MarvelVision: She-Hulk, Episode 2 – “Superhuman Law”

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Jennifer Walters is a hulk now, but can she also be a lawyer? We’ll find out on the second episode of She-Hulk, as we recap “Superhuman Law” on our podcast! When Jen is tasked with defending Emil Blonsky, aka The Abomination, she’s presented with an ethical dilemma: has he changed, or is he the same guy who tore up Harlem years ago?


Full Episode Transcript:

Alex:                 Welcome to Marvel Vision, a podcast about Marvel, the MCU and right now, She Hulk. I’m Alex.

Justin:              I’m Justin.

Pete:                I’m Pete.

Alex:                 And we are going to be talking about the second episode of She Hulk. So, if you haven’t seen it on Disney+, check it out right now, but picking up where we left off. Jennifer Walters is in the courtroom. She’s dealing with the fallout of Titania. I’m still mispronouncing that horribly.

Pete:                Titania.

Alex:                 Titania, but she immediately gets fired this episode, picks up a new job, ends up meeting Emil Blonsky, AKA the Abomination and representing him. Despite the fact that he tore it up in Harlem with her cousin and by the end of the episode. We have tied into the movie Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings. I said that terribly as well.

Pete:                Hell, yeah.

Alex:                 I don’t know why I said it like that. As a little bit of a side note, we also meet Jen’s family this episode. Now, I know we were a little mixed about this.

Pete:                Half of Perfect Strangers.

Justin:              We’ve got a perfect stranger.

Alex:                 We do.

Justin:              We got a perfect stranger here.

Pete:                That’s right. Perfect Stranger shout out.

Alex:                 We’ve got cousin Larry. Cousin Larry is here.

Pete:                It’s a joy right now.

Alex:                 Oh, nice. Okay. You saved it. I don’t know what accent you did there but that was …

Justin:              Let me throw out here. There’s a recent post by Cousin Larry that was matching the original Perfect Strangers promo shot. Are you thinking we’re going to get a Bronson pin show on this season?

Alex:                 Oh, come on, man. Don’t put that out there. Don’t put that out.

Justin:              I think we are. I contest we are.

Alex:                 That would be amazing. You think they’re going to go to B post?

Justin:              B post is in the Marvel cinematic universe. I believe that’s… Isn’t in Age of Ultron, that’s the land they raise up and then drops?

Alex:                 B post is-

Justin:              Quicksilver dies in B post?

Alex:                 Next door to Sokovia and some of the fallout hit it. Balky’s entire family was killed, but Balky’s-

Pete:                No, come on, man. Don’t say that about Balky-

Justin:              The MEPOS Accords still haunt the Marvel cinematic universe.

Pete:                That’s Right.

Alex:                 So let’s get this out of the way we were mixed about the last episode. Pete was very positive. I think Justin, you were in the middle slash negative and I was pretty negative as well. Though, there were parts that we definitely all agreed on.

Pete:                Yeah.

Alex:                 Now that we’re into the second episode, where’s everybody’s head at how are you feeling, Pete? I’m sure you’re still like, McDonald’s loving it.

Pete:                I’m having a great time. Thank you.

Alex:                 Further elaboration on our critical Podcast Pete.

Pete:                Well, I feel, I thought we were going down the line just down.

Alex:                 Go ahead, go ahead. Talk about what you liked about this episode.

Pete:                I mean-

Alex:                 You’re going to burst at the seams. If I’ve learned anything over the past 15 years of us doing podcasts, no matter how long it takes, you’re going to rattle out absolutely everything that you liked about it. So let’s do that at the beginning. Go for it.

Pete:                Oh wow. That’s weird. It’s weird when I get what I’m trying to do and I don’t have to fight you for it.

Alex:                 Does it work better if it’s all pent up over the course of the 15 minutes while Justin and I talk about a bunch of nonsense?

Justin:              Sorry, just let me know when you want me to interrupt you Pete. Like every 30 seconds, 45 seconds.

Pete:                I think its that yeah, you could give the bar time to play.

Alex:                 To be clear. This is a pre-planned bit where we break the fourth wall, similar to how she Hulk does it.

