MarvelVision: Moon Knight – Episode 3, “The Friendly Type”

Moon Knight Episode 3

Moon Knight heads to Egypt and introduces a load of new gods as we recap the show’s third episode, “The Friendly Type”. With Harrow about to open the Tomb of Ammit, Khonshu calls on some desperate measures to stop him. Meanwhile, Steven/Marc and Layla head to find the Tomb through other means.


Full Episode Transcript

Alex:                 Welcome to MarvelVision, a podcast about Marvel, the MCU and right now, Moon Knight episode three. I’m Alex.

Justin:              I’m Justin.

Pete:                I’m Pete.

Alex:                 And if you haven’t checked out the third episode of Moon Knight, it is live on Disney+, so go watch it over there then come back over here because we’re going to spoil the heck out of it, starting with this recap, right here. So, we have headed to Egypt and in Egypt, Mark and Steven are now jockeying for the same body, they’re trying to figure out how to work together over the course of this episode. Meanwhile, Layla is also tried to grapple with the fact that her husband, Mark Specter is also this guy, Steven Grant. Ultimately, by the end of the episode, they explore a sarcophagus that’s hopefully going to send them on the path of Amit, the tomb of Amit specifically, which Harrow has already begun excavating.

Alex:                 And at the very end of the episode, due to some sky moving on the behalf of Khonshu, Khonshu has been trapped in a statue, harrow is threatening him. We also find out a lot more about the avatars over the course of this episode. So, big stuff going down, big changes for the series now that we are halfway through. But before we get into it-

Pete:                Poor Khonshu.

Alex:                 You weren’t here the last episode, how are you feeling about the show so far, three episodes in now?

Pete:                Man, I’m loving it. Absolutely, loving it.

Justin:              Really? Okay.

Pete:                Can’t get enough of it, I love the music they play at the end, I love all the action. At first, I was like, “Oscar Isaac’s voice is going to get really annoying.” But it goes away and then, you get it back, the Stephen Guy. It’s so enjoyable, you’re kind of enjoying it now.

Alex:                 You like it?

Pete:                No, no, that’s awful. I don’t know why you-

Justin:              Oh, that’s the other personality inside Alex, little British boy.

Alex:                 Mrs. Euphegenia Doubtfire.

Pete:                What, are you doing?

Justin:              Glad we’re running with that, as our reference of choice.

Alex:                 I mean, that’s my reference for everything all the time, is Mrs. Doubtfire. Justin, what about you? How are you feeling about the show now three episodes in?

Pete:                Yeah. Justin, be cool about it though.

Alex:                 [crosstalk 00:02:41]

Justin:              I’m cool, I like it. I love we expanded the universe a bit here, I love how shitty of a God Khonshu is.

Pete:                Hey!

Justin:              He is.

Pete:                What are you talking about?

Justin:              He’s a jerk, and all the other gods are like, “This idiot, get him out of here.”

Pete:                Oh, come on.

Justin:              They put him in such a tiny little statue. I thought it was going to be bigger.

Pete:                Yeah, me too. That was rough.

Alex:                 Well, what we find out about Khonshu in this episode, which is interesting, is that the rest of the gods, the rest of the Egyptian gods at least, essentially, it seems like abandoned Earth. They have left things to their avatars to just watch, observe. Khonshu is the only one who’s taking an active role, and that sets them up in direct to opposition to Harrow and Amit, who also want to take an active role, but an even more active role. So, you basically have Khonshu, who is vengeance and then Amit, who is extreme vengeance, and maybe there’s a happy medium there. Maybe instead of killing all the evil people, you kill just a couple of them.

Pete:                I got to say though, that meeting was a shitty meeting. You know what I mean?

Alex:                 Could have been more of an email, right, Pete?

Pete:                Nice. No, it was just like, if you’re going to ask him, he’s not going to say anything, but where the fuck was he? If you would just see what he was doing just before this.

Alex:                 Wait, he who? There’s a lot of he’s involved there.

Justin:              I feel like we should start at the beginning of this meeting, rather than just being. Honestly Pete, you’re turning this meeting into a half tweet and I think we owe it to this show, because I respect it, to discuss this, whole hog.

Pete:                All right, fine. Let’s let’s back up the track.

Alex:                 Should we start at the snout then?

Justin:              Yes, let’s snout it up.

Pete:                Let’s start from the flip. Take it back to the beginning.

Alex:                 Actually, as I always talk about. This podcast, we start at the snout, we go to the tail. So, back to the snout with you.

