MarvelVision: Loki, Episode 2 – “The Variant”

Loki Episode 2

Loki joins up with the Time Variance Authority to stop another, rogue Loki in Loki Episode 2, “The Variant,” but all is not what it seems. After a botched mission to a Renaissance Fair, Loki and Mobius try to figure out how to track down the variant Loki killing TVA agents. But once MCU Loki does figure it out, things go horribly wrong. From Sophia Di Martino’s secret villain character (is she Sylvie Lushton, aka The Enchantress, or Lady Loki?), to speculation about the Time Keepers, to Marvel Comics Easter eggs and more, we’re breaking it all down.


Full Episode Transcript

Alex:                 Welcome to MarvelVision, a podcast about the MCU and Marvel and right now, Loki episode two, I’m Alex.

Justin:              I’m Justin.

Pete:                I’m Pete.

Alex:                 And spoiler warning for the second episode of Loki on Disney+ if you haven’t watched it though, I’m sure you have. I’m sure you woke up at 3:00 AM like the rest of us, binged it, got in hard. But in case you didn’t, we’re going to be getting pretty much right into spoilers here. So go watch the episode then come back when you’re ready to be spoiled the heck out of. Now in the second episode here, of course, we’re picking up on the new status quo for Loki, where he’s being held by the TVA. He is working in a buddy cop scenario with Mobius and Mobius played by Owen Wilson. And by the end of the episode, he’s cracked the case wide open, discovered the Loki variant that has been bucking things up for the TV and it is none other than a female version of Loki potentially, potentially.

Pete:                We don’t know that.

Alex:                 Yes.

Pete:                Because honestly she just showed up and was like, “That’s a random person.”

Alex:                 But he discovers that she’s been hiding out in apocalyptic scenarios. He helps it, but he also in true Loki fashion, runs away at the end away from Mobius and Mobius and the rest of the TVA after let’s just call her Lady Loki for the sake of expediency has bombed the sacred timeline trying to destroy the timekeepers or potentially something much worse. The multi-verse is about to red line and get restarted, which we’ve been told is very bad. So second episode already, we’ve already completely bucked up the premise of the show. I love that. I love just throwing a wrench in the works immediately. I thought that was so great.

Justin:              I agree. I feel like we were liking the first episode a lot, a lot of positive. It feels like, “This doesn’t seem like it’s a lot happening.” I feel like this episode, there’s a ton happening with the stakes of the show or like what the deal is. There’s a lot of sawdust in the dynamite, we don’t know who’s doing what. Everyone’s playing everyone, I think is the real lesson from this episode.

Alex:                 Pete, what did you think about this one?

Pete:                This one was a little bit, to be honest, a little bit of a let down because there was this Loki stalling moment that I was very confused by and then there was Loki talking to Loki but wasn’t Loki it was different actors and that was a little like, okay, but who’s the real Loki and then it was like Bryce? And then it’s like, I was like, “Do we know her? How do I… Who should I… Is this another trick? What’s going on?” And then like, Ren Faires are cool, we all know that, you know what I mean?

Alex:                 Yeah.

Pete:                So you got to plug that hard early in the second episode. It’s a classic trope, I’m glad they’re doing that there. But yeah, it was just a little like head-scratcher for me were I got a little bit lost in the timelines and what’s real and who’s what. I’m not sure-

Alex:                 I mean, I’m glad you brought that up about the Ren Faires Pete because that is pretty classic TV structure. The first one in the pilot, you want to set things up. Second episode, you always want to have a wrench.

Pete:                Always go to-

Alex:                 Always. Go back, watch any TV show.

Pete:                Yeah.

Justin:              There’s a red affair in every pilot. It’s in classic TV trope.

Alex:                 Yeah. Well you completed the pilot, you want to reward yourself with a large Turkey leg. That’s basically-

Justin:              I mean who doesn’t.

Alex:                 Yeah.

Pete:                Yeah, exactly.

Alex:                 I’m a little unclear on where to start with this episode because I do think the big thing that everybody’s going to be talking about and certainly what we’ve already started talking about is that reveal at the end, the actress’s name is Sophia Di Martino. She was already spotted on set a very long time ago wearing this variant of the Loki uniform. People are going to call her Lady Loki, but I want to throw something else out at you potentially, okay? I think a key moment here is when he calls her Loki, calls her in one of her other buddies Loki and she says, “Don’t call me that.” I think she is a Loki first of all, from a pre-sacred timeline version of the timeline, she’s from like-

Pete:                What did you just say out loud?