Pete:                Okay, so first off it was like they listened to our first step. I mean, we got the watercolors again, hitting us hard with that. We got to find out what’s going on with the rocket ship. I… We’re getting answers. We’re putting stuff together. I love it and of course the creepy guy who was in… The man behind the lawsuit where she got fired, hires her back and it seems like an evil corporation because of the way he casually fires people. I love the phone call that she has with Hulk. I thought this was just a great kind of like, all right, here we go, this is going to be the rhythm of the show. Her-

Justin:              What do you think the Sakarian cell phone plan is that he was on when he called her?

Pete:                Well, first off-

Justin:              If there was a dropped call, there was a drop call.

Pete:                Hey, if Deadpool can start his own phone company, I would take Banner’s over Deadpool. So, I think it’s-

Justin:              I’m sorry, just to translate Pete, he’s talking about Ryan Reynolds having a cell phone company called Mint, I believe. Is that what it’s called?

Pete:                Mint Mobile. Yeah, yeah, that’s right.

Justin:              Just trying to translate what you mean when you say Deadpool has a cell phone plan.

Pete:                Well, I don’t-

Alex:                 It took me a second as well, but-

Pete:                Okay, thank you.

Alex:                 Hundred percent, I got it. I do think just to interrupt really quick here by theory now is that we’re going to see Hulk pop up in some way in secret invasion. I don’t think this has to do with the grand master at all. I think this is Nick fury in space, sending out a call for Hulk and getting some help from him.

Justin:              Really?

Alex:                 I don’t see him pop up there.

Justin:              That theory. I like that theory because I agree with you. I think this is the last we’ll see of Hulk in She-Hulk and off he goes into another series.

Pete:                What made you think that? Because on the last, when we were all on the same page of, we think it’s a scar type thing of the-

Alex:                 I don’t know, there was something about the casualness of Bruce on that ship. It didn’t feel like he was being taken by a quote unquote villain like grand master did.

Pete:                Yeah, I didn’t see Liam Neeson anywhere.

Justin:              Jeff Goldbloom. Oh, taken.

Pete:                The word taken.

Justin:              Wow.

Pete:                So Pete’s what’s called, on one right now. So, he’s going to be saying nonsense and I will slowly walk it back into reality.

Alex:                 You seem to be pretty casual. Just a log for the ride.

Pete:                He’s making a phone call.

Alex:                 Yeah, there you go. Oh, I’ll throw out actually one other theory just based on the show, we could also see him go on that Sakarian courier ship and then show up in one of the last two episodes in the world war Hulk outfit. And He’s like-

Pete:                Oh don’t tease me. Don’t-

Alex:                 I’ve been through some shit. That’s the joke is like he was on this whole other adventure while She-Hulk was doing your She-Hulk stuff, potentially.

Justin:              That’s fun and to my take on the episode, I feel like it’s a little bit more fun. I thought there were some better jokes in this episode and I thought we were-

Pete:                Hey, all right!

Justin:              The joke of Bruce, I was a completely different guy back then because he was played by-

Alex:                 The better Hulk. The better-

Pete:                Come on, dude.

Alex:                 Edward Norton,

Pete:                Come on.

Alex:                 It’s number one,

Justin:              Played by Edward Norton in that movie.

Alex:                 Number two, Eric Bonna number three.

Justin:              Whoa,

Pete:                Come on dude. Every time Eric eats a banana

Justin:              Look, Alex. If Pete’s going to be off the ranch here with his talk, you can’t go all say we

Pete:                Yeah you can’t join me.

Justin:              I can’t be the center of it. You can’t be flipping aside.

Pete:                Justin can-

Alex:                 We’ll save that for our Patreon podcast. Marvel vision off the ranch.

Justin:              Wow. Yeah, off the ranch.

Pete:                I hope for one of the post credits though, that we do get to hear all seven Haiku’s. You know what I mean?

Justin:              All seven? Have you ever heard more? Have you ever heard more than two? Haiku’s back to back because it’s too many. One haiku.

Pete:                Whoa, whoa, hey, hey, come on.