Justin:              We often get caught around the butt hole though, let’s be honest.

Alex:                 What’s up with the pig nostrils, Pete? Hit us up.

Pete:                No, let’s take it back to the Marvel flip. Let’s start from the beginning.

Alex:                 Were you going to say anything about that? It feels like even you got tired of this bit just now.

Justin:              You’re exhausted by yourself.

Pete:                No. So, on the flip, we get to see a little bit more of the wife here-

Justin:              Layla.

Pete:                With a lady, who is helping her out and seems to know a little bit about Layla here.

Alex:                 What was up with that scene?

Justin:              That scene was weird. They were making fake passports like they were warming up Hot Pockets.

Pete:                It was a how to make fake passports.

Alex:                 It felt to me like they didn’t know there was going to be a previously on, on the episode. And so, they decided, “Oh, we need a scene of somebody recapping what’s happened? We need to establish that we’re going to Egypt because we won’t have a shot of the pyramids again, so nobody will know.” So instead, they just had Layla talking to this lady about all this stuff, and I didn’t mind it, I like Layla as a character.

Pete:                I thought it was sweet.

Alex:                 It didn’t play out in any way.

Pete:                It was going to play out later.

Justin:              I don’t think so, I think that’s the last we see of passport lady.

Pete:                No way, man.

Justin:              She threw that passport together like it was breakfast, she’s out of control with that. Take some time, make it nice, it’s a passport.

Pete:                She can make a passport in her sleep, I don’t know why you’re mad at her.

Justin:              Just a little lackadaisical.

Pete:                She’s been doing them since she was a kid, she could do it no problem. I don’t know why you got to make it seem like more than it is.

Justin:              We learned that Layla is a Relic un-stealer, she un-thieves them.

Pete:                She steals them to take them back to the original owner.

Alex:                 So, we’ve been debating pretty heavily here on the podcast whether this show has more of an Indiana Jones feel or more of a, The Mummy feel, which to be fair, is the same feel.

Justin:              How dare you? That’s wrong, I’m going to be p’d in this. The Mummy and Indiana Jones are different and one is better than the other.

Alex:                 Okay. Which one? Go ahead.

Justin:              I’ll never tell you, except it’s Indiana Jones and this episode felt like Indiana Jones.

Alex:                 Yes. My notes that I wrote down here, the very first thing was, she’s a real Indiana Jones in the Layla scene. And then, immediately following that up with Mark chasing people over the rooftops, then doing the dance fight, the whole thing with throwing the knife and it being like, ” Whoa, that knife just missed me.” I was like, “This is a Indiana Jones, They’re just doing Indiana Jones here.”

Justin:              And the scene in Raiders of the Lost Ark, when the ninja dude is whipping his swords around and Indy just shoots him, that was taken. It was right there.

Alex:                 Absolutely. And just as a side thing, I think everybody knows this, but for the one person listening to the podcast who doesn’t know the story. So, that scene in Indiana Jones, where Indiana is standing there and the guy whipping around the knives and then he just shoots him, one of the greatest scene of the movie, one of the greatest movie scenes of all time. So fun, still holds up, but it was all because Harrison Ford was sick that day. It was supposed to be a big action sequence where those two characters fought and they had choreographed it, but Harrison Ford could barely stand up and he was like, “What if instead, I did this.” And so, they did that and it’s fantastic, and it’s influenced everything, from The Mummy to Moon Knight to other things.

Justin:              Yeah, it’s great. And so, that fight sequence was fun but this episode, I always want to nail down, what is our Moon Knight’s power set here?

Pete:                Just enjoy the show, all right?

Justin:              No, it’s interesting.

Alex:                 For the first episode, going whole hog on Moon Knight has a lot of powers to, push it aside the discussion because he’s realized Moon Knight doesn’t have powers.

Pete:                What are you talking about? He’s got powers.

Alex:                 Well, this Moon Knight has powers, but comic book Moon Knight, just a guy in a suit.

Pete:                Sometimes.

Justin:              So, what do we have here? He’s super fast, he’s super strong, bulletproof cape apparently?

Pete:                Well, yeah.

Justin:              He’s got Moonarangs, he can throw Moonarangs.

Pete:                Right.

Justin:              And he’s got cape knives that shoot out of the cape somehow.

Alex:                 Is it cape knives? I think it’s just moon shaped bat-a-rangs that he has.

Justin:              Well, he has the Moonarangs.

Pete:                There’s also these, almost, claw-type knives.

