MarvelVision: Loki, Episode 3 – “Lamentis”

Loki Episode 3 Lamentis

Loki is after the Variant and finds himself trapped on the crumbling planet of Lamentis-1 as we recap the appropriately named Loki Episode 3, “Lamentis.” After tussling with Sylvie at the Time Variance Authority, Loki thrusts them to “safety” in an apocalypse, with no real way home. And one train ride later, everything has changed. From the comic book easter egg origins of Lamentis-1, to sneaky references to Aliens, to Loki officially being confirmed as bisexual in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, we’re breaking down this big, action packed episode of the Disney+ series.


Full Episode Transcript

Alex:                 Welcome to MarvelVision, a podcast about Marvel, the MCU, and a Loki. I’m Alex.

Justin:              I’m Justin. A little bit higher.

Pete:                I’m Pete.

Alex:                 Pete.

Pete:                Oh God. Stop. Please stop. People’s heads are exploding. We want to talk about your cool hip hat.

Alex:                 No, I don’t want to talk about my hat, but I do want to talk about Loki episode three, Lamentis, that just dropped on Disney+.

Justin:              Yep, that’s right.

Alex:                 Hopefully, that was perfect.

Justin:              The pronunciation.

Alex:                 Hopefully, you all checked because we’re going to jump into spoilers for the episode and talk all about it. If you haven’t watched it, go and watch it now because this, as usual with the show, was a big one. But broad overview, we’ve got Loki and Lady Loki, AKA Sylvie, AKA the Enchantress. I think, fair-

Justin:              I don’t know. We can’t say that for sure. They only use the word enchant 15 times in this episode.

Pete:                Yeah.

Justin:              So we’re not 100% locked into that.

Alex:                 She might be the Enchanter or something like that.

Justin:              100%.

Alex:                 Another very famous Marvel character.

Justin:              Or just like us at the top of this podcast, the [Enchantwo’s 00:01:11] , the lovely little singers.

Alex:                 Wow. The Enchantwo’s. Pete, take the higher note.

Justin:              Pete.

Pete:                Boo! Boo!

Alex:                 Is he saying twos or boos?

Pete:                Boos.

Justin:              I don’t know, but that was a much lower note than we needed. Let me be honest.

Alex:                 So they are pal-ing around, not at all actually. They’re fighting, and they’re sparring and figuring out each other as two Loki’s are want to do. And accidentally end up on an apocalyptic planet called Lamentis-1 that is about to explode. So they make their way across the planet to try to escape in various ways, figure out a little bit more of each other. And at the end of the episode, they are trapped on the dying planet. So I think just to start off, this was a really good series. It was a weird way to end it, but it ended in a big fashion with a big scene. And I really appreciated that.

Pete:                Yeah. Yeah. Agreed. First off, it starts with sick beats, and someone with cool hats would know sick beats when they hear it. Right? Did you like that intro?

Alex:                 I loved sick beats. That’s my favorite song. That’s what it’s called, right?

Pete:                No, it’s not it at all.

Alex:                 Oh, okay. I’m kidding. I know this is the third of six episodes. This was great. I thought this was my favorite episode of the show so far. I thought Sophia Di Martino as Sylvie was excellent. Really liked her rapport with Tom Hiddleston. And the action was so good in this episode.

Justin:              Yeah, I think great action in over the course of a number of sequences, especially that last one. A lot of just falling objects, which are terrifying. This episode, to me, had a lot of big Mando energy, very Mandalorian vibes to me. I guess that makes Loki a Baby Yoda figure here in a lot of ways.

Pete:                Oh man.

Justin:              Which it was an interesting turn from our more chatty episodes that kicked off the season. Got to say, I do miss some Owen Wilson in here because this felt like it could be a complete different series almost.

Alex:                 Well, we talked about that a little bit that Michael Waldron, the creator of the show, or I guess head writer is what they call them at Marvel, of the show really wanted to give it a different feel every episode. So I think you’re absolutely right. There’s a little bit of Western vibes with the train, with the town, with the old lady with the shotgun, with everything that’s gone on here. So yeah, you’re going to get some of that Mando stuff.

Pete:                It was a cannon.

Alex:                 And I agree with you that we did miss Owen Wilson here, but I also think this is a really important episode for establishing Sylvie as a character, and her relationship with Loki and finding out that she’s maybe not exactly the villain here so much is just another Loki who is doing things.