Justin:              You want to pick your haiku’s out of your haiku bag with chopsticks because you don’t want to have nine of them in your mouth at the same time, but I just want to say Alex, real quick. I do think, I still think this show should take more time. It feels like everything’s feeling a little rushed. The scene with the family, I was like, she came in and they all just screamed at her in succession. It felt very intense-

Alex:                 So let’s talk about the scene with the family for a second because I do think this is getting to my issue with the show this early on in these first two episodes and I’ll frame it up because Pete’s crossing his arms right now. I do think exactly like you’re saying Justin, there’s more of the premise here, which I wanted from the first episode, it does feel like these two episodes get together, get a little closer to being a pilot for the show because you do have that set up there of, she loses her job, she’s now working at a law firm than she feels morally weird about. We get a case set up here. So it does feel like again, you’re getting a little more of that Pilot.

Alex:                 The family stuff, in essence, I liked the idea of, she comes, she meets her family. She’s a superhero now and they’re doing exactly what families do. We’re like, oh my friend’s neighbor is really into superheroes, you should go on a date with him. All of that stuff felt to me like it was getting towards something, but there was too much happening at the same time. Some of the jokes weren’t as precise and was really driven home with me where Larry Appleton was in on the bid as well, where he is like, what happens to Hawkeye’s arrows do they… Does he just leave them there? Which is fine and funny. But he’s doing the bit with everybody else in the family and then in the middle of him doing the bit, is like, Jen, let’s go downstairs. And he’s like, but seriously, how are you doing.

Pete:                Well, that’s a father. What are you a problem?

Alex:                 My… I’m having a problem with it, comedically, Pete. Is that-

Pete:                He’s got, he can’t be just-

Alex:                 There’s no consistency. It felt like they skipped a step there, in terms of the character. Pete, calm down, you did work on this show.

Pete:                All Well, first off-

Justin:              Very personally affected-

Pete:                First off, I don’t know what your family’s like. I don’t wait to talk when it’s my turn in a family situation, let alone in this shit show, but I think that one of the things is, I liked how loud the family was. That to me felt more real and also, yeah, I think a dad could do bits and have fun with the family, but he is going to care about his daughter.

Alex:                 No, he’s not doing a bit. He’s not doing a bit. The show is doing a bit. He is included that bit and then some-

Pete:                Yeah, but he’s doing what she did-

Alex:                 I don’t want to spend time on this.

Pete:                Jen’s… Jen… Wait, wait, no, no, no. Jen in the first episode was doing the captain America bit to her cousin. So then the father is kind of in on doing the same thing that she does that are… They all kind of do that. So I thought it was a cool callback and I’m sorry that it missed you.

Justin:              I hear you Pete, but I think Alex’s point is rather than the characters feeling real and motivated to do those things, it feels like the show is like, well we’re going to have him do it. Even though, it doesn’t make a lot of sense that he would do it.

Pete:                We’re just seeing it-

Justin:              The whole family-

Alex:                 This is to me. I don’t want to focus on the family thing because I was using it as an example of what isn’t quite working to me about the show yet. The jokes feel sloppy, frankly, some of them hit, but they’re not as sharp as they could be. The editing is very weird to me still in this episode, the place we end the episode, it’s a very weird ending line.

Pete:                Well, that’s a callback to the first episode where she… It ends on a, like a oh shit moment. It’s like this.

Alex:                 It just sort of ends. The editing, I don’t know. It’s not as precise. The jokes are not as precise. I’m glad you like it. This doesn’t take anything away for the fact that you like it. That’s awesome and I’m glad you’re enjoying it. I’m glad it’s hitting for you. It’s not hitting for me.

Justin:              Do you know what it reminds me of is, a kid show, a Disney, not junior, but the old fashioned Disney channel show. Where it is a little wonky and not everything quite hits, but it’s paced up. So you don’t have time to sit and think about stuff too much and I just think that’s weird because everyone… There’s so much drinking on this show that they’re always getting fucked up and it is written sort of in the style of a kid’s show. For instance, the family scene. I was getting big grandpa Joe from Charlie in the chocolate factory. Where it’s like that family all lays in the same bed all day and so that’s why they talk over each other all the time. And she comes in and is like, yo, this is crazy.