Justin:              Yeah. He sprays them out at all the gunman and just wipes them out.

Alex:                 Oh. Okay, I thought those were a lot of Moonarangs that he was throwing, but could be something different.

Justin:              I think they were cape knives. Have I made that clear?

Alex:                 I really hope they established this in the next episode and he’s like, “By the way, just to be clear, I have both Moonarangs and cape knives.”

Pete:                Well, it seemed like the Moonarangs were gold and the cape knives were silver.

Justin:              Well, I think he only has the Moonarangs from his central crest, and the cape knives, they’re knives that come out of the Cape, you know what I mean?

Pete:                Yeah, we got it.

Alex:                 And he also has healing, clearly, because he gets impaled several times while jousting.

Pete:                He’s got his suit on.

Justin:              Yeah, but he’s got those bandages.

Alex:                 What are they actually called? Javelins?

Justin:              Spears?

Alex:                 Spears? Spears. He gets a couple of Spears through him, they look like they’re going potentially all the way through. So, he’s able to heal from something like that.

Justin:              And that’s because of the mummy wraps.

Pete:                Yep.

Alex:                 Yes, because of the mummy wraps. The mummy wraps are the ones that hold the cape knives, I believe?

Justin:              That’s the thing, we have to establish this because we don’t know. Moon Knight’s just being Moon Knight and it’s up to us to be like, “What’s his deal?”

Alex:                 This is where Steven Grant should be coming in and being like, “What are your powers? Do you have cape knives, Moon Knight?”

Justin:              Stop.

Alex:                 “What’s going on? I’m going to have sticky toffee pudding later.”

Pete:                Don’t ruin this for me, you asshole.

Alex:                 I’m not the one who’s ruining it for you.

Justin:              He’s just doing it back to you, it’s something you already love Pete.

Alex:                 These are lines from the show.

Pete:                Nope.

Justin:              I think they’re wines from the show.

Alex:                 I will say though, I know we’re being a little glib about this, but I really did think, other than the Layla scene, which struck me as a little weird. The whole opening sequence, the fight on the roof, the jocking back and forth of Steven and Mark re-controlling the body, how Steven just keeps putting him in a cab, getting him out of the situation, apologizing to people. And then ultimately, we get this twist here, which surprisingly, is not addressed at all. It seems pretty clear there is another personality in it.

Pete:                Yeah, another person.

Justin:              Khonshu.

Pete:                Not anymore, now he’s in a little doll.

Alex:                 So, in the comic books, there’s another personality. There’s Jake Lockley, who’s his cab driver. He’s just a cab driver and he usually gets information out on the town, if I remember correctly from the comics? My guess is that it is Jake Lockley, it is this third personality, but he’s the one that gets shit done. He comes in and Khonshu’s like, “No Jake, you come out, kill these dudes. Now get out of here, don’t let them know you exist.”

Justin:              He’s the more extreme version, that could be. But to me, again, now that we’ve established Moon Knight’s powers, what’s Khonshu’s thing? Because Khonshu seems like a shithead, a God, he don’t do much. And then all of a sudden, he’s making an eclipse happen and then, turning back the stars. So, how is he both wildly powerful and not powerful at all?

Alex:                 Well, I think we’ve already established though. So first of all, he has control over the night sky, obviously. There’s that wonderful line, one of, maybe my favorite line in the series so far, when they’re looking through the star chart and they’re trying to figure out, “Okay, how do we match this up with the stars?” Steven says, “Oh, that’s from 2000 years ago. How would we find a star chart from 2000 years ago?” And Khonshu says, “I remember the night. I remember every night.” I love that.

Justin:              That was cool.

Alex:                 And I think that’s the thing, he is the God of the night sky, he’s the God of the Moon, so he is able to control those things. That’s why he is able to do an eclipse early in the episode, that’s why with Moon Knight’s help, he’s able to turn back the night sky later in the episode. But ultimately, he does have limited powers and I think limited, both to the moon and the night sky, but also, the fact that he is the God who has chosen to remain on Earth and work with his avatar.

Justin:              Yeah. Do you think he’s also the God of when the moon hits your eye like a big pizza pie?

Alex:                 No, there is an Egyptian God of Love, who of course, I won’t say the name of. I know who it is, but I won’t say it.

Justin:              Very cool.