Pete:                Yeah. A Loki who is trying to get away from these time variant people.

Justin:              Well, this goes to the Enchantress of it all that we were referencing earlier. There’s a line in here. What I think this show does or is doing is telling us what it is in very subtle ways, but being very direct about it. Lady Loki/Enchantress has a line, “I’m not you.”She could just be saying I’m not like you. But I think what she’s saying is, “I’m not a Loki. I’m something else. I’m just wearing a headpiece, and everyone thinks I’m a Loki.” But that’s not how clothes work. Anyone can wear clothes, and it’s not like, oh

Alex:                 Wait. What? Wait. Well, right now I’m wearing a hat. So I’m Pete.

Pete:                Yeah, that’s super clear. Super clear.

Justin:              100%.

Pete:                I liked when she was like, “Yeah, don’t call me Loki.” She was like, “Don’t call me that.” And he was like, “What? Tech-savvy?” And she was like, “No, Loki.” And I thought that was cool. She’s either very touchy about it, or just trying to be opposite of Loki.

Alex:                 No, I think Justin’s right. I think they’re being very straightforward here. This is potentially getting into spoilers, but it seems like we’re going to find out about Sylvia’s backstory in the next episode. Cailey Fleming, who plays Judith on The Walking Dead right now, not the baby version, but the slightly grown up version, is going to-

Justin:              Love to see a baby in here.

Alex:                 Yeah. I would love Loki babies. That would be a great [crosstalk 00:05:37].

Pete:                Oh my God.

Alex:                 So much fun.

Pete:                Stop it.

Alex:                 Little baby Owen Wilson going. “Waa, waa.”

Pete:                Stop.

Alex:                 Very funny. Anyway, we’re going to see-

Justin:              Now, the impression that’s the impression we’ve been waiting to do, is baby Owen. Not sure how useful it is to the future.

Alex:                 I did it for us SNL. They were like, “Hey, what three characters do you have?” And I said, “They’re all going to be Owen Wilson.”

Justin:              Baby Owen Wilson, Baby Luke Wilson, and Baby the other Wilson brother that no one knows the name of it.

Alex:                 Yeah. And they said, “Oh, okay. Well, that doesn’t make any sense. Could you do Baby Wilson, the volleyball?”

Justin:              Volleyball. There we go.

Alex:                 Yeah, there we go. It took me a second.

Justin:              Baby volleyball are actually golf balls. Did you know that?

Pete:                That’s not true.

Alex:                 That’s a really good fun fact.

Justin:              That is true.

Pete:                No, no. That is not true.

Justin:              They grow up, and they get a little softer.

Alex:                 They get softer as I get older? Oh wow.

Justin:              Exactly.

Pete:                Interesting.

Alex:                 Cailey Fleming from The Walking Dead is going to be playing Young Sylvie in the next episode, reportedly. So I do think we’re going to get a flashback there. And certainly, there’s a lot of questions that get raised by that conversation they have on the train of she clearly doesn’t know who Frigga is, Loki’s mom. She doesn’t seem to have been adopted by Odin. She may not even know Asgard. She doesn’t really give up any information other than the fact that she knows how to enchant people, and describing how to do that later in the episode where they’re walking. So I think to your point, Justin, she certainly could still be Loki. And I think we will find out, in some respect, she is Loki, but also she’s not. She is something else. There’s something else going on here.

Justin:              Loki’s not who you are. It’s the way you are, perhaps-

Pete:                Oh wow!

Justin:              … here. And I think that it’s telling this big clue we get dropped at the end of the episode, that the TVA has been stealing variants out of timelines and making them work at the TVA. So they’re going to be the big, bad here. And it feels like there’s going to be some way that Sylvie was emotionally wronged by the TVA. And there’s going to be a reckoning, I think, there.

Alex:                 Yeah. Whether it was something that specifically happened with the TVA or they erased her timeline or she was a variant or something like that. Certainly, again, I think, yes. We’re definitely going to find out more stuff. Also, a little note on that, love the beginning of the episode, like Pete was talking about earlier, where we got to see that Hunter character in her life before she was in the TVA. I think it also indicates, just to throw out something, it certainly indicates that maybe Owen Wilson, whoever he was before the TVA, maybe he had something to do with jet-skis.