Alex:                 So at the beginning, when they are in the bar to get back to that, you have the, I guess jerk guy who works at her prior firm-

Pete:                Dennis. Yeah.

Alex:                 Yeah, who we don’t get to see a lot of,

Justin:              We Love Dennis.

Pete:                You’re-

Justin:              You’re shipping. You’re shipping Dennis, right Pete?

Pete:                No, Dennis is a piece of shit and he proves that in this episode. I don’t know why you’re defending Dennis.

Alex:                 What you just said, how much you like Dennis. And then you asked me why… I don’t understand what you’re talking about. The joke that Dennis is given in this episode where they’re in the bar and he’s like, well, I see a girl over there. I’m going to go talk to it. That to me was the level of precise humor that we need for this show that it’s off putting, it’s disgusting what he says and when he says that. But it made me laugh because it’s so horrible and everything else feels a lot softer most of the time.

Pete:                Okay.

Justin:              I think that’s fair while we’re talking about the beginning, the idea that Tatanya is a super influencer, I think that’s, I sort of like that idea. I’m curious if that means she’s sort of for hire and maybe I think Pete had a theory that she was paid to attack She-Hulk in the courtroom last episode. That made me think of your theory, Pete. In a good way, I also like the way the title changes from-

Pete:                Yeah. That was funny. Yeah. That was hilarious.

Justin:              Attorney to law attorney, very-

Pete:                You know what I mean. Have fun with the title cards and go back and change the Marvel flip to fit each show. You know what I mean? Come on.

Alex:                 I did also while we’re talking about things that we enjoyed about the episode, I did like seeing Tim Roth back as a Emil Blonsky, very fun to loop back to that. Also fun how they looped it into Shang-Chi. I think that sets it at a very specific place now in terms of the MCU timeline. But I appreciated having that and I assume it’ll also zip through things a little bit, but that was very fun as well. And I think that is certainly a gimi to Marvel fans. It’s like, ah, you recognize this thing, but they figured out a way to make it a little different and make it a little fun.

Justin:              I also thought it was fun, in the Emil Blansky scene, where he’s like, I’m just a Russian born guy who was raised in England. That’s why I have this accent and I’m actor Tim Roth and I’m here to eventually escape and be in the movie Shang-Chi.

Pete:                I did think it was funny the way he was like, namaste and it was like his kind of, we’re trying to figure him out, but he seems like he’s changed. I mean, when we saw him in Shang-Chi, he was on the same page as Wong. So it seems like he is a good guy. So I’m hoping that continues to be true.

Justin:              Wow. You really all in on the abomination. I love, I love how committed you are. You like him now? You think he’s going to help?

Pete:                I really hope so. I mean, the guy wrote Haiku’s, you know what I mean? That’s deep shit.

Justin:              Do you know how… It’s like, it’s not that many syllables you could just do. It’s not studied. It’s 5 7 5 kid.

Pete:                Yeah. Yeah. I know.

Justin:              You could write one right now.

Pete:                I could if I wanted to, but I just think it’s one of those things where this I lo… Because the conversation she has with her brother and he… Or sorry, cousin, where he’s like, it seems like you’re calling me about. That you’re just telling me and it was great how he kind of saw through that and they know each other and we’re given these kind of little moments that are kind of bigger stories because we haven’t been with them that long, which is why I like the family stuff because families are messy and they don’t. Even the Chad stuff where it was like, Chad, you missed the important part. Just like Jen missed the important part with her boss when he was like, I’m telling her or asking her something and she was monologing to herself and didn’t hear him.

