MarvelVision: Moon Knight – Episode 4, “The Tomb”

Moon Knight Episode 4

With Khonshu gone, Marc and Steven have to team up to find the Tomb of Ammit on Moon Knight Episode 4, “The Tomb”. It’s a race against time as our heroes try to capture Ammit’s statue before Harrow can destroy the world. And then, at the end things take a big swerve, putting all of reality in question.


Full Episode Transcript

Alex:                 Welcome to MarvelVision, a podcast about Marvel, the MCU, and right now the fourth episode of Moon Knight. I’m Alex.

Justin:              I’m Justin.

Pete:                I’m Pete.

Alex:                 And as mentioned, we are going to be talking about the fourth episode, which is now live on Disney+. So if you haven’t watched it, go check it out. We are going to spoil it, starting with this very brief recap right now. [crosstalk 00:00:38].

Justin:              Very brief?

Alex:                 Very brief.

Justin:              We’ll see.

Alex:                 Well, we’ll give a broad overview and then we’ll jump into specific moments and things. But Layla and Steven are in Egypt. They’ve managed to track down the tomb of Ammit. And basically what we get over the course of this episode is them going through the tomb, exploring the tomb, trying to find out where the voice of Ammit is before Harrow does. Unfortunately, they’re not successful. Steven gets shot and ends up in a weird, insane asylum where he’s meeting all of the characters and being interviewed, before we end up at the end of the episode with both Steven and Marc together, confronting a hippo god. So, lots going on. Pete, it looks like you have a question right here at the top of the podcast.

Pete:                Well, Marc is there too. [crosstalk 00:01:19] Marc is there too. You said in the beginning it was just Steven.

Alex:                 Oh, I’m sorry.

Pete:                Marc’s in there too. You know what I mean?

Alex:                 That was real Marc erasure is what it was.

Pete:                Yeah. Yeah. Come on. I mean he’s a part of the package, so let’s not exclude him.

Alex:                 Yes.

Justin:              Part of the package. I mean the whole point of this is sort a Marc erasure really, isn’t it?

Pete:                Wow. Oh, come on man.

Alex:                 So let’s start off with a broad, critical thing here first, because we are in episode four out of six. And I’m curious, not to put you on the spot, but Justin, am I wrong in saying this was your least favorite episode so far?

Pete:                Wait, what? No.

Justin:              It’s getting a little wobbly. I feel like I was a huge… This series started so strong. And then now we’re spinning into a little bit of…

Pete:                This was an insane episode. There were so many holy shit moments, like the action, that fucking creepy ass mummy coming to life. I mean, come on.

Justin:              Alexander the Great, you mean?

Alex:                 My namesake.

Justin:              Yes. Alex, that must have been so nice to feel so seen in this episode.

Alex:                 Here’s the funny thing about it. This is my fun historical fact, the name… I’m Jewish. I don’t know if I’ve told you guys that yet.

Pete:                You’ve brought it up.

Justin:              News to me.

Alex:                 But the name Alexander isn’t native to Jews. It’s not a Jewish name. However, the Jews who lived under Alexander the Great’s rule loved him so much that they adopted the name Alexander. So kind of by default, it’s a Jewish name. That’s the reason. It isn’t naturally that way.

Justin:              Wow. So this is truly your namesake?

Alex:                 Pretty much. Yeah. There you go.

Pete:                I don’t feel good about saying that.

Alex:                 It’s the first time I saw my myself on screen.

Justin:              It makes sense. Now it finally tracks why we’ve been calling you Alex the not so great. It finally makes sense that this is not as great.

Alex:                 And you guys know, I’ve definitely talked about this with a podcast before, if you reach down my throat, you’re going to find a statue down there.

Justin:              Oh man. I’ve gotten so close.

Pete:                That’s why you love those Funko Pops so much.

Alex:                 Mm-hmm (affirmative). I keep swallowing them.

Pete:                Yeah.

Justin:              When I see you sleeping, I can just barely make out the statue.

Pete:                It just kind of sticks out a little bit. Yeah.