Pete:                Whoa. It was the jet ski salesman, and then Loki brain freezed him. Wow. That’s crazy. But-

Justin:              Maybe he was our timeline’s Owen Wilson who, no doubt, owns one or more jet-skis in his life.

Alex:                 Right. There’s actually only supposed to be one Wilson brother. So Owen is the variant, and they took about at the timeline.

Justin:              Wow. How dare you? How dare you?

Alex:                 Luke Wilson is the prime Wilson.

Justin:              Oh, holy shit. You just uprooted Hollywood with that statement.

Pete:                I do really like the back and forth between Sylvia and Loki, and this who can trust who type of thing. And also the way that he like, “Wait, wait, wait, tell me about your mother.” That was cool to see Loki start to care a little bit, and then see him get derailed by someone asking him what love is. And then he has to be like, “Well, wait, I got to drink some more.” And then it comes up with love is like a dagger, which did not hold up at all.

Justin:              No? You don’t buy it? I felt like that was this series’ grief is just love persevering in a pretty intense way. A more complicated metaphor, and probably not setting off a Twitter firestorm.

Alex:                 But they did a really good job. And this is, I think, points to what’s working about the tone of the show, of throwing that grief persevering moment out there, and then immediately undercutting it with a joke, which worked very well. So you could read that as this is this show’s focus on this is what love is. This is how it works. Or you can take it as it is wildly wrong, and it doesn’t make any sense. And I think either interpretation is okay.

Justin:              Well, and I also, to me, I took from that sequence that this series is about I’m saying this big statement, and it’s all bullshit. It feels like everyone is lying to everyone in this show, but at the core we’re hoping, I think, that we boil down and find out that Loki, and maybe a lot of these characters, including Sylvie, are good at their core. Just trying to try to do the right thing in the most mischievous way possible.

Alex:                 Well, I think that comes to one of my favorite, relatively subtle moments in the episode, is when Loki basically manipulates the situation so that they can try to save the Ark. Ostensibly it’s so they can save themselves. But there’s a moment, the way Tom Hiddleston delivers the line, where he’s basically saying, “Oh, I guess we could save everybody on the Ark, and take them to safety and change the timeline. That would really help us.” And he frames it that way, but it’s clearly not completely that. There’s a part of him that does want to save these people, doesn’t feel right leaving them behind. And that doesn’t make him a hero. At best, he’s an anti-hero. But certainly, has a strain of that that we see throughout this episode.

Justin:              Yeah. And he’s so goofy in this episode, and he’s such a goober. He fucks up a lot, and when he’s pretending to be the cop, the blue outfit cop, he was so weird.

Pete:                And over the top.

Justin:              Yeah. So broad. And I don’t know what are those choices say about him or the show. Is he pretending to be bad at everything? Because even the Loki, this timeline Loki, who just lost in the Avengers movie, he’s still a little savvier than that, than what we’re seeing here.

Alex:                 I don’t know. I think it could go either way. Either he’s been completely thrown off his game by everything that’s happened, or he is playing crazy long game. And we’re going to have a sixth episode reveal of going back through all the episodes and laying out his plan, and seeing what he’s been doing the entire time.

Pete:                Well, I do think that he was just playing her a little bit to find out that key bit of information. It was late in the episode when we finally got the reveal that everybody who works there hasn’t been working there. They weren’t born to work at that place. So that was his moment of, aha! I finally got the thing that I needed from you type.

Alex:                 Maybe it’s also pointing to just a meta structural writer thing of the way Loki’s plans have played out in the MCU so far, is they’re 90% improvisation. Where he doesn’t have anything planned out further than one or two steps ahead, and just manages to get very lucky. And the only person who could really notice that and point that out is another Loki.

Pete:                Oh.

Justin:              Yeah. Again, someone just wearing a tiny little hat, basically. It proves that they’re a Loki. Now, if I was wearing that hat, I’d be Loki.

Pete:                Yeah. How did you guys feel about the firework moments? It seems like in Marvel projects, I wish I was wearing a hat right now to prove how much I love Marvel, but Marvel loves fireworks as punchlines. You saw it in Thor Ragnarok. There was a lot of fun firework bits, but then Loki being like, “My mom told me I could do anything.” And does the little fireworks in his hand. It was very sweet and adorable.

Justin:              I once had a firework go off in my hand in, and it was not a sweet moment.

Pete:                Oh, that’s tough.