Alex:                 Okay. So we know that there was a multi-verse, right? Then the time, at least this is what we’ve been told, the time keepers came in, there’s this big multi-vessel boar and they reduced everything down to the sacred timeline. We have this Lady Loki coming in, bombing the timekeepers, blowing up the timeline, clearly knowing everything about the TVA. I think she exists from before the timekeepers reduced it down to the sacred timeline. She’s trying to return that potentially to return to her version of the timeline. But the secondary thing I’m going to throw out there is I think we’re going to get a moment later in the show where she says, “No, don’t call me Loki, that’s not my given name, my name is Amora.” And Amora, if you’re not a comic book fan is the Enchantress. The reason I’ll throw that out there is literally the entire episode, she is enchanting people to the point that Loki says, “She’s enchanting people.”

Alex:                 So this is somebody who is not Lady Loki from the comics, that’s a character that was brought to prominence in the Thor, run by JMS and Olivia Coipel, but Amora has been a female version of Loki for as long as the comics have been running, honestly, at this point. So I do think it’s going to be another moment in one division where she says, “My name is actually Agatha Harkness or when we find out that Sharon is the Power Broker. So maybe there’s some sort of a pattern there of like, “No, I’m not this character, I’m this other character” I know that’s a wild amount of theory to throw out there but that was immediately my thought about this episode.

Justin:              It was Amora all along, is what you’re predicting?

Pete:                Why aren’t we calling her Bryce? That’s what Loki calls her.

Alex:                 Bryce?

Justin:              Yes.

Alex:                 What are you talking about?

Justin:              Are you talking about Randy?

Pete:                [crosstalk 00:06:10] He looks at her and goes, “Bryce?” When she takes the hood off.

Alex:                 What?

Justin:              I thought it was… Doesn’t he call her Randy?

Pete:                I thought it was Bryce. I wrote down Bryce. I missed both of those things, clearly.

Justin:              I have some other theories to throw out while we’re talking theories. I think we’re going to find out that the timekeepers are just totally made up. It’s just like a bull shit story that they’re using to… That the TVA is using to keep everything in line for some reason that we’re going to find out later of why they need the sacred timeline. And I think we’re going to find out that they’re… It’s bad what they’re doing. We think the TVA is organizing, but I think they’re limiting the universe and we have this, a moral character that you’re saying Alex, who is actually… Loki is going to end up joining her and they’re going to work together to create more mischief, create the multi-verse back again and open it back up. And I have… So that’s the major plot theory, I had another even wilder theory I want to throw out-

Pete:                Oh my God.

Justin:              Is Owen Wilson, is Mobius king?

Pete:                Wow.

Justin:              Could he be… The way he’s playing… Well, this goes… The theme of this episode for me is everyone’s actually playing everyone else. No one is being honest. And the way that their own Wilson is in this episode makes me feel like he is using Loki to try to bring about the multi-verse in a way that is for his benefit.

Alex:                 That’s Interesting. I mean, certainly here’s his name Mobius which is like a Mobius strip. So it’s infinite, right? So there’s certainly-

Justin:              Yes.

Alex:                 Potentially something there, it would be a weird twist if Owen Wilson turns out to be Jonathan Majors who we know-

Justin:              I know the casting news is-

Alex:                 Yeah.

Justin:              What it is, but I also think king changes shape. I mean, he’s a sharp purple dude with a blue mask on. And I know that Cassie news is definitely right in the face of the theory, I’m saying, but what I am saying is Owen Wilson feels like he is in a different position than we think. And king would be a fun thing to reveal.

Alex:                 I really liked that idea. I mean, certainly watching the show going forward, I’ll take a look for that. But I felt like if anybody is on the level, it’s Mobius. He is the one who’s trying to do the right thing. I do have some questions about what he is and what the other people in the TVA are. I was thinking more about the Eugene Cordero thing about what is a fish and it feels like they’re-

Justin:              Yeah.