Alex:                 I will say and I know you’re going to react poorly to this Pete, but getting back to what Justin said earlier about the speed, I do think, versus the first episode, which was almost entirely a 20 minute training montage, very squarely focused on Jen and Bruce. Here in the second episode, we’re getting so many elements that it still doesn’t feel like a TV episode to me. We get the family, but that’s not the focus and doesn’t seem to necessarily affect the rest of the episode. We get the new law firm that doesn’t necessarily affect the family. All this stuff doesn’t quite tie together yet. They haven’t really figured out the elements. The caveat I’ll give here. Similar to what I mentioned the first episode is that comedies take time sometimes to find the rhythm and set up their stuff. This is nine episodes long. So it’s entirely possible. A couple of episodes down the road. Once they’ve gotten all this set up out of the way, they’ll really hit their groove. I’m still not feeling it quite with this episode, but there are elements in place that potentially could work down the road.

Pete:                Okay, great.

Justin:              I could write on, I could write Haiku’s, Abomination or not. Steve Rogers fucks, right?

Pete:                Great, great job.

Justin:              But now do you think-

Pete:                Names now?

Justin:              Do you trust me-

Alex:                 Yeah.

Pete:                You Want to change the-

Alex:                 Where did you find that, what book?

Justin:              No, I just wrote that.

Alex:                 Okay.

Justin:              Sleeping in bed in a maximum security prison for, I want to say, 15 years. However long since Ed Norton came through.

Pete:                Hey, some people, it’s harder to come up with poetry. All right, so, let’s talk about Paul, right? I mean, he got the welcome basket, the where to take a dump, which is super important. Seems nice but do you trust Paul?

Justin:              Wow. I don’t think I have too much of an opinion. Well, let me say on Paul and Jen’s paralegal who feels like she is part of the show and is a character, but I would ask you to find one defining characteristic from that character. That’s one of the things that I’m like-

Pete:                Seems to be a good friend.

Justin:              Yeah.

Pete:                Because she wouldn’t take the job otherwise.

Alex:                 She wears very big necklaces. Is that a character trait?

Justin:              That’s more of a wardrobe choice, but-

Pete:                A one star Mr. T.

Justin:              I feel like-

Alex:                 She could be the Mr. T of the show, I agree with you on that. I was very excited as a comic book fan and I want to keep emphasizing in all of the criticism that I’m giving this show. I’m a fan of She-Hulk, I’m a fan of the comic books. I want the show to work.

Justin:              I’d put that in quotes.

Pete:                What?

Alex:                 This, seeing the stuff pop out of the Dan slot run in particular, which is a lot of what we’re getting here. And some of these characters pop up was very fun, but I agree with you right now. He is guy who comes in with gift basket and that’s pretty much it. I don’t even know why-

Justin:              Says joke about pooping.

Alex:                 Yeah.

Justin:              Joke about pooping.

Alex:                 He’s also like, oh, I’m also part of this division. I’d love to meet the division.

Justin:              Yeah.

Alex:                 That would be nice.

Justin:              Well and that feels like to your point at last episode, that feels like it could be a sort of that Ally McBeal moment of let’s meet the new players. Because my wife considers me, guy who walks in and talks about pooping and honestly I’m not much of a character.

Alex:                 You also have giant necklaces. So-

Justin:              That’s true.

Alex:                 There’s that as well. I’m getting the sense though, Pete, just based on the fact that he was Adrian Chase on arrow, that you’re pretty suspicious of him. Is that what’s going on here?

Pete:                Exactly. Right? Yeah. You can’t trust him at all.

Alex:                 Yeah.

Pete:                But I was just seeing if you guys picked up on that. So, well, I would like to-

Justin:              First off, yeah right. Second off, no way.

Pete:                How dare you. All right, so I want to know… To tell you the truth, the one disappointment I had with this episode was when she was looking for a job, I was really hoping Foggy Nelson would call and be like, hey, we could use a few good lawyers.

Alex:                 No, foggy died. He was in B post at the time.

Pete:                No, come on man, don’t do that.

Alex:                 He got killed. It was the Barcharcavits family and Foggy Nelson.

Justin:              The Nelson’s and the Barcharcavits’ have a long history of being working together. They’re like Hatfield and McCoy’s of meat post.

Pete:                You, nobody else wanted Daredevil to show up there when she was looking. Nobody?