Justin:              It’s awful. It exploded. I was reeling back to throw it, and it exploded in my hand. Split my finger open like a little hot dog.

Pete:                Wow.

Alex:                 Man!

Pete:                Did you put ketchup and mustard in there? What was your…?

Justin:              I would never put ketchup on a hot dog or my hand that looks like a hot dog. And I think you know that.

Pete:                Well, it’s a good thing you have two, you know what I mean? That’s why they give you two.

Justin:              And even though it was bleeding-

Alex:                 Hot dogs or hands?

Pete:                Hands, hands.

Justin:              I also have two hot dogs. Even though the blood coming out of my hand looked like ketchup… Despite the pain I was in, I was like, “[inaudible 00:14:08]. I would enjoy this meat snack.”

Pete:                A little extra pain. I like that. Yeah.

Alex:                 Would you have been happier if your finger got split open, and just yellow juice started pouring out?

Pete:                If you got a little yellow at a zigzag pattern?

Justin:              When I get that magic lamp I’ve been questing for, I will finally be able to make good on that wish, Alex, and bleed mustard as I’ve been saying for years.

Alex:                 I can see no monkey paw-style repercussions for that.

Justin:              Yeah.

Pete:                Yeah.

Justin:              I said, my three wishes are bleed mustard-

Alex:                 Go on. Yeah, please go on. Please go on. I would love to-

Pete:                Sweat relish.

Alex:                 … hear the other two.

Justin:              Sweat relish and pee pickles.

Alex:                 Ow! That’s got to be painful, man. Not pickle juice, you said pickles.

Justin:              I mean that because I love pickles. I love pickles.

Pete:                Oh my God. That’s so awful. Yeah. I can’t even.

Justin:              So I have a question.

Alex:                 You’ve ruined pickles for me. I think I’m done with pickles.

Pete:                Wow. That was the thing that ruined pickles?

Justin:              That’s insane. Well, you’d be happy with your fucking trash condiment ketchup for the rest of your life.

Pete:                Happily.

Justin:              Alex, you have to answer this because I don’t watch this program I’m about to say. Is this episode, and maybe this show in general, a Doctor Who audition tape?

Alex:                 I think there’s definitely threads of that, certainly. The thing about Doctor Who that maybe you’re pulling out for vague knowledge of it is that every episode is its own standalone adventure. And at least with the modern ones, they’ll have some overarching thing happen over the course of the season that lightly plays throughout and usually comes to bear with the season finale or something like that. But yeah, the humor, certainly the way Tom Hiddleston is playing Loki in this episode where it is a little wilder and all over the place, it’s not as big as the doctor is on that show. But there’s certainly a sense of that. And I don’t know. It’s also possible. There’s a pretty famous David Tennant Doctor Who episode where they are on a train. So maybe there’s some seeds of that in there.

Alex:                 But it’s as much Doctor Who as, I think, it’s Rick and Morty. Michael Waldron worked on Rick and Morty. And certainly, there’s some senses there in terms of the sense of humor. A lot of people have pointed out that all of the Lokis feels a lot like the council of Rick’s, which is on Rick and Morty, which is just a multi-versal collection of Ricks and Mortys who are working to protect the multi-verse. So you certainly got a little sense of that.

Justin:              Let’s say that I believe the inspiration for that idea came from the council of Reeds from Marvel comics, Fantastic Four. So there’s a lot of real jazz happening here.

Alex:                 Yeah. The thing that I think is working for me about Loki, though, is that it has a sense of that Doctor Who. It has a sense of Rick and Morty. It has a sense of the MCU, obviously. But it really is forming its own tone and becoming its own thing, both through the way it’s shot, through the dialogue, through everything. And I’m really enjoying that.

Justin:              Yeah.

Pete:                What I like, there are certain moments in the episode that stuck with me, and I’m having a hard time with. For one, Loki went back for knives instead of going to Eugene’s desk for, I don’t know, a couple handful of infinity stones. That part was, first off, I appreciate going back for the knives. You know what I mean? You got a weapon of choice. That’s what you go with. But there’s just infinity stones in Eugene’s desk just chilling.

Alex:                 But they don’t matter. We’ve already established in the series.

Pete:                In this world. But once you go into another timeline, they’re back to mattering.

Alex:                 But he wasn’t planning on that. He was planning on confronting Sylvie, or going with her to confront the time masters. So he wouldn’t have needed the infinity stones. Knives, on the other hand, good to have.