Alex:                 Yeah.

Justin:              I’ve been trying to do the claw machine thing.

Pete:                Goes up and down.

Alex:                 To be fair, it’s one of those weird sour patch kid Funko Pops that they sell for some reason. It’s not one of the cool characters or anything like that.

Pete:                Still fun. Still fun.

Justin:              I’m still going to get it out of your gut, Alex. I don’t care if you’re saying it’s lame. I want it. [crosstalk 00:03:52]

Alex:                 So, Pete, it sounds like you like this episode. Was this your favorite one so far?

Pete:                Yes. It was banana’s exciting. I mean, just the whole… Once she started walking along the wall and the intensity was through the roof, I was on the edge of my seat. I mean, when she got grabbed, I jumped. I straight up jumped. I said, holy shit out loud a bunch of times in a row during that whole thing. Just the discovery of Alexander the Great’s tomb, the whole kind of way we were brought in. And the fact that Steven is kind of us in this moment, losing his shit, being like “This is crazy cool.” I really thought that it just kind of turned into a fun kind of amusement park popcorn type of excitement for a second. Not what I’m here for, but man, what a fun episode to throw on number four.

Justin:              And you got to love some romance here too, Pete. This is like…

Pete:                The punch in the face after he kissed her was… come on. That was fun.

Alex:                 Classic Jim Carey move.

Justin:              Yeah.

Pete:                What?

Alex:                 That’s what it felt like. It felt like a Jim Carey Liar, Liar type thing of punching yourself on face.

Pete:                Okay. Sure, sure. Yeah. The pen is blue.

Justin:              Here’s the thing for me. What I liked about the first three episodes was we had this fun premise and they were coming at it from some strong points of view. And here we get the thing of him being shot as if he’s dead. I just don’t like when we get into the phase of the storytelling where it’s like, “Look, this stuff happened. Can you believe it? He died. This, that.” And I’m like, “No, he didn’t. I already know that’s not what’s the happening.”

Pete:                Come on. The slow motion fall into the water. That was awesome, man.

Alex:                 Yeah. I want to hit the halfway point between both of you guys if that’s okay, because I do agree with Pete. There was some really fun, great sequences in there.

Pete:                Thank you, Alex the Regular. [crosstalk 00:05:49]

Alex:                 … stuff was great, but I also agree with Justin that this was the wobbliest episode so far. And I’ll point to that specifically, the whole tomb raiding sequence did not move fast enough. There was not…

Pete:                Boo. Boo.

Alex:                 If you’re going to call on, and we’ve talked about this over the past couple of episodes as well, if you’re going to call out Indiana Jones, if you’re going to call on The Mummy, the two pillars of this particular genre…

Justin:              Of Western pop culture.

Pete:                That was right in there with that.

Alex:                 Also I’ll throw as another pillar, Uncharted…

Pete:                Too new.

Alex:                 The Alicia Vikander Tomb Raider movie.

Justin:              The Lost City. Now in theaters. [crosstalk 00:06:33]

Alex:                 Sonic 2. Sonic 2.

Justin:              Just go see movies, guys.

Pete:                Now you’re just naming shit, right?

Alex:                 Secrets of Dumbledore.

Pete:                Oh my god.

Alex:                 Anyway, my point being these movies move pretty quickly. They’re zippy, they’re fun. And there was something about the pace in the tomb raiding sequences that wasn’t going quite fast enough for me,

Pete:                For you, maybe. I was clutching my pearls the whole time.

Alex:                 Yes. For me, the person who is talking and offering my criticism right now. Not for you, the person who is responding to it. That’s how discussions work.

Justin:              That’s wow. Big lesson. Big drop for Pete here in this episode.

Alex:                 But wait, I did want to mention one other thing. The thing that also felt of wobbliness, which I think you touched on before, Justin, is the last 10 minutes of the episode where he’s thrown into the insane asylum is straight out of the Jeff Lemire run on the book. And I love that run. I think all three of us love that run on the book. Visually it’s the same sort of thing. The way that it’s set up is the same with everybody he knows is there. Is it real? Is it not? But this to my mind, first of all was way too late in the run to be doing this. When we’ve already clearly established that all of this is really happening. He is not crazy. This is…

Pete:                So you don’t like creative choices. Okay. Interesting.

