MarvelVision: WandaVision Episode 7 – “Breaking The Fourth Wall”

WandaVision - Episode 7

WestView is falling apart, and so is Wanda, as the WandaVision villain is revealed on Episode 7 “Breaking the Fourth Wall.” While Vision slowly makes his way back to the center of town with the help of Darcy, Wanda is taking some “me” time to recover from expanding the Hex in a The Office inspired episode. But things aren’t going well, leading to Agnes taking the twins… And revealing some less than altruistic motives. Meanwhile, outside the Hex, Hayward prepares to launch a full-scale attack, and Monica reenters, ready to try and help Wanda — leading to the birth of a new hero. From the Nexus to Major Goodner to the Darkhold, we’re breaking down all of the WandaVision Easter eggs, Marvel Comics spoilers, and much more from WandaVision Episode 7.


Full Episode Transcript

Alex:                 Welcome to MarvelVision, a podcast about the MCU, Marvel, and right now, WandaVision. We’re talking to episode five… Excuse me, episode seven. I don’t know. It’s very early right now. Breaking the Fourth Wall. I’m Alex.

Justin:              I’m Justin.

Pete:                I’m Pete.

Alex:                 And very exciting, big episode of WandaVision as usual. Spoiler warning if you haven’t watched it yet on Disney+, which maybe you did because it crashed for a good point this morning. Go away. Go watch the episode. We’re going to be talking about all the big spoilers and Easter eggs and everything going on in here.

Pete:                Plus after credits.

Alex:                 We got a mid credit sequence this time.

Justin:              100%.

Alex:                 So don’t turn it off.

Justin:              They’ve been keeping that spot open in the mid credits, and it’s about time we used it.

Alex:                 Yeah. I’ll tell you what, usually I turn off the episodes halfway through because I’m like, “I’m done. Let’s just move on.”

Justin:              “I’ve had enough.”

Alex:                 I have other things to do with my day. Let’s go. But this time I actually kept it on, not just through the entire episode, but also through the credits, and I was pleasantly surprised. Pete, I appreciate, since we’re on video now, that you’re just sinking lower and lower in the camera.

Pete:                Don’t bring it here, asshole. You don’t want none of this. I’ve seen too much behind the curtain today for you to fuck with me, man. I was watching as you greased up your forehead, got the lighting all right, placed your sex dolls in the background. I don’t know what the fuck you’re doing.

Alex:                 Those are owls, Pete.

Pete:                All right, well… They’re missing beaks. I don’t know what you’re doing to them.

Alex:                 I went out a nature hike with Pete once, and he was like, “What are these fucking sex dolls doing hooting up there in the trees? What’s going on?” Anyway, let’s talk about this episode. The broad strokes, this is the mockumentary style episode, a little bit of The Office, a little bit of the Modern Family going on. In case you haven’t picked up on what’s been going on, Vision was left for dead, pretty much, at the end of the last episode after the Hex expanded. This episode, we pick up with that. He teams up with Darcy to try to get back to the center of town and get back to Wanda. Meanwhile, Wanda’s in a real funk, having a me day, and gives the kids over to Agnes, which leads to the big reveal at the end of the episode that it’s been Agnes all along.

Justin:              So funny, so weird.

Pete:                Can I ask-

Alex:                 Wait, I just want to… The last thing, outside the Hex, we got Monica and Jimmy trying to get back inside. We finally meet the aerospace engineer. Huge moment that we’ve all been waiting for.

Justin:              God, I can’t believe that. What a character reveal.

Alex:                 Monica does go back inside, does finally get powers, though we don’t get to see the full range of them, confronts Wanda and ends up in some trouble of her own by the end of the episode. Pete, what did you want to say? What’s going on?

Pete:                So with the title, Breaking the Fourth Wall, I got very excited because I was like, “You know what famous Marvel character breaks the fourth wall all time? Deadpool.” So I was like, “Please, please give me Deadpool in this weird world, just a throwaway.” Make him a clown in the background or something.

Alex:                 I thought we were going to talk about Kool-Aid man. The Marvel character who famously breaks the fourth wall.

Pete:                And a living room wall, not just a fourth wall.

Justin:              Any living wall. The walls are alive and the Kool-Aid man is coming for them.

Alex:                 Before we talk about specific moments, as we usually do at the beginning of episodes, broad strokes, what’d you guys think? We’re now at the end of here, two episodes from the end, we’ve got a big finale, we know who the villain is. Here’s the gig spoiler warning. It is Agnes, who is Agatha Harkness, who we suspected all along. So that’s been pulled back. We don’t have all the answers yet, but certainly we have a better understanding of what’s going on here. How are you feeling about the series right now?

