:              And I even made the joke. Seven soulmates? That’s a lot of people to be in love with. And that’s true. I think this episode proved that to be true. But yes Pete, you were right about that one aspect. Because I will say my take overall on this show, the jokes are, they’re more jokes which I appreciate. And this is a comedy and at least we’re getting them in there. I thought some of the Wong stuff was really fun. When they are referencing other Marvel things or making that Marvel vibe versus the real world, I think that stuff’s working. Like Wong saying I could send him to a mirror dimension. I’m not erasing everyone [inaudible 00:05:48].

Pete:                Oh yeah, that was hilarious. “I know what you’re thinking, I’m not going to erase everybody’s memory again.” Hysterical.

Justin:              Very fun. The moment where Wong shows up out of the portal and she’s like, “I have to take this” like it’s a phone call. That stuff I think is really working. It’s still tricky with some of the other stuff because of the characterization…

Pete:                You don’t believe the pen-pal program could be that strong, is that what you’re saying?

Justin:              No. Like I’m saying some of that stuff I think is working. A couple things I’ll highlight that are still a little wobbly for me. A lot of the Fleabag, if we can call it the Fleabag stuff, still feels like, what? Because in Fleabag she was addressing the audience but she wasn’t talking about the mechanics of plotting a TV show.

Pete:                Well she’s breaking the fourth wall and I would say it’s more Deadpool-ing it because it’s making fun of itself while it’s happening.

Alex:                 I do think there’s a line between Deadpool and why Deadpool is doing it versus why she’s doing it which is not, I agree with Justin, is not 100% clear to me. Deadpool is specifically removing himself from the action and I think you can look clearly at the movies, but also the best runs in the comics. He’s doing that because he doesn’t want to emotionally connect with people and that’s why he’s jumping outside of the book. With She-Hulk, it’s not clear why she’s doing that.

Pete:                Wait, wait, wait. Excuse me Dr. Zelvin. I didn’t know that…

Justin:              It’s Dr Pepper. He’s Dr pepper.

Alex:                 Legally you have to call me that after that college.

Pete:                I didn’t know Deadpool, that was his big only issue. I didn’t know that was his diagnosis.

Alex:                 Have you seen the movies starring Ryan Reynolds?

Pete:                Yes. Many times.

Alex:                 Oh okay.

Justin:              Oh you mean the guy that does Mint Mobile? Has he done some other stuff besides Mint Mobile?

Alex:                 Yeah he did Mint Mobile, he did Aviation gin. I’m sure there’s a couple of others.

Pete:                Welcome to Wrexham. I mean come on guys, don’t sell him short.

Alex:                 Familiar. I do know his gin and Mint Mobile, though.

Justin:              Well this telecommunications wunderkind sure seems like he’s going to make a great show in Hollywood. But let me just say, on your point Alex, I do think Fleabag is similarly, she’s talking to the audience so she doesn’t have to be in her life because she feels… This isn’t a spoiler, but it’s sort of an emotional spoiler for the character, feels guilty about a lot of decision that she’s made. And to your point as well, She-Hulk, it’s unclear why she’s doing it. It feels like she’s just turning to us to be like, get a lot of this stuff behind me. And I want to be invested in that stuff so when she does that, it takes me out of it for a second. And the fact that she’s also even going beyond breaking the fourth wall, referencing the fact that this is a TV show in a meta way… Because my issues with this show in general are because it feels like a TV show rather than characters doing stuff, which I want it to be, an interesting story.

Alex:                 Let me throw it out there because I think this specifically points to what crystallized for me a little bit in this episode with that joke about the A and B plot coming together, which I know I mentioned before. But they came together in terms of, they were both in the same place at the same time at the same time. That’s not how an A and B plot come together in a TV show. They crisscross, they provide information to each other. She gets a little bit of information, though it’s very vague in terms of how that works, from Adrian Chase from Arrow in terms of how to solve her problem.

Pete:                I love that you drop that reference.

Alex:                 I refuse to remember what his name is because otherwise he’s gift basket guy. So you get two choices there in terms of what I call him.

Pete:                Or it’s “where the poop?” Guy. Either way.

Alex:                 Whatever. But my point being that I think what that made me realize, and I think structurally at least this episode acted like an episode of television versus the previous two episodes, which did not. They focused on just two wobbly halves of the same pilot. It feels like they’re trying to reinvent television here from the ground up as if they had never seen a lawyer show or a superhero show. And I don’t understand why they’re doing that.