Alex:                 Yeah. I really love that sequence, I thought that was awesome and beautiful. I also love the fact that they’re just going for it at this point, that it isn’t like, everybody in Egypt is looking in the other direction while the night sky changes, everybody stops. Everybody’s like, “What is happening?” And if I’m a person in the Marvel universe, I’m like, “Well, Thanos is back. I’m dead now, That’s it for me.”

Pete:                Really?

Alex:                 You see crazy things happen in the night sky. Every time that happens, there’s some alien invasion at this point or something.

Justin:              If you’re like, “Oh, Thanos is back.” Wouldn’t you be like, “Oh, I hope I get snapped this time. I need a break?”

Alex:                 I need a nice rest for five years.

Pete:                Anytime I see the night sky going backwards, I just think someone’s flying around the world trying to turn back time.

Alex:                 Oh yeah, that’s Superman, that’s his main power I believe. His secondary power, of course, is taking his logo and throwing it and trapping people.

Pete:                Oh man.

Alex:                 Let’s get back to Moon Knight, maybe? What do you guys think?

Justin:              Enough diversions, Pete.

Alex:                 Wee mentioned this before, but they don’t get any information about Amit’s tomb, so Khonshu creates an eclipse to call on the avatars. Now, a discussion that we had on the last episode that we started to broach, was the idea of, are gods real in the Marvel universe? Basically, are they real here, yes?

Pete:                Oh, I thought you were talking about what’s better, a scarab or a broach?

Alex:                 I didn’t use any of those words, but okay.

Pete:                Okay, sorry.

Alex:                 Wait, what do you think though? Well, we can stop there. Scarab or broach, what do you think is better?

Pete:                Well, I think a broach is more versatile, but I tell you. If you have a nice scarab, that really classes up your outfit.

Justin:              Isn’t a scarab a broach?

Pete:                It’s a type of broach. Very, very specific type of broach.

Justin:              It’s a scarab, a scarab shaped broach.

Pete:                Yeah.

Alex:                 When you want to get an item like that and you just want to get a scarab, when you go into the jeweler, how do you broach the subject?

Pete:                Oh boy.

Justin:              Well, what do you think about Harrow using the scarab as his own little snitch? His own little sweet little gold-

Alex:                 Harrow using the scarrow, if you will? I don’t know, that was fine. What do you think about the fact that we’ve now had three episodes in a row where it’s like, Moon Knight’s doing a bunch of stuff and then, three quarters of the way through, Harrow’s like, “Well, I’m walking in and I’m messing up the situation.”

Pete:                Yep.

Justin:              Yeah. Well, to move into the whole avatar in the pyramid sequence here.

Pete:                Wait. Before we get to that, I did want to say that the Oscar Isaac moment of him being like, “What are we doing? Are we dancing or are we fighting?” His character work is really enjoyable. Seeing the different characters go through different things and handle different situations, and I’m having a blast with it. I thought it was such a fun thing for these, at first, scary knife guys, but then, he takes them down a notch and it becomes a very enjoyable fight sequence that is almost like a dance but also, the fact that we needed Steven in this episode was huge. Normally it’s like, as Khonshu points out, “This idiot, we don’t need this guy.” But it was nice to see Steven needed, for his expertise.

Alex:                 I do think, on that point, they’re doing a really good job as they walk through the episodes of continuing to expand and explore this, like you’re saying Pete. The fact that we basically had Steven in the first episode, we met Mark in the second episode, this is the big Mark episode but wrapping it back to Steven, like you’re saying. How they’re starting to figure out how to very carefully work together with each other is great, and it’s also just leading to a lot of sequences where it’s basically Oscar Isaac talking to himself, but it’s totally working.

Justin:              And I think the power’s shifting a bit where originally, Steven is just can’t figure his life out. Mark shows up and is like, “Let me have it. I know what I’m doing, I’m a superhero.” And then in this episode, in the avatar scene, Mark’s like, “I’m messed up, I’m not doing well.” He has a fraught relationship with his wife, and feels like Steven is now getting more powerful. He makes a star out of stars and is helping them get this going, and Alex showing they need each other.

Pete:                Yeah. And also, to get to the meeting that you were talking about, Justin, how Khonshu is this character who, isn’t just this. In the beginning, we think, this God who just wants vengeance and hates people. To see him struggle in the meeting to get his point across and to talk to these other gods. Even when he’s right, and he put it all on the line to prove himself, and he has this line, you talked about great line readings, he was just like, “The last time I saw the gods, I was banished.” It wasn’t this voice that’s like, “UGH!”, it was a quieter Khonshu. So, we’re seeing a lot of different sides to, not only the characters, but also the gods in this, which is interesting.