Justin:              Think it’s a little early in our, contractually, to have Daredevil pop up. Because I think this made back before, that was a thing. I could see that, I agree with you, that would’ve been a cool bit of thing, but we don’t know. I don’t know if that Foggy is going to be the Foggy that we’re moving forward with.

Pete:                Oh, that’s your own personal agenda and don’t put that out there, okay.

Justin:              I’m not.

Pete:                Some of us are thinking it’s a beautiful casting, so-

Justin:              I’m not down on the casting. I’m just saying, I don’t think the world of fandom is like, where’s my Foggy. That’s a different Foggy.

Alex:                 I will say like he’s pretty busy, Eldon Henson. He did a guest star spot on one episode of the mighty ducks game changers last season. So I don’t even know if he has the time to appear on She-Hulk.

Pete:                Yeah, exactly.

Justin:              That’s where that was. He was in the original mighty ducks.

Alex:                 Yeah, I know.

Justin:              That’s where he came from.

Alex:                 The flying V that’s where he was raised. That’s where he was born.

Pete:                Yeah.

Justin:              That’s why he kept doing the flying V and the Daredevil series and one of the reasons why I found it so confusing.

Pete:                No, come on man.

Alex:                 He likes to say it by the way, I said it wrong, I said he was born there. He hatched.

Pete:                Yeah.

Justin:              I’m glad you went back for that.

Alex:                 Anytime, JB.

Justin:              Quack, quack, quack. Here, we do this every episode off camera.

Alex:                 Quack, quack, quack.

Pete:                Okay, so wait. When it comes to the Abomination, it was interesting that he specifically said two times, seven soulmates are on the island there. What do you think? That’s just like, he’s trying to get an island of villains to hang out with or do you think there’s something else going on there?

Alex:                 Did you say soulmates or cellmates? I couldn’t really tell.

Pete:                Cellmates, my auto correct kind of F’d me on that.

Justin:              That’s crazy to have seven soulmates. He’s got a lot of love to get. He’s not an Abomination. He’s a love nation.

Alex:                 Yeah, if he is saying cellmates, I would assume it’s probably other villains that he does want to take with him that maybe he’s reformed and…

Pete:                That’s exciting, reformed island.

Alex:                 There you go. Sell it to Peacock, man. What else you want to call out for the episode? What other moments jumped out at you that you would like to mention in particular?

Pete:                I thought… Just how… I mentioned this a little bit earlier, but I loved how sweet the phone call was with Hulk and I liked how she didn’t like the name, but he really liked the name. I just… Every time they’re on the screen together or sharing the screen with a phone call there with a split screen, I’m having a good time with it.

Alex:                 Should we talk about the She-Hulk name for a second? Were you going to mention that Justin?

Justin:              No, but that’s a good one.

Alex:                 Yeah. I like how that got brought up. Again, I wish they were hitting this stuff a little bit harder just or sharper, but the general idea that a dude news reporter is some sort of She-Hulk and that’s how she gets the name and it’s very annoying. That’s a good bit. Again, I want them to be a little sharper and more precise in how they deal with it in a modern feminist context. But as it is, you got the setup there. So the possibility is there down the road.

Justin:              Yeah, it was very, I don’t know what the cliche is. I don’t know. I couldn’t pinpoint where that cliche comes from of man on the street being like he’s some sort of super man.

Pete:                Well, it was like, the thing kind of how that kind of organically happened in that press conference.

Justin:              Right, but I do think they were calling that out and making fun of it.

Alex:                 Wait, what was that in reference to? Did they do that in one of the Fantastic Four movies?

Justin:              In Fantastic Four, yeah.

Pete:                Yeah, in Fantastic, first one. The first Fantastic Four movie.

Alex:                 Oh, I don’t remember that. I’m sorry. All I remember was where-

Pete:                Captain America was flesh-

Alex:                 With his floppy arms.

Justin:              Are you thinking of Leonardo DiCaprio, Alex? The Leonardo DiCaprio meme.

Alex:                 What?

Pete:                What are we talking about?

Alex:                 Are you talking about Titanic?

Justin:              No, the meme where he dances from.

Pete:                Oh yeah. That’s the-

Justin:              Noodle arms.