Justin:              Well I have an answer for you I think, because when I was watching it I was like, oh they’re trying to figure out how a format works when they’re doing a superhero movie, a legal dramedy and a hard comedy at the same time. And I think it is serving those three masters is hard and we’re being critical of this show because we love these characters, we love… Well I don’t know if I love [inaudible 00:10:23].

Pete:                Wandavision messed with a lot of different things, it did it really well. This is a comedy so it’s pushing the boundaries a little bit of trying to figure out what it’s doing and where it settles.

Justin:              Your comparison. Let me take your comparison and say what Wanda vision did, especially in the first half of the season, it did one thing. It used a TV format to tell this sort of fucked up mystery of what’s happening with Wanda and vision. And then when it shed that and became a superhero show in the last couple episodes, that’s when I feel like it felt like a little bit of a betrayal. I liked the show in general, but it definitely shifted out of what it was. And this show has a different situation or problem is what I would call it where it’s doing too much at the top, but I think it is moving closer to having a format. This episode feels more like a comedy.

Pete:                It feels like she is a little bit of the narrator, a little bit, on her own show where she’s like get a load of this.

Alex:                 It’s not adding anything for me. And maybe this is humor, humor is particular. Humor is very particular so this is no knock on anybody else. I just don’t find this that funny yet. [inaudible 00:11:45] a little bit one time over the course of three episodes. So this is just not hitting what…

Justin:              Snicker [inaudible 00:11:53].

Alex:                 Every time I mention that.

Pete:                Hey, sometimes there’s nothing like a good Snickers.

Alex:                 Sometimes I feel like a Snickers, sometimes I don’t. Right, Pete?

Pete:                That’s right, man.

Alex:                 It’s so good, I’m sure. Ba da ba ba ba, Snickers. In any case, the humor is not working for me here because it feels like it has the structure of jokes but it’s not making me laugh. Maybe it’s making other people laugh, that’s great, I love it. Please laugh, more Laughter in the world. It brings light and love and a smile into children’s eyes.

Pete:                Well stop yucking my yum over here, man.

Alex:                 Here’s the thing. Pete, I don’t need to suckle on big Marvel’s teat like you do. Every morning I wake up going… Oh Kevin Feige, more milk from your nipples.

Pete:                Whatever. I call it like I see it. Sometimes I’m having fun with it, sometimes I’m not.

Justin:              Did you just rename our podcast Alex?

Alex:                 I think I did. Absolutely.

Justin:              And I don’t know, we don’t have an editor but we could just make a note to clip that suckling noise you made. Because I’m going to need that for future…

Pete:                Stop. That is the worst. You are…

Alex:                 Well Kevin Feige turned to you, Pete. It was like, I have nipples, can you milk me? And Pete was like, can do!

Justin:              And then he did.

Pete:                And then I turned my hat backwards and slammed a mountain Dew. The point is that, I’m sorry that it’s not hitting you, but it is doing a lot of great things and it’s enjoyable to watch. Also I think there’s nothing wrong with her being a lawyer, dissecting what’s happening and giving her two cents.

Alex:                 If it was that, I’d be into it. I don’t want to spend too much time going back and forth here because I think we’ve clearly stated our positions. So instead, why don’t we get it into the meat of the episode and talk about that. I did have a question, and this is not a David question, this is a legitimate one. Why do people like Wong so much? And I say that because he’s more present to the MCU right now than almost any other character.

Pete:                Wong doesn’t take shit, he’s doing a lot. He’s has the burden of Sorcerer Supreme, it’s an exciting time. He’s a great actor, he kills everything he does. Every time he shows up, they win. He’s the clutch man. I don’t know where to stop with you.

Alex:                 I’m question it. I’m not saying I don’t like it, I was legitimately asking.

Justin:              And it is a fair question, I think two things come to mind for me. One, we lost Nick fury so Wong is that now, the connective tissue, the glue. And secondly I think creatives like him, writers like him because he’s bedpan, he’s dry. He’s in all this crazy world multiversal situations. He can just look at us and just be like, what dude? Or just like…

Pete:                I don’t have time for this.

Justin:              Let’s send them to the mirror dimension, yeah. He gives us that straight-faced answer so he’s a natural quick joke device I feel like. Plus he can pop up literally anywhere because his whole thing is doing that.

Pete:                And also his [inaudible 00:15:01] joke was hilarious.