Alex:                 Maybe not even human, they’re just something that was created by maybe not the time keepers, maybe whatever the time keepers actually were. We’re jumping all over the place and Pete feels like you want to jump in with something before I get too in the weeds here.

Pete:                Well, yeah, I mean, first off I wanted to ask if you guys are having fun, because talking about these multiple timelines and variants of variants and variants, this to me is like, sometimes why I shake my fist at comments to be like, “Why so complicated? Why are you making my head hurt?” I like things that are deeper, have bigger meaning, that is cool but sometimes this can drive me a little bit insane. And also I admit that I do have a problem with time travel sometimes in movies and stuff. So that could be triggering it as well. But also what’s driving me nuts is they’re just casually keeping like, yeah, there are three magical lizards in charge. Anyways if they don’t, by the third episode reveal whether or not there really is magical lizards that are running this shit and like what’s… If we don’t get to see them, I think I might lose my mind. So I just wanted to put that out there.

Alex:                 Well, I don’t think… I mean, we talked about this on the last episode of the podcast. I think there is a Oz type scenario going on there. It seems pretty clear with the amount of times that Loki talks about wanting to see them, the fact that nobody has seen them, the fact that they’re very budget day [inaudible 00:10:02] of fide and as far as we know, gigantic statues, and that’s pretty much it-

Justin:              There is a lot of puppets that adults of these people for them to be real.

Alex:                 Exactly. And maybe they were real at some point then they died and they’ve kept this lie going through these all powerful creatures, but it certainly seems to me like they’re not there right now. Maybe Ravonna is behind it, maybe it is Kang behind it, maybe there’s nobody behind it and it’s just this panicky thing. But also to jump back to what you were saying, Justin, and throw something else out there. This is very far field given that we’re in the second episode, but I do wonder if we’re headed into a place toward the end of this series, where like you were saying, the multi-verse comes back and the new task of the TVA is to police the multi-verse not restrict it, but police it and people that are jumping timelines clean that up there.

Justin:              Well, and I think that’s fun if we… Because Loki is maybe the only show so far that we are fairly certain, we’re going to get a season two of… It feels like that is a fun future. And also I think it helps if the Loki series is just preamble for the Dr.Strange movie and we’re going to be able to take all of the stuff that happens in this series and boil it down to a two minute scene that starts off the Dr. Strange movie, where it’s like Loki broke open the multi-verse and that’s what we start with and that’s what happens-

Alex:                 Well, and same thing with Spider-Man: No Way Home, as well as there was a little blip of a teaser released for Spider-Man: No Way Home, they use the Spider-Man into the spider verse effect in it. So that seems like, “Yeah, this is all setting that up. This is all connected.” I do want to get back to what Pete was saying though about this being confusing, because-

Pete:                I wanted to jump a little bit on Justin [inaudible 00:11:49] Sunbelt. I’ll let you go first.

Alex:                 Yeah. I wanted to support what you’re saying, because I do think is a chunk of the audience that has severe problems with this. And I think that is absolutely okay because it’s very confusing. Like my wife, I can’t watch time travel stuff with her. She hates it. She legitimately hates it, finds it frustrating and annoying. The fact that there’s different rules and they usually don’t quite match up and don’t quite make sense. And frankly, the MCU is terrible at it. It’s all over the place, Endgame was a bunch of nonsense. I enjoyed the movie, but none of it matched up.

Justin:              I mean, starting this show… Well, first off your wife’s clearly a time traveler, secondly… And that’s a theory I’ve been pushing for a long time-

Alex:                 Long time.

Justin:              A very long.

Alex:                 I mean she doesn’t age.

Justin:              She doesn’t age.

Alex:                 Yeah.

Justin:              Your kids are… Have like odd power like they are minority reports sense of future.

Alex:                 They do ask to take milk baths a lot.

Justin:              Yes. They’re always just laying in milk. You’re always shouting, “We have a red ball.” You’ve been accused of pre-murder several times. You somehow keep getting away with it. But I agree, starting this series off with a cut out scene from Endgame. That in itself is confusing, is crazy.

Alex:                 Yeah.

Justin:              For a casual viewer to come in and be like, “I like Tom Hiddleston. Let me give this… What’s happening here?”