Alex:                 No. And here’s the thing. And also it was too much of the episode. If you have a stinger at the end of the episode where he wakes up at the [crosstalk 00:07:54], that would be like, “Oh, okay. Looking forward to the next episode when you concentrate on that.” I may revise my opinion next episode, but as is, it felt like they stuck another 10 minute episode on the end of this episode.

Justin:              Thank you, Alexander the pretty decent, because…

Alex:                 I hate this. I hate all of this.

Justin:              You don’t like this?

Alex:                 No, I’m not having a great time, but go ahead.

Pete:                Oh, you started it. You brought it up.

Alex:                 I said Alexander the Great and my namesake. And then you guys started bashing me down.

Pete:                Well, it’s hard when you serve it up as like…

Alex:                 This is the point where our content is difference between me waking life and me dreams.

Justin:              He’s disassociating. I feel like calling you pretty decent is like… That’s a compliment.

Pete:                Yeah.

Alex:                 Oh God.

Justin:              It’s the nicest compliment.

Alex:                 You’re pretty decent? That’s the highest level of compliment you can give me?

Justin:              Pretty decent.

Alex:                 Okay.

Pete:                Wow. This is going great.

Alex:                 Hey, Justin. You’re like 10% above average.

Justin:              Accurate. Thank you.

Pete:                Thank you. Wow.

Justin:              Let me throw out, because I agree with you on almost everything you’re saying. And I think what was good about this show is it felt like this show was the one that, at least at the start, was going to pay off a lot of the success that was applied to the early MCU, where it’s going to lay genre on a television show and have it be this Indiana Jones, Mummy thing with the superhero just powering through that sort of homage genre thing. And I’m like, great. But like a lot of the more modern, like the Marvel TV shows, it’s a little overstuffed. There’s too much going on. And then when we tack on the hospital stuff here, I’m like, “Oh man. How are they ever going to get through all this?” Like Hawkeye, there was so much happening in the last couple episodes of Hawkeye, a show that I liked also. And I do like this show too, but it’s just like, “You have it, guys. Don’t panic and throw everything in the soup.” Keep the soup to the soup.

Pete:                It seems like you guys are putting stuff on the show instead of letting the show be itself. Yeah, sure, there are other things that came before it that might have similarities, but this is different. This is something different in a similar situation. I think it’s done well in taking creative swings and making twists and turns that might be kind of “wobbly” to you well balanced people. But I think that living the wobbly lifestyle is fine and creatively keeps you on your toes. So go F yourself, man. I don’t know why you’re shitting on something that is really just trying to be its own thing and I think is doing a great job. I’m buckled up and enjoying the fuck out of this ride.

Justin:              Hashtag wobbly life. Hashtag living the wobbly life. Hashtag Pete wobbles, but he don’t fall down.

Pete:                That’s right.

Justin:              I like you rep the wobbly life here. It’s a really a strong place.

Pete:                I’m just keeping it 100.

Alex:                 Well, why don’t we get into the episode? We’ve already touched on a bunch of the different aspects here. We mentioned briefly the love triangle that’s going on, and I think it’s worth talking about that more because we’ve talked about it previously on the podcast. The setup is that clearly Layla seems to be forming a bond with Steven. She’s already fighting with Marc. Marc’s like “Don’t you touch my wife. You stay away from my wife.” And then ultimately, like we said, they end up kissing. Pete, our rom-com expert here, how did this play out for you?

Pete:                Well, first off, it’s nice because it’s playing with the tropes a little bit, which I enjoy as someone who watches a lot of rom-coms. But also the fact that she craves honesty so much because he’s trying to protect her and keep her away from this giant evil God that could really destroy her life. So it’s this thing of as soon as Steven is around, he can’t take it. Two seconds in, he tells her, “Listen, he’s trying to protect you from Khonshu. Somebody had to let you know.” But it was messed up. The fact that even when Marc was like, “Yo man, don’t kiss my wife.” And he did after that. It’s a crazy emotional rollercoaster and fun kind of playing with this kind of “is it really cheating when it’s a split personality” type of interesting idea.