Alex:                 Well, that was the big thing that I wanted to talk about, that Justin and I chatted about a little bit the last episode. The big difference here in this show, in terms of how they’re treating Gods, if you look at the progression through the MCU, we brought this up the last episode, but just to go through it very quickly. The idea that we started with, “We’re really advanced aliens. And to you, it seems like magic, but it’s actually science.” And then, as we’ve gone, we’ve skipped past that part a lot. But then, you also have Eternals, which is the same thing, where they’ve created all this mythology. But here, it really feels like for the first time in the MCU, they’re like, “No, they’re gods. They have God powers, that’s it.” And there’s no explanation there. I don’t think there’s any explanation coming, I don’t think there needs to be any explanation coming. But Pete, since you weren’t here the last time, what’s your take on it? How do you feel about full-fledged, seemingly, bringing gods into the MCU?

Pete:                Well, when you deal with Moon Knight, you got to have that God conversation, it’s got to happen, it’s a part of who Moon Knight is. Unless you’re going to do the Jeff Lemire approach a little bit, where maybe he’s just crazy the whole time. But yeah, I was really impressed in this episode as well, the way they did not only the different gods, but also, the way that Mark had to do the Khonshu God voice, was also funny and awkward, but cool as well.

Justin:              Khonshu should be better at talking through his avatar, he needs to be a better puppeteer.

Pete:                Well, that’s an interesting thing. He is not good at it, which is great because that means he doesn’t make the human do, you know what I mean? He suggests things, but the avatar is the one in control. So, I like the fact that Khonshu’s awkward in Mark’s body.

Justin:              Hearing you say that puts a theory in my head, that I’m going to say throw out to you. We learned at the end of this episode, that Harrow. Well, we knew Harrow was a former avatar, but Harrow says, “Your torment forged me.” What do you think of the idea that maybe Khonshu fully took over Harrow for a long time, and Harrow finally escaped, and that’s why he wants revenge on Khonshu specifically, because he took advantage of him. In the same way that perhaps, this third personality that came through in this episode is Khonshu exerting more control than he should.

Pete:                Or maybe Khonshu was like, “Yo dude, you put glass in your shoes every day and that’s just fucked up, so I’m out. We got to go our separate ways.” And that rage then fueled him to be even more hardcore and forged him to that.

Justin:              Well, you always want to have a plate with you no matter where you go. Even if it’s pieces in your shoes, put it together, dinner served.

Alex:                 I know a lot of people have been doing this since the first episode came out, they were really inspired by Harrow and everything that he was doing. Have you guys done the glass shoes thing?

Justin:              Yeah, no.

Pete:                I’ve been walking up to people and then judging them.

Alex:                 Oh, you’ve been doing the second part. You’ve been skipping over the glass shoes.

Pete:                Yeah, that’s right.

Justin:              I have a sneaker collab with Nike that’s just, instead of the air pockets, it’s just straight glass in the shoes.

Alex:                 Wow. I’ve been building up to it, I’ve been putting corn flakes in my shoes. It still hurts a lot.

Justin:              Cornflakes are known as junior glass, starboard glass.

Alex:                 Most of my windows in my house are made out of cornflakes because I’m not ready man.

Pete:                Which would you rather have, Legos or glass?

Alex:                 Wait, what? Entire home made out of Legos?

Pete:                No, I’m talking about to walk on. Put something on your shoes.

Justin:              With my kids, I make them play with both just so they are comfortable.

Alex:                 So, they have the experience. You’re a good dad.

Justin:              It’s harder to put glass together and make a fun little sculpture spaceship.

Alex:                 Yeah. I’m saving up for one of those big Star Wars glass sets, that you build out of glass shards yourself. So expensive though.

Justin:              Well, I’m just going to get them sand and a very strong fire, and see if they can make some real glass stuff there.

Pete:                Another great dad choice you’re making.

Alex:                 Back to Moon Knight, once again, to talk a little bit more about the avatars. I also really liked how quickly they defined everybody. I think I missed which avatar she was for, it might have been ISIS or something like that, but-

Pete:                Whoa, whoa.

Alex:                 The God, Pete. Anyway, I don’t know what God she was for. Sorry, Al-Qaeda, is that better, Pete?

Pete:                This is so weird.

Alex:                 I don’t know, Pete got very uncomfortable. So, I felt obligated to make it more uncomfortable.

Justin:              It’s a weird game of chicken you guys are always playing on this podcast.