Alex:                 On the same note, I do think this series is doing a good job of it. This series is doing a good job of distilling it down and to answer the initial question that you asked Pete, I am having fun watching the series because I do think… First of all, I love the alternate universe stuff. So maybe I’m a little biased here. I have a lot of fun piece of going apart and try to figure out these rules and how it works. But I also think Tom Hiddleston, Owen Wilson are having a great time. Their dynamic is so much fun to watch. I like all the details about the TVA. I really like the look of the show as well. So I am having a good time watching it even though the alternate universe stuff might be a little confusing. I do think they’re distilling it down to what you need to know to watch the show.

Alex:                 They’re not doing… It’s not primer. They’re not sitting down and be like, “Here are the rules or tenent or something like that, where you have to have a 10 minute download of everybody asking questions and somebody standing in front of me like, “Okay, here’s how this works.” Instead they’re just going with it and you can decide… Frankly I barely understand the apocalyptic event thing and I haven’t pieced it apart too much to see if the conversation between Loki Mobius made any sense but them going to Pompeii is fun. So I’m okay with it.

Pete:                Okay. Now, something Justin talked about, I think if the first two minutes of Dr. Strange is not Loki on a jet ski jumping from timeline to timeline on a lake or something but it’s timelines, I think this whole thing would be a waste because the big jet ski that is just… This thing just seems like it’s a big commercial for a big jet ski. How do you guys feel about that?

Justin:              Absolutely. I don’t have a place to put it but I’m buying a jet ski just to keep around the house.

Alex:                 [inaudible 00:15:04] Ride a jet ski to work, like a road jet ski. He put wheels on it. That was pretty weird.

Pete:                What?

Justin:              No, I didn’t see that. Again, probably someone made from your time traveling with your wife. So we don’t quite… It’s not quite with us yet. But love the jet ski stuff. Having Loki travel on jet ski between timelines, here for it. And that’s why I think this show, to Alex’s point, it keeps it fun. There’s a lot of fun in this episode, despite all of the dense time travel stuff, the jet ski stuff, the whole thing he does to Mobius’ salad while he’s trying to talk to him.

Pete:                Yeah. Yeah.

Justin:              Very fun. He ruins a salad- [crosstalk 00:15:44].

Alex:                 Ruins it. Wasn’t even a great metaphor, went too far for it. We could have just explained it.

Justin:              Yes.

Pete:                Yeah.

Justin:              Right. Yeah, definitely. But he wanted to ruin that salad.

Pete:                He sure did.

Justin:              That was his goal and he did it. On the Ravonna tip that you mentioned, I think she herself is behind the timekeepers. Her role in the show so far is odd to me. She is just there and Mobius occasionally is like, “Here’s what I’m thinking.” She’s like, “Whatever. And then they go their separate ways. So I think she’s going to end up being our bad here or at least are liar. They’re going to expose. I can imagine her having a fish tank with three lizards in it and that’s where she got the idea for the timekeepers.

Alex:                 Or again, the timekeepers left and she’s had to keep this going because they have thousands, maybe millions of people working for the TVA and that’s just what she has to do.

Justin:              It’s a lot to manage.

Alex:                 It is a lot to manage. I did like, and we talked about this, I think a little bit in the last episode of the podcast, but Michael Waldron the showrunner said that he wants to shake things up every episode in honor of Loki that it just sort of feels like this chaos. So I did love that we have this first episode that, I don’t even know what you’d call it necessarily, but just a trial show, a prisoner interrogation show, I guess. But this one was very clearly a buddy cop show where Loki is the analyst brought in from the outside to pair up with a straight laced cop and give them advice. And I was like, “Okay. Now I get the show. Now I know what it is.” And that at the end, out the window.

Justin:              Kablooey.

Alex:                 Kablooey. And I love that. I love that move that in the third episode, it’s probably going to be something entirely different as Lady Loki slash Amora slash whoever she is, showing our Loki around the multi-verse, potentially.

Justin:              One, the idea that it’s a series of procedurals as well is nice because that gives us a strong format to hang all of this wild stuff on for each episode. So I would love to keep seeing different variations on procedural tropes would be cool.

Alex:                 I also really liked the apocalypse at the end. I thought that was interesting. Just in terms of the timeline of the MCU. That was fascinating-

Justin:              Yeah.