Pete:                I’m very excited. I feel like this is doing a great job of building momentum. First episode, not that exciting, but it’s really been building since then, and I’ve been really into it. I’m really impressed with how things are going. I cannot wait to watch the last two eps.

Justin:              This episode was weird to me. There was a lot of air in it. It felt very like… Especially the outside of the Hex stuff. The scenes where like… They’re left, they weren’t moving very quickly. And I thought that was interesting. I don’t know what that means. My tooth just literally broke.

Pete:                You don’t have to put it in.

Alex:                 That one’s worse. That’s worse.

Justin:              No, it’s good. It’s perfect. I’ll explain this later.

Alex:                 This doesn’t make much sense for our audio podcast. Can you quickly explain…

Justin:              I broke a crown and it keeps sliding out. I’m getting it fixed on Monday, but now I have this half… I won’t talk about it anymore. It’s great for audio. So what was I saying? There’s so much air-

Pete:                You’re part clown. You were saying you were part clown.

Justin:              The Hex just absorbed me. There’s so much air in the episode. I thought it was strange on the outside how the longest scenes were going and stuff. I don’t know why that was.

Alex:                 That’s interesting. I had the opposite problem. I was okay with the stuff outside the Hex. Inside the Hex. I feel like they didn’t quite nail the mockumentary tone, and I think part of that is Wanda is depressed, so I get that. I think also it’s clearly falling apart, as we see, that the whole thing is dealing with.

Justin:              I know all about that.

Alex:                 For the most part, this is no knock on her, but she’s been fantastic so far. I don’t think Elizabeth Olsen quite nailed the voice, and maybe that was a conscious choice because Wanda is not really into the sitcom format anymore. Versus Paul Bettany, who did that very funny scene outside of the funnel cake truck, where he’s kind of scratching his ear even though he doesn’t have an ear, taking off the microphone. He got it. She didn’t. Again, maybe a character choice, but it really felt like a lot of the structure of the jokes that have been hitting over the past couple of episodes didn’t quite work for me.

Pete:                I’m not going to sit here and let you take down Olsen’s acting choices. I thought the fact that she is playing unnerved heightens the tension of the scenes and doesn’t give it that just like, “Hey, this is The Office. Whoa, hey, looking at the camera, having fun.” Shit is going down.

Alex:                 Hey, we’re having a good time here.

Pete:                I don’t appreciate you taking shots at her like that.

Justin:              Pete, very spicy when we do anything before dawn, it turns out. I mean, I agree with you. It does feel like a conscious choice in that the documentary sort of format for a sitcom is the closest to reality, and then that makes Wanda the most uncomfortable because they’re dealing with this actual real stuff that’s happening. I think it’s intentional.

Alex:                 Leave it out. Careful.

Pete:                No, this whole catching his tooth as he’s talking is just such a nice thing in the morning. I can’t tell you.

Alex:                 I just watched a whole episode of WandaVision where she went down to a horrible dungeon. This is the most [inaudible 00:07:15]. But I think what we got here in terms of her grief and her depression and everything are really good. Like I was kind of indicating before, I think the horrifying moments are really good. Pete, I thought of you when Wanda went down to the basement. You had to be alone screaming, “Don’t go down into the basement.”

Pete:                Yeah, why would you do that? Why would you do that?

Justin:              You got to go down to the basement.

Pete:                No, you do not have to… You fight her up here where she has no powers and secret charms. You fight her in the daylight. You don’t go into the witch’s secret room. That’s where all her power is. I mean, that’s fucking 101.

Justin:              It’s interesting to me, the end of it. I mean, I don’t know if we want to talk about that now, but the way we’re getting the blend of… Agatha Harkness is a straight up witch. The science of Vision with the magic of Agatha Harkness is a totally new sort of blending, I feel like.

Pete:                Justin, I think you’re really missing an opportunity to whistle while you talk, because-

Justin:              I don’t know if you know, but no one wants to do that.

Alex:                 I agree with you. We talked about this a little bit the last episode, the fact that magic in the MCU is not strictly magic necessarily. It’s science masquerading as magic. And I’m sure that’s the direction they could go in. They also don’t need to have somebody be like, “Well you know, magic is actually this thing.” At this point we’re over a decade into the MCU.

Pete:                Just real quick, were you doing the Bunny’s voice from the TV show? Whose voice were you just doing?

Justin:              Señor Scratchy?

Alex:                 Yeah, that was Sir Scratchy. [crosstalk 00:08:53].

Pete:                [inaudible 00:08:56]. I really hope next episode bunny explains magic to us because [crosstalk 00:09:00].

Alex:                 Bunny might be something. I mean, he’s certainly something in the CapEx we talked about this before, but Nick Scratch is Agatha Harkness’s son. I think… We’re kind of jumping all over the place here, but I think we’re probably going to discover that there are a couple of lieutenants, like we’ve speculated, that are working for her.