Alex:                 Yes, I think that explains it pretty well. Just in terms of him being a good foil and clearly Benedict Wong seems to be up for whatever, so that’s nice to see and it’s nice to see him there. What about the Emil Blonsky of it all? Over the course of the episode we got to see more of this namaste version of Emil Blonsky

Pete:                We’re not going to talk about the Dennis Paul stuff, you’re going to go right to that?

Justin:              We’re going to get to that.

Alex:                 That’s the B plot. A plot first then B plot, that’s how the alphabet works Pete.

Justin:              Pete has an alternate take.

Pete:                [inaudible 00:15:33] this isn’t funny enough. This is what the order of things.

Justin:              Pete, why are you mad? It’s just his opinion. And also the alphabet, he is right about the alphabet. You were right about soulmates and he was right about the alphabet.

Alex:                 Yeah. Two very basic things that…

Justin:              Everybody gets a win.

Alex:                 There you go. All right Pete, let’s talk about the B plot first. Talk about how much you love Dennis, you identified with him, it was the first time you saw yourself on screen, go.

Pete:                Nope. But I did love the Bukowski joke, I thought that was hilarious. A fun reveal of Dennis’s last name and it’s a fun thing to play with and poke fun at so I enjoyed that whole bit of it. But yeah, not only was this a hilarious Megan Thee Stallion lead into a cameo, but I like the elf and her just tricking people and kind of living her best life a little bit. And I tell you what, I don’t care who you are, a VW Passat is a hell of a gift. I understand.

Justin:              Nice. Yeah, I mean in a show where I feel like the paralegal and Paul are characters that are big recurring characters, have a fair amount of to do in the show and they’re truly blank slates. The only thing we know about Paul is he knows where the good bathroom is. The paralegal seems to say jokes, but truly has no other qualities, characteristics that we see fully.

Pete:                He saved the day. He put it all together to bring her… A hundred percent.

Justin:              A hundred percent. I agree with you that character does stuff in the plot, but I would ask you outside of gift basket and bathroom place, what is a quality he has? What is a thing about him?

Pete:                He gets stressed out and has drinks at the end so you know that he’s human and oh man, this is a lot.

Justin:              I would argue he doesn’t seem stressed, he just goes to the bar. I’m not trying to get you with a gotcha. I’m try to yuck your yum because I know you’re like yum, yum Paul. But I do think that I would just like to have met him. We talked about the Ally McBeal. If the Ally McBeal…

Pete:                It’s coming. We’re getting a little bit of Paul every time.

Alex:                 This is what I’m getting towards. I don’t want to harp because I don’t think this is fun for podcast listeners if I’m going back to the same well over and over again, but I do feel like, again, why are they reinventing the wheel with how a lawyer show works? Is Jen secretly in love with him and somebody else has a question? That’s fine, but you don’t need to take four to five episodes to set this shit up.

Pete:                We’re on three. I don’t know why you’re talking about four and five.

Alex:                 Okay, we don’t need to take three episodes. We need one episode. You get a pilot, that is what a fucking pilot is for. This is not a TV show. Stop, get that teat out of your mouth Pete.

Pete:                I think you’ve just seen too many TV shows, you know what I mean? You’re over…

Alex:                 I’ve seen some TV shows. Apparently the people that made She-Hulk have seen zero TV shows.

Justin:              Yeah. I would argue seeing more shows is helpful when it comes to watching TV.

Alex:                 [inaudible 00:18:47] going to do a meta TV show that’s commenting on other TV shows. Don’t… Sorry.

Justin:              And let me say to your point, Pete. You’re saying it’s coming and I agree with you, it does feel like we’ll slowly get pieces of information. Little drip drops.

Alex:                 I agree as well. I want to say on that note, I agree as well. It’s coming.

Justin:              We’ll get little drip drops from the teat as it’s going on. But I would like, when I meet someone for the first time, I don’t like to get caught up in their legal drama. I like to be introduced to them first.

Alex:                 I think it’s even more than that. If you were meeting somebody the first time, first and foremost thing you need to know about me is I’m a human being. Here’s how human beings work. We got heads, that’s one thing about us. And then you meet for the second time they’re like, let me tell you about my job. I work in a construction site, that’s wood and nails and hammers. And then the third time they’re like all right, let’s bring these two things together and see how they work. Being a human working in a construction site doesn’t seem like it could work, but maybe it will. And then maybe by the six or seven time you meet them you’re like Jesus Christ, you’re the craziest person I’ve ever met in my life. None of this makes any sense. Figure shit out quicker.