Alex:                 Because when was that? That’s 2050 something, is that, right?

Justin:              I believe that’s what he said, 2050, or maybe even a little more.

Alex:                 Yeah. It might’ve been 20,40 years around there.

Justin:              Yeah.

Alex:                 Sorry, I should have written it down. But the fact that in the MCU post Endgame, I believe we’re 2025 because don’t forget we’re now in the future, the MCU hasn’t caught up yet.

Justin:              Yeah.

Alex:                 So that’s not too far off. So it feels like, I don’t know if they’re teasing something there for the future of the MCU potentially or is it just a commentary on environmental disaster, which it could be.

Justin:              I hate to tell you, Alex, I think they’re teasing something for the real.

Alex:                 One of those classic real life spoilers.

Justin:              Yeah. But yeah, I agree that whole sequence was cool and I like that they used it as just a backdrop and didn’t have to get into like, what does it mean? Or see a bunch of news about Ant-Man doing something. it was just like, “No, we’re just setting it here. It’s a little bit of tension, a little bit of dread, but really just driving forward with our Loki story.”

Alex:                 Yeah. And it does, you have the rocks on connection because you got rocks cart-

Pete:                Rocks cart, yeah. That’s what I was going to… Yeah. It was a fun little.

Alex:                 Yeah. It’s just part of the universe. Like you’re saying, Justin, it’s throwing you into you there and letting you go. What other notes from the episode, what other scenes or moments jumped out to you?

Justin:              I mean, we talked a little bit about Pompeii, but shout out to the original apocalypse. What a great time to really see the… And you don’t go there often enough. You don’t see it as much, but great to see Loki really going in and just roasting the people even as the Ash spewing volcanoes exploding behind them.

Alex:                 What did you think about the fact that Pompeii looked like a [dinky 00:19:46] thing they shot out of backstage somewhere?

Justin:              I was surprised at how dinky, but yes, very much like Hercules, the legend continues because they might’ve been the same set.

Alex:                 Yeah.

Justin:              Not that they have that in storage from like 20 years ago, but yeah, it was. But also Tom Hiddleston commands the room. So you forget it once he’s up yelling at all of them-

Pete:                Yeah.

Justin:              In a good way.

Pete:                What I like about Loki is he’s also aware of himself, the moment where he was like, “I see why Thor found this so annoying.” That was a real fun moment. And I was like, “Man, look at you, being self-aware of how annoying you are. That’s fine.”

Alex:                 We brushed on this a little earlier, but the Ren Faire thing at the beginning I thought was so great just to twist the time travel realities of the show, have you think, “Okay. They’re going back to Medieval Times now. No. They’re not. The going back to the 80s, it was the 80s, right?

Justin:              1985.

Alex:                 Yeah, 1985 and it’s just a Ren Faire. I thought that was very fun.

Pete:                And I also really loved how angry that lady was. Like, “You’re not dressed right. That was such a fun part.

Justin:              I mean what is going to a Ren faire if not a little bit of time travel. That the rest of us, Alex for Science, since he has access to time travel at any time. For Pete and I we can go there and really just track back to a time when you could spend like eight or $9 on a beer.

Alex:                 Classic time. I had a question. Just something that I wasn’t 100% sure about. I think this was established at the end, but maybe I missed it. The Lady Loki was actually there, right? At the Ren faire. When Loki was doing the whole speech where he was like, “And don’t go outside because this is a trap.” And then Mobius said, “Come on. Just wipe the timeline. You’re being ridiculous,” towards the beginning of the episode, when they’re having the… The two Loki’s are having a conversation at the end, I think the indication was, she actually was there and he actually was pulling a double faint of trying to convince Mobius that she wasn’t there and he was lying when he was actually giving her enough time to escape. Is that right?

Pete:                See, I thought it was, he was bragging to be like, “Hey, I stole them and kept them in the tent for you.” I thought like that’s what he was-

Alex:                 Yeah, that’s what I’m saying. I think that the way that scene plays out, Loki is so obviously lying to Mobius the entire time about what’s going on as he’s piecing together the clues, it seemed weird. And I guess what I’m double-checking here is you guys got the same impression, at the end of the episode, we find out he was obviously lying to trick Mobius into thinking he was lying when he was actually telling the truth.