Justin:              Yes, I would cite Me, Myself and Irene from the Jim Carey canon as well.

Pete:                That’s true.

Justin:              I feel like we’re right here. Maybe that’s the real…

Pete:                I recognize that. I recognize that as evidence. Yep.

Justin:              I mean, I do like the romance aspects here. I just don’t know how… And I actually liked that Steven and Layla have bonded over just archeology, just straight up knowing stuff, which is fun. What did you think at the beginning, this plan for the way that they escape the attackers, where she lights a flare and that blows up the bullets? Was that a dumb smart plan or a smart dumb plan?

Pete:                Well, I got to say the use of flares in this episode is just to let you know it’s not just for the side of the road. You know what I mean? Those flares can get you out of a lot of trouble. Okay?

Justin:              Yeah.

Pete:                You’re being chased by a mom, a mummy zombie type thing…

Alex:                 You were about to say a mommy weren’t you?

Justin:              Chased by a mommy.

Pete:                Chased by mommy? Use a flare.

Alex:                 Chased by a Mommy, the Pete LePage story.

Justin:              Yeah. I use flares to get out of all sorts of scrapes.

Pete:                Smart. Smart.

Justin:              Caught texting at work?

Alex:                 I like the scene. And I like the scene because they are doing a good job building up Layla. I feel like we know what we’re getting into with Oscar Isaac. He already has a built in fan base. We’ve seen him a lot on the show. Layla wasn’t really introduced until the second episode, so they need to do a little more work to build her up as a badass. And I think they have put in that work completely, particularly by this episode. That was a really fun sequence and it was well filmed and a little tricky with how she was deploying those flares. I thought it was fun.

Pete:                I was just a little disappointed that nobody was going to rescue Khonshu after he clearly… his last words were like, “Hey, have Marc rescue me.” I mean, they went in the opposite direction of Khonshu and kind of went on this whole other thing, which to me was the only part that I was a little kind of like upset about.

Justin:              Khonshu’s on the wall. Going to be hard to get with all those other gods.

Alex:                 But that is a good thing to bring up, because we saw this a little bit at the last episode. We’re picking up here where Moon Knight isn’t there. There is no Moon Knight, because Khonshu has been “statued” or whatever we’re call it.

Pete:                Yeah. Put on the wall.

Alex:                 So one thing, even though I was not the biggest fan of this episode, I do like how they’re structuring the series, like we talked about before, with each episode hitting this character, whatever you want to call him. Marc Spector, Steven Grant, whatever the third thing might be, in different ways. And here it is on the Marc and Steven relationship like we would talk about Layla in the middle, but it takes away the Moon Knight elements so we can more squarely focus on that. And presumably, just to throw into a theory thing a little bit, I think the whole idea of him dying, going to the insane asylum world, et cetera, is going to be a way for him to be able to access those Moon Knight powers without Khonshu.

Pete:                Oh. Nice.

Justin:              I agree with you there.

Pete:                Also just one other thing that this episode answered and revealed is why Khonshu was so small, because it was like he turned into the statue. Why that size? It was kind of driving me nuts. But then when you saw it in the wall with the other ones, I was like, “Oh, okay. Now it makes sense.”

Alex:                 Mm-hmm (affirmative). His wall of Funko Pops.

Pete:                That’s right, exactly. His collection.

Justin:              Yeah. You don’t want to have a big statue in the mess?

Alex:                 This is a true fact, actually. I know we’ve been talking about Funko Pops, but the way that they make them is they trap gods into those little figures.

Pete:                Oh, yeah. That’s why they’re so expensive.

Justin:              Exactly.

Pete:                Yep. Worth it.

Justin:              All those poor actors give a little piece of their soul to every Funko Pop. That’s why everyone thinks “Funko. It’s fun.” It’s like, no, it’s actually of a dark tail.