Justin:              Yeah.

Pete:                Love is a tiger, man.

Justin:              I was going to say, you can’t say love is an infinity stone.

Pete:                It is, though.

Justin:              Interesting. Which one?

Pete:                Oh, I don’t know.

Justin:              The heart stone.

Pete:                Oh, there you go.

Justin:              Tonight, your heart stone… Yeah. I think that’s a good point, Alex. This show is scooping up a lot of different tones and building it around a character, like Loki, that is so fun, loved. And with enough, for lack of a better term, variation. He can be a hero. He can be the very stock villain, and charting a new path of that, I think, is nice. And it also, let’s talk about the visuals, it’s beautifully, beautifully made this, this episode in this show.

Alex:                 That last tracking shot. I know it was faked a little bit, but that last shot as they’re running through the collapsing city. So good. So well-staged. So much fun. I’m going to say something that I know Pete is going to yell at me for, but my big takeaway watching this episode is it felt like this show, and this episode in particular, is putting Falcon and Winter Soldier to shame.

Pete:                Oh, come on!

Justin:              Ooh.

Alex:                 And the reason I say that is that should be the high standard for action in the Disney+ MCU shows. And it’s not right now. That’s Loki for me.

Pete:                Okay.

Alex:                 The fight scenes throughout the episode were great. That tracking shot was great. Loved it.

Pete:                Okay.

Justin:              This is Pete bait. This is Pete bait. Pete?

Alex:                 It is Pete bait, yeah.

Pete:                All right. So first off-

Justin:              That’s a big ole Pete worm up there. That’s a hot dog covered in ketchup, and I don’t know if you want to bite into it.

Pete:                Listen, first off.

Justin:              I’ve got to be honest. It’s actually my finger, and it’s covered in mustard.

Pete:                So all right. Listen, I still think that that last shot, we talked about it, it was fake. It looked like they were on a soundstage. We saw a ship that they were-

Justin:              Newsflash. They are on a sound stage.

Pete:                None of the other shows gave us that is not as well, production-wise, as the other ones. That pulled me right out of it. So tracking shot, great. But if it doesn’t look like a real ship that they’re going to get to, I’m not buying into what’s happening. But when Falcon did a spin move, and threw the shield through the fucking glass. Go fuck yourself. All right? That was unbelievable. Flying through the air.

Alex:                 You are right. I liked when Falcon looked at Batroc and said, “Go fuck yourself.”

Pete:                Yeah, yeah.

Alex:                 IT was pretty edgy.

Pete:                But I agree with you. The fight sequences in this episode were fantastic. Really great moves. Some fantastic stuff. I loved it. It looked really great.

Justin:              It really can say it’s setting the bar for the Marvel action sequences. I think I’m saying what you’re saying.

Pete:                No, no.

Alex:                 Yeah. We’re all saying the same thing.

Pete:                Nope.

Alex:                 Yep, yep. A couple of other things that I wanted to talk to you guys about. This is a two-prong thing because this is one of the biggest moments in the episode that we haven’t really talked about yet. So let’s talk about this thing first: Loki is, come out is the wrong word, but is noted as canonically bisexual, which is pretty cool. The line, in case you missed it, is Sylvie, I was about to call her Lady Loki, Sylvie says, “How about you-“

Pete:                Don’t call her Loki.

Alex:                 … “You’re a prince. Must’ve been…” She’ll come for me. “Must’ve been would-be princesses or perhaps another prince.” And he says, “A bit of both. I suspect same as you.” And the director of all the episodes, Kate Herron, who has been awesome on Twitter, and everybody should check her out because she’s been putting great Easter eggs and other things out there that have been super fun, said very early this morning, “From the moment I joined Loki official, it was very important to me and my goal to acknowledge Loki was bisexual. It is a part of who he is, and who I am too. I know this is a small step-

Pete:                That’s awesome.

Alex:                 … “but I’m happy. And heart is so full to say that this is now canon in #MCU,” which I thought was great. Disney has taken a lot of flack for the teeny tiny steps that it has taken towards LGBTQ+ representation in particular. We were just talking about this on our live show. But it was nice to see this. This is, again, a small step, but it’s an important one, particularly with a character as prominent as Loki.

Pete:                We probably wanted to switch to your mouse ears for that statement. I’m surprised you kept the Marvel hat on.