Pete:                What are you mad at? I don’t understand why you’re mad at the fact that we don’t have enough time to give Paul a backstory.

Alex:                 We need to be holding Marvel to a higher standard, stop being like well here, the slop they feed us in a bucket is more than enough. I’m happy with it. If we say anything bad about it or expect them to put out a TV show that’s an actual TV show, that’s it for Marvel. No more Marvel anymore. That’s not going to happen, we’re stuck with Marvel for our entire lives. So at least if you’re going to make TV shows, make TV shows that have actual episodes.

Pete:                I’m sorry that you don’t feel that this is an episode, but I’m having a great time.

Alex:                 I’m totally glad about that. This is what I feel it doesn’t invalidate what you feel.

Pete:                I just don’t understand that because you think it should follow a certain format or not be able to make certain jokes.

Alex:                 No, here’s the thing. What I’m saying is if you break it down to the basic elements of what She-Hulk is, in the same week that She-Hulk debuted I saw a better episode of a lawyer show, I saw a better comedy that broke the fourth wall and I saw two shows that were both franchise extenders that were way better and did a job of telling a different story. So I expect something that is going to be interesting to me and so far, this is not interesting to me.

Pete:                How is it not interesting that you got to hang out with Wong for a little bit? Megan Thee Stallion showed up, gave you a little music. I don’t understand. There’s some fun shit that you wouldn’t expect to have happen. It’s so many turns. There’s a magical shape-shifting elf in a lawyer show. What the fuck, man!

Alex:                 Not that funny.

Pete:                Not that funny?

Justin:              Guys, just take one second. You guys have different… I don’t know if this is not clear. You guys have different opinions. But it’s like someone being like, if I gave you both Swedish fish and you were like I like them, they’re salty. And Pete was like I hate them, they’re salty. It’d be like yeah, that’s all you have to say. You don’t need to keep saying stuff that you like and also don’t like. But breaking it down a little bit, and I love because rarely do you two both have opposite strong opinions to an equal degree and this is going to be a fun season or I’m going to die very soon.

Pete:                Did you like the Bukowki joke? Did you get it?

Justin:              Yeah, I think so. I definitely got it. Let me say, I don’t Dennis as a character has the most, we know who he is. And even though he’s not someone we’re like cool, more of him hanging out, he I think is one of the more flesh down characters. I feel like I could be like, I know a person in my life like that, I know what he’s going to say in this situation because, and this may be a reason why it’s A not working for you, Alex but B, not willing to delve into Paul yet is because it feels like everything is driven by the comedic intent.

Justin:              Dennis they fleshed out because they wanted tell Dennis jokes. Paul, no jokes necessary, he’s just there. Elf, we learn a little bit about the elf because it’s like we’re going to do jokes where the elf shape shifts. Let’s do that. Or the paralegal, she just stands there and says jokes. We don’t need to know anything about her because her jokes aren’t about her jokes are about She-Hulk. So it does feel like they’re writing this show or the show’s being created around a core of comedy that is directed at Jen, which I think is cool, but I wish they took the time to put stuff on the table for us. And then let the comedy happen like a true ensemble. We’re talking about shows like Ally McBeal or really any ensemble comedy.

Alex:                 And one other thing that I’ll throw out there that I’ve been thinking about a lot with the show because in case it isn’t clear, I want to like the show and I want the show to succeed and I’m going to stick with it in the entire season, is on two opposite ends of the spectrum. We keep bringing up ally McBeal which had a crazy strong pilot and it was very confident right off of the bat and knew what it was, laid out the emotional groundwork, the jokes, the humor, everything. Not all comedies are like that. The other one that I was thinking about in particular that I think is an example that people bring up a lot is Parks and Recreation. The first season of that show is not good, it’s not funny and it took them a while, six episodes in fact, to really figure out how to hit that show correctly and how to get the humor out.

Alex:                 That happens with a lot of comedies, they’re figuring out and they’re figuring out everybody’s bits and how they work together the first season. And it isn’t until a couple of episodes in that they really get rolling. So my hope here is that Pete, you will continue to like the show over the course of the season, but I’m hoping that a couple of episodes in when they figure out these kinks and they figure out everybody’s character bits that I am going to get on board as well. And I think they will. I feel confident.

Justin:              And Pete, what if you grow to not like it?