Alex:                 Yeah.

Justin:              So, release your Funkos. Smash them.

Pete:                Most bright things are.

Alex:                 Chris Evans was all into it though. He was like big eyes, no mouth? Sign me up.

Justin:              Yeah.

Pete:                Okay.

Alex:                 I don’t know where I was going with that necessarily.

Pete:                Shots fired, I guess.

Justin:              Yeah.

Alex:                 My long standing beef with Chris Evans has raised its head again.

Justin:              Yeah.

Pete:                Kind of come out of nowhere with that one. I mean, it seems like…

Justin:              When you’re nickname is Alexander the Beefing, that makes sense.

Alex:                 There you go.

Pete:                The poor guy does a great cameo in Free Guy. You know what I mean? He didn’t have to do that. It was funny.

Alex:                 I guess to be honest, it was when I was runner up for People’s sexiest man alive, I got pretty pissed about that. I was this close and then my PR reps messed it up.

Pete:                Alex not the sexy.

Justin:              Oh, the PR reps messed up. In what way? They just didn’t get the press release out in time?

Alex:                 I can’t. There’s a lot of NDAs on that.

Justin:              A logistical error. Yeah, sure.

Pete:                It seems we’ve gone adrift.

Alex:                 Oh have we?

Justin:              NDA meaning no dice Alex? Now, let me talk to about a much more important point. The real lesson of this show is just how many reflective surfaces there are around you.

Pete:                That’s right. You don’t even think about it.

Justin:              You could look in the mirror having a chat. It’s wild.

Pete:                Exactly.

Alex:                 Yeah. I thought you were going to break out that the lesson is it’s very easy to draw gorgeous designs in sand, because he drew that eye of horse there, I was like…

Pete:                Every time. It was perfect.

Alex:                 Legit, I looked at that being like, “wait, was that already there?” Because you can’t do that in sand. That just doesn’t happen.

Justin:              Freehand?

Alex:                 Yeah.

Justin:              Maybe that’s his whole power.

Pete:                Exactly.

Justin:              That’s the Steven move.

Alex:                 Yes.

Justin:              Do you want to talk Harrow?

Alex:                 Sure.

Justin:              And we get some revelations here. Let me just say, Ethan Hawk’s going to go full croc by the end of this series right?

Pete:                Oh, man. You think so.

Justin:              He’s going to get crocked.

Pete:                You can’t put glass in crocs though, can you? Because then it just pushes into the plastic and it doesn’t…

Justin:              You’re right. You think he’s going to be a croc in Crocs? The ultimate expression.

Pete:                There’s no… He’s got to get glass in there somehow.

Alex:                 You can get glass in Crocs.

Justin:              Yeah.

Pete:                No. I’m just saying eventually, something goes into the glass.

Justin:              Sometimes I take a step back and listen and I’m like, “I don’t think what we’re saying makes any sense.” You can get glass in Crocs. And I’m like, “What?” I don’t even know what all this means, and I started this conversation.

Alex:                 Yeah. Let’s argue about this. This seems like a good use of our time.

Justin:              Harrow gets in the middle and finally, basically, powers down Marc, defeats Marc by revealing his secret, that he was there when Layla’s dad was killed.

Pete:                Oh yeah. That was heartbreaking, man. I mean Ethan Hawk’s character is really doing an impressive job of being that villain that’s ahead of things and maneuvering and kind of making things happen. It’s pretty impressive. Even the reveal of him when she was across that kind of…

Justin:              Chasm.

Pete:                Obstacle course… yeah, the chasm. Great. Thanks. That was so creepy and well done. I’m really impressed by the Ethan Hawk villainess of this. And even his being able to talk to him and be like, “Yeah, it’s weird without the voice, right?” It just cuts right through things.

Justin:              Well, and the way he plays it, which is hard I think. He’s equally invested in his plan to take over the world and this little petty drama playing out. He’s just like, “Oh, well, you know what I heard?” It’s like how is he the super villain and he’s this catty dude in slippers.

Pete:                Master of all.