Alex:                 My point being, that she seemed to have some interest in Khonshu, seemed like they had some relationship.

Pete:                Yeah, a little history.

Alex:                 Well, I liked how that was very quickly established. The guy who was at the front, the one with the shaved head, who seems more like a businessman, was clearly established as an antagonistic relationship as well.

Justin:              Osiris, his avatar, I believe. And he’s working with Harrow, we learn at the end of the episode.

Alex:                 So, here’s my question though about the whole Harrow thing. It’s weird that as a non-avatar, he just gets to walk in and out of this place. I know you interpreted it as he’s working with the Osiris dude, but I looked at it more as like, “oh, you’re a former avatar, we respect you. This is a courtesy of showing what’s happening with Khonshu.” But even that is super strange, just from an organizational perspective.

Pete:                And I think it’s pronounced Oh-Cyrus.

Alex:                 Well, what do you think though, Pete? Is Harrow working with Osiris’ avatar on something evil or is it just Harrow is there?

Pete:                Yeah, I think it was more a follow up after a business meeting thing.

Alex:                 Just circling back, you clearly just came from work. Justin, you’re disagreeing on this.

Justin:              I think that they are working together. I mean, the way Harrow comes in and just plays the Gods and gets Mark on the outs there, and Khonshu ends up getting-

Pete:                It was upsetting the way that he could just silver tongue his way in and out of that whole situation.

Justin:              Yeah. He tongued his way right through that, which is a great way to get any business done according into Pete. But it makes me feel like Osiris’ guy is already helping him out in that meeting and then, we get them together at the end. I think it’s a conspiracy.

Alex:                 That definitely makes more sense than the way that it played out, which is that, you have a bunch of gods being like, “Well, I guess he’s just in the desert, we got to believe him. No reason to think that he is trying to dig up Amit’s tomb.” If they are manipulating it, if it is a conspiracy, it makes a lot more sense why these all powerful beings have no idea what Harrow is doing. But he has hundreds of people out in the desert digging there, in the specific place where they trapped Amit, probably. So yeah, I believe your theory. I’m with you, Justin, I’ll buy it, finally.

Justin:              Well, and I also think because Osiris’ avatar probably knew Harrow from back when Harrow was an avatar. So maybe, when interns come up together, they always conspire to overthrow their overlords.

Alex:                 Now the other big part of the episode we should probably talk about is, going over and checking out this sarcophagus, they’re looking for the star chart. There’s a bit of a sad note here, I don’t know if you guys know this, I assume some folks in the listening audience know this. But the guy who played, I believe the character’s, Anton Mogart, who is the dealer. You first see him without his shirt on, he puts on the robe.

Justin:              Shirtless horseman.

Alex:                 Shirtless horseman. He’s played by an actor named Gaspard Ulliel, who shockingly and suddenly died in a skiing accident after he filmed this part. So there is an In Memorium for him, right at the end of the episode after the main credits, which I thought was very nice to see. But also, there’s a little bit of appall over a, otherwise, fun sequence, knowing that came immediately afterwards.

Pete:                That’s tough, I thought you were going to say he was actually a centaur. But rest in peace, I’m sorry to hear that he’s no longer there. I mean, at least you got to do a badass shirtless fight scene as a villain type. I mean, that’s pretty sweet.

Alex:                 I thought he did a great job, I thought it was a very fun sequence. Wherever they shot it, it looked like something where they found somebody’s bizarre jousty pyramid mansion, and they’re like, “This is where we’re shooting this thing.” Maybe they built it, I guess it’s possible. But whatever it was, it was really cool set and it was really well lit, I also liked the boat sequence before that, with Layla and Mark riding across. Reminded me a little bit of, is there a boat sequence, which Bond movie is it? Is it Spectre, when they’re going over to the island? There’s the same thing where it’s just really gorgeously lit by the city in the background, good stuff.

Pete:                Yeah. It was nice to have a little bit of the, “It was under control. I didn’t tell you because I didn’t think it would blow up like this.” Which is a poor excuse, but at least she can understand a little bit of it and yeah. So, it was nice to see him owning some of his bullshit a little bit. But yeah, I enjoyed the conversation that they were having on the boat ride over.

Justin:              It was cute. And how about Layla’s necklace knives? Right up there with cape knives as secret knives that come out and do some stabbing?

Pete:                Well, if you’re going to start hanging out with Moon Knight, you’ve got to start having some neckwear that’s also murderous.

Justin:              Functional jewelry.