Pete:                Oh my God.

Alex:                 I don’t know what sort of situation, perhaps some sort of screamy discussions about it on a weekly basis could drive Pete to hate the show.

Justin:              Maybe he switches to solid foods off of the Marvel milk.

Pete:                Anyways, the Thor speech, not permissible in court was a hysterical bit. I mean, that was just fun. Would you agree with that?

Alex:                 I didn’t find anything funny in this episode. You’re going to keep trying it, I just didn’t.

Pete:                That was pretty funny. She tried to give Thor’s speech.

Justin:              I love the line from Dennis. “Well, I gave you a whole list of my boys to talk to.” That’s a funny line.

Pete:                How about She-Hulk being like, “I will kill for you.” And Megan Thee Stallion being like, dial it back a bit. That was funny.

Justin:              Yes. In the post credit, that was the post credit.

Alex:                 The CGI was very weird in that scene and it was edited too quickly, but I really like the idea of it.

Justin:              I think the post credit sequences have been really good so far and nice little vignettes that have all of the elements we need for the rest of the show, they just need to grow out. We didn’t talk about the fact that she takes on the Wrecking Crew at the end of the episode, the famously always beat up villains in the Marvel comic universe.

Alex:                 I will say in a more Marvel fashion, I felt conflicted about that scene because when they came in, I was like, is this the Wrecking Crew? Are they going to do the Wrecking Crew here? And then they pulled out their Asgardian weapons and I was like oh shit, it’s the Wrecking Crew. Because I kind of love the Wrecking Crew as characters in Marvel and it constantly bugs me out that the main way that they’re used is exactly how they’re used here, which is they’re usually at the beginning of an issue getting beaten up by the Avengers. And they’re like, well, got rid of the Wrecking Crew, who’s the main villain of this issue? And that’s exactly what happened to them so I was like, oh man. This is true to the comics, but it’s bumming me out.

Justin:              I would argue though, I feel like they may be a runner throughout the season. It feels like we got enough of them where we’re going to see them again. And the line, did you rob an Asgardian construction worker and they’re like yeah.

Pete:                That’s hysterical.

Justin:              Was funny. Also the moment of her screaming and then hulking out was cool.

Alex:                 That’s exactly what I was going to say, that was a good reaction.

Pete:                Yeah, her moment where she was like, “Oh no!. Oh, wait.”

Alex:                 and we also, on the theorizing bit, get a tease here that they’re working for somebody. They say “The boss is going to be disappointed.” So who’s their boss, do you think? Who’s your speculation on that?

Justin:              I would think the lawyer, the head of the law firm that she works for.

Pete:                Kingpin.

Alex:                 I’m going to throw out the Leader, Jim [inaudible 00:27:42] coming back as the Leader potentially. That would be fun, particularly because they seem to be after her blood. I don’t know why the head of the law firm would need her blood, but I could see why the Leader could need it for its healing properties.

Justin:              The healing properties that were established… Somehow. Because Bruce drank her blood in episode one, randomly.

Alex:                 To be fair, Bruce’s blood dripped into her arm and then he drank her blood. And now the leader wants to slurp on her blood, sucking it right out the teat. You know what I’m talking about?

Justin:              That’s not what not comes out of there, Alex.

Alex:                 I don’t know man, you don’t bite hard enough.

Pete:                All right Cornell, you want to go to the A plot now or what?

Alex:                 Oh, after half an hour? Sure.

Justin:              No I think we’ve covered… Oh, you’ve talking about the Emil Blonsky stuff?

Alex:                 Yeah.

Pete:                And his seven soulmates?

Justin:              I did like when we have this thing of, She-Hulk took her shoes off before she transformed in the first episode. And then Emil does the same thing here, I thought that was a cool little moment, little rhyming moment there. And the montage of character witnesses was fun. The whole thing, I felt like I was waiting for the other shoe to drop with Emil Blonsky in a weird way and him transforming and scaring everyone. I was like, they’re that scared?

Alex:                 Yeah. Why were they so scared of him?

Justin:              Because they’ve seen him, they know him, that’s his whole thing.

Alex:                 And he doesn’t do anything. He just transforms.

Pete:                Yeah, he’s in a stage.

Alex:                 It was a weird beat.

Justin:              It was a weird beat. So that felt a little wonky in general, but I just like that we’re moving toward case of the week like I said last time.

Alex:                 Absolutely.