Alex:                 The other thing though, is it doesn’t really actually seem to have much of an effect, other than Layla being a little annoyed at Steven for a while. Maybe delaying him, I don’t know, 30 seconds a minute tops, something like that. So I do wonder. I think this is going to play out more. We’re going to see more happen with this over the course of the episodes. I did like how that sequence was shot. It was a little silly to turn it into a video game platformer with her jumping from those different platforms of the chasm, but having Harrow on one side of the cave and Layla on the other, I think made for a very cool visual, which I enjoyed.

Pete:                Yeah. Yeah. And even though there was this space between them, he was still right in her grill and messing with… She couldn’t walk away. I was like, “Just keep walking. You don’t have to listen to this crazy guy. Just keep walking.” But he pulled her back. He’s a creepy, creepy villain.

Alex:                 Yeah. Speaking of which, why don’t we talk about the last section, though, in the asylum, because we do get to see a very different Harrow there. I was very curious how they tucked up his long hair. Did they put it beneath a hat or was it a wig or what was going on there?

Justin:              A bun? Maybe a bun?

Alex:                 Oh, maybe it was a bun.

Pete:                A man bun.

Justin:              Scrunchy?

Alex:                 But we do see a lot of stuff in there. Even though I was a little iffy on the sequence as a whole, I thought the way that they executed it was very cool, because you saw all of these bit characters that we’ve seen previously on the series. You see cupcakes on a cart calling back to the cupcake truck from the previous episodes. There’s a drawing of Khonshu in there.

Pete:                Yeah.

Alex:                 You see an action figure of Moon Knight.

Pete:                And they break it.

Alex:                 Layla, even, was eating the same candy that she ate at the beginning of the last episode. So there are all these fun little Easter eggs and details throughout there.

Justin:              Was statue man there? Was it living statue?

Alex:                 Oh, we haven’t really talked about this, but they revealed that statue man is actually Crawley, who I don’t think he is from Jeff Lemire’s run, but he’s in Jeff Lemire’s run, and is somebody who gives information to Moon Knight. So, they just gave him a different look by turning him into a gold statue. But that’s kind of why Steven is talking to him the entire time.

Justin:              That’s great. He doesn’t give a lot of information. He just listens.

Alex:                 Mm-hmm (affirmative). There you go. So I don’t know if he was in there, but there were definitely a bunch of the other characters that have shown up throughout the run were in there, which was pretty cool. Again, Justin, I know you were not the biggest fan of it, but what did you like about the sequence, if anything?

Justin:              I mean, I do think there’s some cool elements here, especially it flies off the rails pretty quickly. And rather than just sitting in it with where we land with the hippo god showing up with the fun hello…

Pete:                Yeah. I mean adorable.

Justin:              Yeah.

Pete:                How can you run away from that?

Justin:              Pretty scary. Hippos are very, while, adorable, quite scary.

Pete:                That’s true. After that hello… [crosstalk 00:22:29]

Alex:                 So real quick while we’re mentioning her, I think this is Taweret, which is an Egyptian hippo god. So I do wonder how she potentially is going to tie into this. Is she going to give them powers? Is she just there also? One of the functions of the Jeff Lemire run is that you don’t actually know where he is or what’s going on. Maybe he’s in an insane asylum. Maybe he’s in the afterlife. Maybe he’s in the place where all the gods hang out. I actually don’t remember how it turns out at the end there, or whether they’ll head in that direction in the show. But I do believe they’ll probably be playing with that in some way. What’s up Pete?

Pete:                Well, as we all know, when Wolverine dies, he has to fight his way out of hell. This could be like his own personal kind of hell that he has to fight his way out every time he dies or something.

Alex:                 Yeah. And the other big question here though is you got Marc and Steven. Once again, they just see a third sarcophagus rocking and they don’t come knocking to check out who’s inside.

Pete:                Yeah. Who is in there?

Alex:                 Just come on. Do it. I know that it’s a little annoying, but the fact that they have no questions about it is weird to me.

Justin:              And you’re saying that’s the third voice in the head?