Alex:                 Oh no, they’re under there. They’re tiny little. I got them grafted. You know how mice can grow human ears? I’m a human that has mouse ears.

Pete:                It’s hard to take you seriously when you have something on your head that is like, “I am selling out my opinion.”

Alex:                 Oh, do you want me to flip it up like this?

Pete:                Oh, look how cool you are. Hey, cool kids. We’re at the skate park.

Alex:                 My communication.

Justin:              You look like a different human. And let me say, I also find it amazing and horrifying to imagine skin Mickey Mouse ears, fully organic, black skin disks coming out of your head.

Alex:                 Yeah.

Justin:              Oh, I’m getting my Mickey Mouse ear pierced. It’s horribly painful.

Alex:                 Sam Raimi is actually rebooting the Mickey Mouse series. And in it, he’s going to have organic Mickey Mouse ears.

Pete:                Oh man.

Justin:              Yeah. Classic. Classic Raimi. I agree with you. I thought it was cool. And just an easy move. That’s the character. That’s the character from the comics. It would be much harder to not have done that. And I’m glad they just did it.

Alex:                 On the flip of things, though, what do you think is going on with the relationship between Loki and Sylvie? Because I feel like that’s something that you could read in a couple of different ways, that they’re just feeling each other out as two Lokis. Maybe it’s a begrudging friendship/partnership? Or potentially, it felt like there could weirdly be something romantic going on there. How did you take it?

Justin:              I found it enchanting, I think is the only word I could use. If Sylvie is the Enchantress, I think that’s her whole power set, is using emotions to get people. And we saw her do that. That the way her enchanting powers work is going in through the TVA soldier’s emotions and clicking it on that. So I do think that’s what is maybe happening here as a tool of manipulation. The same way that Loki’s manipulating everyone. As far as real emotions between the two, I feel like there’s a begrudging respect, like when two card counters meet each other at a blackjack table.

Pete:                They get pissed, and then try to be like, “No, I was there first.”

Alex:                 No, no, no. They start dealing. They just start dealing cards. It’s a classic deal off.

Justin:              Yeah, they bring their own cards.

Alex:                 So nothing romantic, you don’t think, Justin?

Pete:                I feel like there’s the little will they, won’t they magic going on. But we got to find out who she is first, or whatever, before we can have any, what’s going on.

Alex:                 As a follow up. If you were single, just in this scenario you’re single, would you date a female version of yourself? Pete?

Pete:                No, that would be awful.

Alex:                 She has a full beard.

Justin:              Yeah.

Pete:                How does that help? But thank you for throwing that in there.

Alex:                 No problem.

Justin:              Let me say I wouldn’t date a female version of myself. I would date a female Pete, though.

Alex:                 That’s really weird.

Justin:              I feel like the table is set for that romance, that will they, won’t they.

Alex:                 Oh my God. I would love to see it. I would love to have you come over to my blackjack table and have a classic deal-off with both of you.

Pete:                Oh man.

Alex:                 A couple of other quick little Easter egg type things I wanted to mention. Lamentis-1 is actually a planet from the comics that only very briefly appears, but in Annihilation Conquest Prologue number one from 2007. And it has the same purple coloring. So there you go. They really captured the look of it. I think we talked about this last time-

Pete:                If they put a one after your planet, it’s not going to last long because there’s a two coming. And they had to label that one one.

Alex:                 Or a Junior. I don’t know, depending on how you want to call it.

Justin:              I live on Earth Junior? Wow.

Alex:                 That’s what Jeff Bezos is heading. He’s going to land on Earth Junior pretty soon. It’s very exciting.

Justin:              Everything’s just a little bit smaller.

Alex:                 We talked about this, I believe, the last episode, but Sylvie, the name here, was actually the Enchantress number two, who was a, I believe, a regular human girl given enchantress powers by Loki, and she joined Avengers Academy. I don’t think we’re going to see this exact story there or anything like that. To me, it seems like they’re mismatching a bunch of things. They’re taking the Sylvie name. They’re taking enchantress powers. They’re putting it on a Loki. But again, I guess we’ll see you next episode.

Justin:              But I would argue that I think she’s, as we learned in this episode, she learned her powers. I think she will be a normal human, and not a god of any kind. Someone who has powered up to get revenge or take down the TVA because of whatever they did to her or someone she cares about.

Pete:                It feels where they you’re saying normal human. Wouldn’t you just say human? She would just be human?