Pete:                I kept waiting for it just because nothing seemed to really add up. Everybody thought he was the greatest, he has seven soulmates who seemed to do anything for him. So that seems all so sketchy, wondering once he gets to his island what’s going to happen.

Alex:                 Yeah. I guess we’ll have to see. It does seem just based on promos and stuff that that Izzy character that is going to come back later on in the season.

Pete:                I mean, you got Tim Roth. Why not?

Alex:                 Exactly. Tim Roth, hopefully Tim Blake Nelson. Get all the Tims. Tim Heidecker.

Justin:              Tim Hortons.

Pete:                Oh come on man, donuts.

Alex:                 Before we move on any other moments from the episode that you want to call out in particular? Or did we cover them all?

Justin:              I think we said every joke that was in this show. So I think we covered on that.

Alex:                 We’re good. Did I mention that I’m not enjoying it so far? I don’t know if I touched on it.

Justin:              You know wow that you say that, now some of your comments are making a lot of sense

Pete:                I can’t believe you hate Megan The Stallion. That’s crazy.

Alex:                 I don’t hate Megan Thee Stallion. I appreciate that they bough her in.

Pete:                The fact that she’s willing to do that is pretty awesome.

Justin:              Yeah. The whole thing was fun. Seeing her in the courtroom I was like, ooh great cameo.

Pete:                And everything. Yeah, it was so great.

Alex:                 I can’t believe Megan The Stallion deemed to show up on a little old Marvel show.

Pete:                It’s whatever. She’s busy, she’s got a whole other career. You don’t have to do everything. It was nice that she did. What the fuck, man!

Justin:              I was going to move us over to the vision board portion because I have some thoughts that I want to talk about there that maybe we could.

Alex:                 Are you hosting the shoot-out?

Justin:              I guess techinically.

Pete:                Somebody’s got helpers.

Justin:              The crossfire vibe means I’m on the outside.

Alex:                 Oh, there you go. Yeah, let’s move it over to the vision board then. Justin, what’s on your vision board for the next episode.

Justin:              Well, we end this episode with her seeing herself reflected in the car window. In the first two episodes, she figured out how to be a Hulk very quickly. And there was some stuff that I thought was said a lot by Bruce. “You don’t have another personality in there. You don’t have the other guy, the thing that is haunting you.” And I think I said, I bet that’s going to happen by episode five or six or whatever. And seeing her look at herself see her reflection, it feels like there is that there’s that what’s in there. And I really hope that’s true because I think that’ll give the show a nice arc for her because it does feel like she’s just bouncing around right now and the idea of Hulk having the Hulk problems later, being the good Hulk first and then having to figure out the bad part is a nice flip of what the whole Hulk burden has been for the Hulk himself.

Alex:                 What about you Pete? What’s on your vision board?

Pete:                First off I just wanted to say wow, that sounds amazing and I second that. That would be a lot of fun and a very cool choice. And I’m glad you took that away from the mirror shot because I looked that and I was like, what’s going on? So thank you for helping me out with that. But I’m looking forward to who’s the next villain we’re going to see? Is it going to be the Porcupine? Is it going to be Stilt-Man? What kind of fun we’re going to have.

Justin:              It could be anybody.

Pete:                It could be anybody and I’m excited about it because that’s the fun part about this lawyer show is the fact that it’s a great way to see villains you don’t really get to spend some time with. So it’s going to be fun.

Alex:                 Yeah. Without riling up Pete again, I do think now that we’ve gotten all this set up out of the way and they’ve figured out how the show works, I’m really looking forward to maybe next episode it’s going to be off to the races, everything going from there but on a more specific bed, now that we’ve talked about it, I would love to see the Wrecking Crew again, I think that would be great. I’d love to see the Leader that does feel like while they’re doing this reclamation project from the Incredible Hulk movie, bring him in as well. That was a dangling plot line, it would be super fun to see him again.

Alex:                 So I don’t know if it’ll be a next episode, but it should be good stuff. And if you would like to support this podcast, Also we do a live show every Tuesday night at 7:00 PM to Crowdcast and YouTube. Come hang out, we would love to chat with you about She-Hulk. Apple, Spotify, Stitcher or the app of your choice to subscribe, listen and follow the show @marvelvisionpod on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. for this podcast and many more. Until next time, stay marvelous.

Pete:                Yeah, Paul. Aw, let’s gross man.

Alex:                 Ba da ba ba ba, I’m loving that.

Pete:                Ah, man.

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