Alex:                 That’s the third voice. And they already in a previous episode were like, “Wow, it’s like there’s a third person in here. Well, let’s never talk about that again.”

Justin:              But here’s my question.

Alex:                 Yeah.

Justin:              In the comics, the third person is Jake Lockley. And he’s sort of a bear knuckle guy, fighter, a little more aggress than the other two.

Pete:                That’s why maybe the coffin was rocking so much.

Justin:              Yeah. Don’t we sort of have that with Marc? What is a third person who goes a little harder. [crosstalk 00:24:18] What is that going to add?

Pete:                No, no, no, no. Come on now. This is just the difference between 007 and the Rock. You know what I mean? There are some occasions where you need the stealth and the kind of like, “Hey, I’m going to kind of use some gadgets,” and then you need a force to kind of bulldoze the situation and kind of go in like a hippo, if you will, and just kind of destroy some things.

Justin:              I didn’t see the most recent Bond movie where the Rock comes in. Does he pop in and just wreck stuff?

Pete:                No, I’m talking about Hobbs and Shaw. It’s that classic stealth versus just kind of barreling through things.

Justin:              Is there a sort of wormy British archeologist in Hobbs and Shaw?

Pete:                No. No, there isn’t. There’s a sister though.

Justin:              So, you’re saying maybe having all these things in on television show might be a little bit chaotic is what you might be saying.

Pete:                No, I’m team wobbly, 24/7.

Justin:              I love the brand.

Pete:                Yeah.

Justin:              All I’m saying is I’m curious how a show that I’m worried is getting over stuffed is going to be like, “All right, here comes a whole nother guy who’s even more intense than the others.”

Alex:                 But you’re not bringing into account that Oscar Isaac’s probably going to do another hilarious accent. And that’s pretty cool.

Justin:              I love Oscar Isaac and he’s great in the show. The performance is all great. I’m being more negative than in perhaps I feel, but…

Alex:                 No, I agree with you. When I’ve thought about it, if it is Jake Lockley or whatever this third personality is, you’re absolutely right that it’s got to be more extreme somehow. And the more extreme is either he’s going to be like, “Hey, I’m a tough New Yorker,” which is going to be hilarious. Or it’s just going to be him growling and frothing at the mouth and murdering people. And either way… [crosstalk 00:26:03]

Pete:                We’re winning.

Alex:                 Oh, yes. There it is.

Pete:                Either way, we’re winning.

Justin:              Well, that’s what my earlier theory when we were watching is that the third personality is a little like Khonshu or more like more of a Khonshu act-alike that can take control. And that’s the thing that Harrow was like, “Hey, I can’t exist if I’m literally just a puppet that you take over when you need to be convenient.”

Pete:                Yeah. Maybe it’s the suit?

Justin:              Yeah. Or something like that. We saw in the earlier episodes when murder had to happen and Marc wasn’t wanting to murder, this third personality emerged. So it is definitely the most dangerous. I feel like that’s going to play into what drove Harrow to reject Khonshu.

Alex:                 Yeah. Yeah, I agree with that. And I think we’re going to delve more into that the next episode. Though also, who knows? Who knows what’s going to happen? It should be interesting to watch.

Pete:                That’s fun.

Alex:                 Yeah.

Pete:                It’s fun when you don’t know.

Alex:                 Also, quick shout out, I liked the old TV show. The Tomb Buster film.

Pete:                Oh yeah. That was cool.

Alex:                 With the Dr. Steven Grant Adventure. That was pretty cute. Harrow interviewing him in the office was also pretty cool. That was another place where there were a lot of Easter eggs around there, things from throughout the show.

Pete:                It got real meta and weird for a second though.

Alex:                 Yes. It got very meta. Wait, how Pete?

Pete:                When he was talking about, he’s like, “Yeah, the production value. Am I right?” And I was just kind of like, “I think you guys have a pretty high production value.” Oh, you’re talking about the other show. Okay.

Alex:                 Oh. So it wasn’t actually meta, you just thought it was meta.

Pete:                For a couple seconds, I got a little worried. Yeah.