Pete:                Yeah, exactly.

Alex:                 I thought overall, that fight was very fun, just having them both going at the same time. I’m not usually the biggest fan of the action movie trope, where everybody splits off and fights their own individual enemies. But there was something about the way that it was staged here that I think really worked, and part of it was, almost flipping it, where normally, you’d have Layla fighting the female villain and she gets overwhelmed or something like that. But here, you have her fighting a generic thug, Moon Knight is the one that gets completely overwhelmed, and she has to go and save him, and they don’t talk about it much. They don’t point it out, obviously, we’re pointing it out here. But I appreciated that, I thought there was a smarter telling of that particular action trope.

Justin:              I loved the way the action followed the eye a little bit, I think it was really well staged as a unit because, that trope you were talking about always feels like it’s one scene and then, another scene that’s totally unrelated. And this felt like we were standing in the middle being like, “Oh no! Whoa, cool! What are those, cape knives?” And following the action, cape knives.

Pete:                Yeah, you’re really hitting that. Yeah, something that I’m worried about moving forward, I do agree though the action sequences have been really phenomenal and very enjoyable, and I’m a sucker for it every time. What I’m worried about moving forward is, something that we’re not going to have and that’s Khonshu. There was some adorable Khonshu moments in this episode when he was like, “Oh.” I really thought he was going to talk for that one bad guy, who ended up cutting his scarf. Man, that looked like a really nice scarf, I don’t want to say, but maybe it was over a hundred dollars.

Alex:                 Wow, you think?

Justin:              How are you at pricing scarfs, Pete?

Pete:                I could spot a nice scarf a mile away.

Justin:              I feel like I want to do a Pepsi challenge with you, and see if you can just price that scarf. If I held up three scarves at different price points, you think you could get them?

Pete:                Yeah, I do.

Justin:              $10, $100, $1000 scarf?

Pete:                Yep.

Justin:              Okay.

Pete:                Within $20, I could definitely do it.

Justin:              Name the price, Price is Right style? I don’t think so.

Alex:                 You probably don’t know this but. Pete, when he was a kid, saw an old man walking in front of a upholstery truck and pushed him out of the way and got hit by it. And now, he gained the power to sense thread counts.

Pete:                Wow.

Justin:              Yeah.

Alex:                 It was like pulling it out of my body.

Justin:              You got it there

Pete:                Oh my God.

Justin:              He’s thread devil.

Pete:                Thread Devil. What’s the word?

Alex:                 Keep talking until you figure out what the word is.

Pete:                Oh man.

Justin:              Hysterical.

Pete:                But yeah, I’m worried since now, Khonshu is a statue, what that means for Moon Knights powers?

Justin:              Not good. And he’s more of a statue wet, he’s almost like a bobblehead.

Pete:                A miniature?

Alex:                 But I will say, the smart thing they’re doing in this series, that I mentioned earlier, is each episode has its own specific focus for the main character. And here, potentially giving us an episode where it takes Khonshu off the board completely, jumping a division board here a little bit, I think that’s a really smart thing to do. They’ve showed us the different aspects of this character, they showed us Moon Knight, they’ve showed us the Mr. Knight Costume, they’ve shown us how the powers work, in this episode in particular. But now that you have these two characters, Steven Grant and Mark Specter, how do they work together without these powers, will potentially be interesting to see.

Pete:                And I liked how Steven tried to call a timeout in the middle of the fight and then was like, “Take the body back, take the suit. Come on.” Oh my God.

Alex:                 What did you think, Pete, of the moment where Moon Knight jumps and he does the Moon Cape thing?

Pete:                I’m a sucker for all of it.

Justin:              Now I think that’s very cool. But as far as impressing people, you have to be standing in a very particular position to really be dazzled by it.

Pete:                Yeah. Because otherwise, it won’t look like a moon if you’re not really in that right position. Good thing the camera work was spot on, that’s some great line producing. Am I right?

Justin:              It’s a good thing, that’s definitely not what that is. And how about the fact that they happen to have that iPad constellation app on hand for the end of this adventure? It’s important to have your apps up-to-date for it.

Pete:                You’re going to go to Egypt without an iPad constellation app, are you telling me?

Justin:              Just to have it so quickly. She’d have to sift through a bunch of, “Oh, there’s Final Fantasy III that I downloaded, let me dig through this. There’s my notes app, calculator.”

Pete:                “I should organize these apps better.”

Justin:              She could organize the apps.