Pete:                Yeah, that’s the-

Alex:                 No, no, no. Mr. Fantastic, it’s actually Rise of the Silver Surfer. He does this noodle arms dance that’s terrible looking, it’s awful. We’ve… Let’s save this for the Patriot podcast. The one we did, the off the rails one we’ll do that there.

Pete:                Oh, oh right. Yeah, off the rails.

Justin:              Lets keep it on rails.

Alex:                 Put that on there.

Justin:              Unusual. Definitely.

Alex:                 Any other moments for the episode you want to call out, Justin?

Justin:              The post credit sequence I liked in this episode, I feel like giving us little moments like this, actually does feel like the slowing down that I’m I was asking for earlier in the show and it feels like it rounds out the world in a nice way and it on top of being some good jokes. So definitely more of those.

Pete:                Yeah, how are you feeling about the Chad of it all?

Justin:              I don’t know. We really love the one liner guys, huh?

Pete:                Well, I… They’re… I’m hoping little bits of characters that we’re going to see more of, but I don’t know, I just kind of maybe had a realization that maybe I was the Chad of my family. You know what I mean?

Alex:                 Wow. You really saw yourself on screen for the first time in this show, that’s amazing Pete.

Justin:              Oh my God, you’re cry… I can’t believe you’re crying. You should talk about this.

Pete:                In off the rails, off the rails up. Yeah, yeah.

Alex:                 Why don’t we go to our vision board and talk about what we would like to see on the next episode of She-Hulk. Justin, you want to take this one first?

Justin:              Sure. You were mentioning, this feels like the second half of a pilot. So I’m ready for this show to just go like you’ve laid a lot of groundwork. I’m speaking directly to the show here. You’ve laid a lot of groundwork everybody.

Pete:                Tell us Justin, what should we do?

Justin:              Now it’s time to fly, like the mighty ducks of Yor, I want to see some cases. If we are going to do an Abomination, actual court case to get him parole, let’s have that be the next episode. Let’s get another one, let’s reload the mechanism so we can really see it move, because I think it’s ready.

Alex:                 Pete, what about you? What’s on your vision board?

Pete:                Wong man, I’m excited in the teaser, the trailers, we saw Wong. I feel like it’s got to be next episode to kind of explain what happened a little bit. So, I’m very excited for that and I don’t know if it’s going to be this next episode, but I’m looking forward to hearing more about Bruce’s spaceship adventure.

Alex:                 Yeah, that was the thing I was going to call out. I don’t think it’s going to happen, but if that is some sort of runner with, I was about to say runner with Renner. I keep… This is my problem. I keep wanted to call Mark Ruffalo, Jeremy Renner. They’re two different people.

Pete:                What?

Justin:              Wow.

Pete:                That’s-

Justin:              That would break Mark Ruffalo’s heart. Don’t talk about something we have to delete. Oof.

Alex:                 Oof. Anyway, I hope we see-

Justin:              However, Jeremy Renner would love that.

Alex:                 He’d love that.

Justin:              He probably wants, I bet he’d wears Mark Ruffalo cosplay around the house. Just to feel better.

Alex:                 He’s sitting around with… On his piles of beef Turkey that he used to sell on Amazon that never got sold. He’s just chewing on them, waiting for somebody to call him Ruffalo.

Justin:              When he’s flipping houses in the central California area, he goes by Mark Ruffalo.

Alex:                 Oh wow, that’s nuts. Well, I hope we get to see that in the next episode of the show, if you would like to support this podcast, Also we do a live show every Tuesday night at 7:00 PM to Crowdcast and YouTube. Come hang out, we would love to talk to you about She-Hulk. Apple, Spotify, Stitcher, or the app of your choice to subscribe, listen and follow the show. @MarvelVisionPond on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. for this podcast and many more, until next time stay marvelous.

Justin:              Bye, Foggy Nelson. I don’t think we’ll see you bro.

Justin:              Quack. Quack. quack.

Alex:                 Fuck you!

Justin:              5 7 5 baby.

Alex:                 Yeah, Eric Bana man, Eric Bana.

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