Justin:              Yeah. Yes. Wait-

Pete:                What?

Justin:              Are you creating a separate branch? Because I’m about to set off a time grenade and get out of this-

Pete:                Yeah, let’s get out of this-

Justin:              These variances.

Alex:                 Too much. Too much.

Justin:              But no, I agree. I think Loki was trying to plot his next move and his next move is to figure out what’s happening from this Loki and ingratiate himself to whoever that is. So I think he was always pivoting and then only in the final moment is like later I’m going through this door.

Alex:                 Yeah. Another couple of fun little moments, really like the knife moment. I thought that was very fun. The, “Hell, no, you can’t have any knives.” Also when popping the collar on the jacket was very fun.

Pete:                Yeah. The variant jacket was really cool. I mean, I don’t know about you guys, but I’m going to start writing variant on the back of all my jacket.

Alex:                 Absolutely.

Justin:              [inaudible 00:23:14] accurate in a lot of ways,

Alex:                 And I loved the brief glimpses of the Loki variants as well as they were going through it. That was very fun. Including some that I don’t think we’ve ever seen in the comics necessarily, but very enjoyable.

Justin:              Yeah. I agree.

Alex:                 Do you think… This literally just occurred to me, so I don’t even know… I don’t have anything to back this up, but-

Justin:              Do you think time is real?

Alex:                 I don’t have anything to back it up, but what do you guys think, is time real? Now the fact that they emphasize that Lokis messed up the timeline and they’d have to arrest them more than anybody else, do you think the person behind the timekeepers is a Loki?

Pete:                Loki is one of the three lizards?

Alex:                 No, there are no lizards.

Justin:              Like a square.

Alex:                 It’s-

Justin:              Like a square Loki.

Alex:                 Yeah. It’s like whatever, the original, maybe even it’s classic Loki, like classic Marvel comics, legit evil Loki, is the person behind the timekeepers that set this up to do the thing that our Loki has already trying to do, which is take over the timekeepers but he’s already done that because Loki has taken them-

Pete:                I think it’s a younger, more adorable evil Loki.

Alex:                 Well, there’s a good chance we’re going to see a kid Loki at some point in the show. And another thing that people have speculated about Richard E. Grant was cast in it and people have thought, maybe he is playing an older Loki. So I think that’s a possibility as well. And it’s all Loki, right? It’s all going to come back to Loki in some way.

Justin:              Well, that certainly reflects the title sequence-

Alex:                 Yeah. All the different-

Justin:              So there’s different variations on Loki. So I think that would make a lot of sense. But let me ask you this, Alex, are you saying that this Loki has started the TVA to amend the Loki ways or as a means of creating more chaos somehow?

Alex:                 I think just to rule, he’s the one… If you want to go with the theme that we talked about in the first episode, which is who always stops Loki, it’s Loki.

Justin:              Yeah.

Alex:                 First of all, it would make sense that he-

Justin:              He’s a loser.

Alex:                 Yeah. That would make sense as the villain of the series but also the Loki that we know from the MCU has this heart to him, has this thing that is constantly stopping him from actually winning. What if there was a Loki, either the original Loki or one of the Loki from the multi-verse who doesn’t have that thing holding him back. Like he is the one who legit knows how to rule because he has no connections to anything. He doesn’t care about Thor, he doesn’t care about Asgard, he doesn’t care about what anybody else thinks about him. He would be the one to take over the TVA, take over the entire time stream and eliminate whatever would be the major thing going against this rule, which would probably be other Lokis. So getting rid of other time streams would destroy the other Lokis potentially.

Justin:              I like this theory a lot and for two reasons. One, it pays off a lot of what we saw in that first episode of him seeing the infinity stones being like, “I want those. They’re not powerful at all? The real power is controlling the TVA.” So I liked that as a callback to the episode one. I like that for a second reason, in that a lot of the scenes stuff that we saw setting up the series were about Loki failing because of his pride and if he is running the TVA from behind this lizard charade, that means he’s gotten past his pride and he’s become this true master. But I think if that’s true, Alex, I think it means that this Loki is going to defeat that one and prove that the mischief is about pride. You need to be prideful. You need to be this mischief maker where you’re at the center of things and that our Loki will defeat him.