Alex:                 Not a lot of people talk about this, but there’s very good wifi in the desert. So, if you need to download an app, you’re going to be just fine.

Justin:              A lot of people don’t know, but cactus’s are actually wifi towers.

Alex:                 Huh, they’re full of water and wifi. Those are the two things.

Justin:              The password is, donttouchme!

Alex:                 “Ooh, I’m sharp.” Any other moments from the episode that you guys want to call out in particular? I feel like we’ve covered.

Pete:                Well, man-

Alex:                 We did a great job.

Justin:              Oh, this is the part where we do the victory lap, great podcasting. Yeah, it’s about time.

Pete:                Oh, I like the part where they were walking through the pyramid and we had the Steven geek-out moment where’s he like, “Oh my God, we’re in the pyramid.” That was cool, just a little hype moment. It’s almost a moment that’s lost, but it was nice to have Steve geek out about that a little bit.

Alex:                 Before we wrap up here though, why don’t we go to the Vision Board and talk about what we want to see in the next episode? Pete, what is on your Vision Board for episode four?

Pete:                I’m hoping for boot knives in the next ep.

Justin:              Other places knives can come out.

Pete:                Yeah, exactly. More knives please, and in any shapes.

Justin:              See, I’m going the other way. I want other stuff to come out of the Cape.

Pete:                Oh really?

Justin:              Like, ice cream or a Volkswagen Beetle or something.

Pete:                Wow. You think he’s got soft serve in there?

Justin:              We don’t know how his power set goes.

Pete:                Yeah. I’m sure he’s got a Vdub dealership in there.

Alex:                 He only has ice custard unfortunately, he doesn’t have any soft serve.

Justin:              I mean, that’s actually better.

Alex:                 It’s really good.

Pete:                Are you saying custard’s better than regular ice cream right now?

Justin:              Yes.

Alex:                 Custer’s very good.

Justin:              Custard is like ice cream just ramped up, heightened ice cream. There’s fewer bubbles, it’s dense.

Alex:                 Bubbles?

Pete:                Oh, you’re just an old man.

Justin:              There’s less air in general. In there, it’s all-

Alex:                 Is your ice cream usually very bubbly?

Justin:              Yeah. It’s empty on the inside.

Alex:                 Oh okay. Yeah, a big thing of seltzer.

Pete:                No, but seriously though. On my Vision Board, I would like to maybe get to either, is there another personality in there? Do we get to see everything that we’re dealing with? And I’m also hoping for a better relationship with the three of them, including Layla.

Justin:              Thrupple. Do you think they’re in a love triangle?

Pete:                Yeah, for a little bit. When Steven sees her, he’s like, “Oh.” There is this possibility for love and she feels that, which is nice. So, she’s like, “Oh, look at that, I’m being appreciated.” This is a nice feeling. So maybe, if Mark messes up, Steve can step in.

Justin:              Isn’t that awkward? To have your ex literally there all the time? You thinking you’re cool with it?

Pete:                I’d be cool with it.

Alex:                 Pete’s girlfriend used to date his cat, so they work it out.

Pete:                Just put a tie on the door, man.

Justin:              That doesn’t work when they’re inside the brain. My vision board is two things. I’m going to put forward my theory, once again, that Khonshu is the third personality and that’s what we’re going to find out. That Khonshu took over Harrow for a long time and Harrow wants revenge. I feel like he’s not going to let Khonshu stay in that Funko Pop in the Egyptian shelf, and he’s going to break him out, so he can get more revenge on him.

Pete:                I wish it was a little bit more Funko Pop. I’m worried about it tipping over there, it seems a little top heavy.

Justin:              Fragile.

Alex:                 It definitely does. I want to find out more about the avatars, I thought that was so interesting. And it’s such a fascinating thing to throw in halfway through here. They’re interesting characters, I want to know more about them. So hopefully, we’ll find out more about that.

Justin:              Do you think they will relate to James Cameron’s Avatars?

Alex:                 They did make that joke in the first episode, but I actually think it’s going to be Avatar the Last Airbender. I think we’re going to find out that one of them is Korra.

Justin:              Oh, nice. Yeah, I’m here for that.

Alex:                 If you would like to support this podcast, Also, we do a live show every Tuesday night at 7:00 PM to Crowdcast and YouTube. Come hang out, we would love to chat with you about Moon Knight. iTunes, Android, Spotify stature, or the app of your choice, to subscribe, listen and follow the show at Marvelvisionpod on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook, for this podcast and many more. Until next time, stay marvelous.

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