Justin:              Like a human junior. You know what I mean? Lik a Whopper Junior.

Pete:                Oh yeah, yeah, yeah. No, I got you.

Justin:              Yep.

Alex:                 Another Easter egg that popped up in this episode was Loki saying, “Another!” And smashing his glass, which you might remember was the same thing that Thor did in the classic diner scene in the first Thor movie. So that’s just a thing they do when they’re done with their drinks. So that was a super fun one. And the last one that I wanted to mention, Pete, I don’t know if you picked up on this. But the two soldiers who were waiting by the train, who they end up enchanting, their names, the names of the characters were Corporal Hicks and Private Hudson, who of course are Michael Biehn and Bill Paxton’s characters from Aliens.

Pete:                Nice.

Alex:                 Which is a weird Easter egg, but fun anyway.

Pete:                Yeah, that’s cool.

Justin:              That is it a very tiny Easter egg. It’s game over, man.

Pete:                Aliens. Game over, man.

Alex:                 I’m surprised they didn’t say that at any point. So there you go. Before we move on and start to wrap up here, any other thoughts about the episode? Moments that you wanted to call out?

Justin:              Great line, “I can’t go backwards on a train.” Very funny little moment there with form.

Pete:                Yeah, there was a lot of great lines in this episode. I already pointed out the tech-savvy line, but she goes, “You were in my way.” And Loki responds, “You are my way.” I thought that was pretty cool. Was.

Alex:                 Really good episode. Last thing we’re going to do here, let’s turn to our vision board where we look ahead at what we want to see on episode four of the series. I’ll just start since I’ve said by an already. But I’m very excited to see Cailey Fleming as a young Sylvie, if that does indeed happen. I think that’ll be very interesting how they handle the backstory. Will it be a full episode thing? Will it be just a little flash at the beginning, like we saw with regular age Sylvie there? And will she be called Sylvie Jr? That’s my big question.

Justin:              Yeah, I think that’s a good choice just to show, like Whopper Jr. You know what you’re getting. You know what you’re getting.

Alex:                 Exactly. It’s a Whopper, but smaller. Pete, what about you? What’s on your vision board for the next episode?

Pete:                I need to know what the fuck is going on with the three lizards. All right? We need to just either say it’s not real or something because it’s driving me crazy. But I’m also, when we get a little flashback to Owen Wilson’s life, where he’s younger. Maybe he’s got a Marvel hat, and just is a little less than what he becomes later. You know what I mean?

Alex:                 Wow. That really took me on a roller coaster of emotions there, Pete.

Justin:              For those of you who aren’t watching this, Alex went… Happy to be included, and then instant sour to be made fun of. It was a real Loki-level rollercoaster. I agree with you, Pete. I definitely want to hear about the lizards. My prediction, once again, there’s going to be a fish tank with three lizard pets in there. And that’s where the timekeepers came from. Weird prediction. I’ve imagined it. I don’t think we’re going to get that next episode. I think next episode, we’re going to get Owen Wilson back. I think we’re going to end next episode with Owen Wilson, maybe, even starting to question the timekeepers as we get move forward and take down this big organization.

Alex:                 And on that note, we didn’t talk about it earlier, but we got a teeny tiny little bit of Ravonna again, and she seems like a total bad-ass. But I think by this point, we need to see more of her and what’s going on with her. Because you brought this up in an earlier episode, Justin, but she just seems like this dangling thing that’s over here that we haven’t really fleshed out yet. So it’ll be interesting. And I would like to see how she’s working with the timekeepers, what her role is actually in the TVA going forward.

Justin:              She’s the big bad. That’s my predict. And of course, I’m always looking forward in my vision board to meet female Pete.

Pete:                Oh my God.

Justin:              Petra. That’s her name.

Alex:                 If you’d like to support this podcast, Also, we do a live show every Tuesday night at 7:00 PM to Crowdcast and YouTube. Come hang out. We would love to chat with you about Loki. iTunes, Android, Spotify, Stitcher, or the app of your choice to subscribe, follow, and listen to the show at Marvel Vision Pod on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. for this podcast and many more. Until next time, stay marvelous.

Justin:              Stay marvelous.

Alex:                 Stay marvelous.

Pete:                Please. Please stop.

Alex:                 I repeat.

Justin:              Bring me that higher, Pete. Oh-oh.

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