Pete:                I hope that it’s the evil Loki running the whole thing is the Matt Damon Loki and he’s got to fight the Matt Damon Loki at the end.

Alex:                 Finally take him down for good. I love it. And one little last note about this is there is the Kieron Gillen run on Journey Into Mystery, which has a similar thing if I remember correctly where Kid Loki is going around and it turns out it is the OG Marvel comics Loki, who sort of the bad guy there manipulating things. So they could use notes of that potentially for the series.

Justin:              That’s really cool. Now do you think our Loki is going to get DH-ed or we’re going to see a variant?

Alex:                 I think we’re going to see a variant. I don’t think we’re going to see a young Tom Hiddleston necessarily.

Justin:              Maybe for an episode, that maybe for an episode.

Alex:                 Baby Hiddleston?

Justin:              Everybody wants it.

Alex:                 Just like everyone loves their babies. [crosstalk 00:27:45].

Justin:              Boy band Tom Hiddleston.

Alex:                 That’d be great.

Pete:                Wow.

Alex:                 Before we wrap up this episode, what is on your vision board? Let’s talk about that. What’s coming up? What do you want to see in episode three of a Loki? Pete?

Pete:                Yeah. I want to see a little bit more condensed version of the show. I want to a little bit more. Hey, I need some answers to some stuff so I can enjoy this moving forward. If all of these branches are constantly going all the time and there’s a bunch of different Lokis, maybe it will be like, “Fun, cool,” or it might drive me insane. I’m hoping for a little bit of understanding on the viewers part moving forward. But I am very excited to see the show is building nicely. So I am very excited to see what happens. I think they’re doing a good job of being like, “You don’t know what’s going on.” So I’m hoping for some jet ski answers.

Justin:              Jet-ski answers. What I think is going to… What I think is coming up. My vision is… Thank you, Pete. I think we’re going to see Loki learn a bunch of stuff from Amora, this other variant that we’re defining and then I think he’s going to go back, end up back at the TVA and claim that he was double agenting for them this entire time. And will go back and talk to work with Owen Wilson to try to move forward. As this theory unfolds that we’ve been talking about where the TVA is actually this whole faint for all Loki or someone else.

Alex:                 At this point, the big thing that I want to see in episode three is the multi-verse. Now that we have all of these things branching off, maybe we’re building it up to it in an episode six so maybe I’m too early here, but it does feel like Lady Loki taking our Loki around on a tour and showing him, “Here, there’s all these different variations. This is why I’m doing what I’m doing.” I don’t necessarily need to see 14 Captain Americas and different versions of Avengers and all sorts of [inaudible 00:29:42] Easter eggs but I do want to see, what is this like? How does this work with the multi-verse? Because I think that’s really important, not just for the show, but also establishing as we’ve talked about going forward with Dr. Strange to Spider-Man three potentially things beyond that as well. So that should be… I think we’ll get that at some point. I’d be interested to see that next episode.

Justin:              I don’t think we’re going to get next episode. I do think we’re getting episode five or probably six and I feel like we’re going to see it where our Loki is going to be splitting in a way that they do like time splitting with different transparent variations of Loki, opening up out of him, sort of all fighting and then splitting off and then we’ll actually see the physicalized multi-verse forming through the lens of Loki.

Pete:                Wow.

Alex:                 Good idea. Quite a bit…

Justin:              That’s a visual. Sorry. I’m tripping balls [crosstalk 00:30:31].

Pete:                I was going to say man. Your eyes are so dilated right now.

Alex:                 I mean, that’s a good note. I got to get my kids out of the milk bath. So why don’t we wrap this up? If you’d like to support us Also, we do a live show every Tuesday night at 7:00 PM to Crowdcast and YouTube, iTunes, Android, Spotify, Stitcher or the app of your choice to subscribe and listen to the show at Comic Book live. Excuse me. At MarvelVisionPod on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook, comicbookclub for this podcast and more. Until next time, stay marvelous.

Justin:              What cup of type of milk are you doing for your milk bath for your kids?

Alex:                 Usually 2%. But they only add a whole at the store. So I’ve been using that.

Pete:                Whole is extra creepy.

Justin:              Thick, thick milk-

Alex:                Yeah. They get stuck. It congeals so quickly. It’s awful.

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