Alex:                 Yes. You’re usually not allowed to do that in shows, just kind of riff and make fun of the show you’re on, unless it’s like SNL.

Justin:              What are you talking about?

Alex:                 Or Doom Patrol.

Justin:              Or this show.

Alex:                 Yeah. There you go. Any other moments from the episode that you guys want to call out in particular?

Justin:              Just once I would like to see when you get into a situation where your characters are on the edge of a deep chasm and they drop the flare down, just once I want to see it drop and then quickly land at the bottom so they can be like, “Oh, it’s not that bad.”

Alex:                 Every time that happens, I’m like “You’re wasting a flare. You know this is a bottom. What are you going to discover here?”

Justin:              Yeah. It’s deep. Don’t fall in it. You’re like “I could fall in that.”

Pete:                I always want… [crosstalk 00:28:21]

Justin:              “Oh, sick. The bottom’s right there. I could just jump in and break both my legs.”

Pete:                I always want the flare to come flying back out and someone just be like, “Hey, keep your shit on your side of the hole. We like it dark.”

Justin:              That’s really funny. “All we get are flares thrown down here.”

Pete:                How would you like it?

Justin:              “It’s nighttime for us.” And the only other question I had is when they open up the mummy wrap, do you think that stinks? You think it smells bad?

Pete:                Yeah. Yeah. It’s got to.

Alex:                 For Alexander the Great? Absolutely. I did think when he was jamming his hand down there, he was treating it like it was juicy. And I don’t think it would be juicy. I feel like it would be dry and crumbly.

Pete:                I think it was because those teeth were dragging on his skin and as he had to go deeper.

Alex:                 I’m not saying it’s a good feeling, but just the way that Oscar Isaac played it was like it was wet and slimy in there and it’s not.

Pete:                I’m sure he’ll get those notes from you.

Alex:                 Yeah. No problem.

Justin:              Yeah. Well…

Alex:                 People don’t know this actually, but we send our podcast off to Oscar Isaac. He listens to it…

Justin:              Directly.

Alex:                 And then they redo the show.

Justin:              They adjust. They adjust.

Pete:                I’m sorry. I’m sorry, Oscar.

Justin:              Yeah.

Alex:                 Yeah. Before we wrap up here, let’s go to the vision board and talk about what we want to see in the next episode. Pete, what’s on your vision board for episode five?

Pete:                Somebody’s got to go to the Khonshu wall and release the Khonshu. You know what I mean? I don’t want to see this guy’s collection of statues on the wall anymore. I want to see some gods getting free.

Alex:                 Yeah. Justin, what about you? What’s on your vision board?

Justin:              I sort talked about it a little bit, but I’m I want to see the hippo god and all that stuff just come back around to speak to a lot of the stuff that we already have on the board here. Not expand out into some other bigger whole thing.

Pete:                Bigger board.

Justin:              No.

Pete:                You’re going to need a bigger board.

Alex:                 I’ll just throw out there that, maybe this is similar to what you were saying, Justin, but I feel like at the beginning of the episode, I want to move on from “is this real or not?” Because I feel like we know. We know the answer to what’s going on here. To Pete’s point, you could throw in more trippy stuff. You could shake it up a little bit more. I’m okay with that. But I don’t want them to play coy with “is he crazy or not?” Because we know he’s not crazy. And also, for the love of god, just show us the third personality. I’m tired of Marvel playing these games with me. Okay?

Pete:                No, you’re not. You love it so much doing a podcast.

Alex:                 You’re absolutely right.

Justin:              Exactly. I mean you’re Alexander the juicy.

Pete:                Alexander the podcast.

Alex:                 If you would like to support me, Also do we do a live show every Tuesday night at 7:00 PM to Crowdcast YouTube. Come hang out. We would love to chat with you about Moon Knight. iTunes, Android, Spotify, Stitcher, or the app of your choice to subscribe, listen and follow the show. At Marvel Vision Pod on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. for this podcast and many more. Until next time stay marvelous.

Justin:              And stay wobbly.

Pete:                Yeah.

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