Justin:              I think maybe Quicksilver is Nick Scratch, right?

Alex:                 Yeah. I think that’s pretty fair. Also the mailman, the delivery man. I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but he has Presto written on his name tag. So certainly he seems to be aware of what stuff is going on. I think we could write off… We were getting the name wrong. Herb, right? Not Hugh. I think we were calling him Hugh. But Herb seems to have been spelled by Agatha, so he may not be quite as much a lieutenant as we thought. But I don’t think she’s doing this alone. I think she has people working for her.

Justin:              And Ralph definitely seems like someone who we’re going to find out is perhaps a larger bad that maybe looking forward into the rest of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Alex:                 Well who do you think… Again, we should probably go back and talk about individual moments throughout the episode, but since we’re here anyway, who do you think that could be? Do you think given the big song and dance, literal, at the end of the episode that, yes, Agatha Harkness is the villain, that’s what we’re following. Or is there another uber-bad beyond that? And if so, who is it?

Justin:              I think there is. And what do we think? Like Immortus is a possibility. It feels like we could get into some of the weirder Doctor strange villains are the good crossover points here. Or some of the larger like Chaos, all those big elemental galactic figures. I don’t know.

Alex:                 The two that I’ve seen speculated about… One, everybody has mentioned Mephisto. That feels like a little bit of a reach to have a literal devil her.

Pete:                Well that’s a shitty choice.

Alex:                 You just don’t like Mephisto.

Pete:                Damn right I don’t.

Alex:                 The one that I find way more intriguing and makes a lot more sense to me is Nightmare, who is a Marvel comics villain, for those of you who don’t know, who is the literal manifestation of nightmares, has battled Doctor Strange a ton of times, Spider-Man, absolutely everybody. And if we’re going for a villain, this is a nightmare that she is living in, or she is trying to push it away and turn it into a dream. So that potentially makes a lot of sense to me.

Justin:              I thought of that too, but the only thing that I don’t think it’s nightmares is he doesn’t seem powerful enough to really warrant a show across into the movies character move. He’s not that big of a villain

Alex:                 To throw out another possibility, it could be like Loki and Avengers. He was working for Thanos. We don’t get that Thanos reveal until later. So we don’t get an uber-bad in these last two episodes. It really is Agatha for the show, but Agatha is getting her power, was working with or for somebody else, potentially Nightmare. I’ll throw out another piece of evidence for you. So the commercial, this episode-

Pete:                Yeah, Nexus.

Alex:                 Nexus, very on the news pointed to exactly what is going on now. We’ve had stuff throughout Wanda’s past we’ve speculated in terms of what’s been going on with the commercials. This very much seems to be the present. But in terms of a nexus in the Marvel universe, you got the Nexus of All Realities, which is where the Man-Thing lives and guards down in the Florida Everglades. Not in New Jersey usually, but I think we can fudge it a little bit. And that’s exactly what it sounds like. It’s this doorway to the multiverse, knowing that we’re going into the multiverse in Doctor Strange and the Multiverse of Madness and also in Spider-Man 3, potentially. That certainly seems like a good indicator there.

Pete:                Now I’m all excited for man thing, and when we don’t get Man-Thing I’m going to be pissed at you.

Justin:              I could see us getting Man-Thing.

Pete:                No way, man.

Alex:                 Give us Man-Thing. All the people are demanding. Don’t go on Twitter, Man-Thing is trending right now.

Justin:              Pete, we just got Agatha Harkness, like the old lady witch from a couple of random comics, and you’re like, “Man-Thing’s a bridge too far.”

Alex:                 Pete, you love that, though. Agatha’s basically a granny, so you must be over the moon right now.

Pete:                All right. All right. That’s weird. No, but I do-

Alex:                 No, you love grannies. You talk about it constantly.

Justin:              You love bad-ass grandma.

Pete:                I like bad-ass people and if it happens to be a grandma, that’s even better, okay? This is kind of exciting. I’m not really familiar with Agnes too much. This would be fun to kind of have… I’m excited for this witch-off that’s going to be coming in the next two episodes.

Alex:                 No, wait, I wanted to… Just to close the loop here on this Nightmare conversation. The one thing that I wanted to throw out is-

Justin:              Alex, this is a podcast, not a nightmare conversation.

Alex:                 What’s the difference?

Pete:                I’ve had nightmares about this.

Alex:                 So the Nexus of All Realities could… There’s another area of the Marvel universe, I don’t think they’re directly connected. Maybe they are in some coming that I’m forgetting, but there’s a thing called the Crossroads of Reality that’s played into a lot of different stories, particularly Doctor Strange stories. I think that’s where it came from, and it was also a fantastic Hulk arc where he was stranded in the Crossroad of Realities and tried to find his happiness there. Absolutely fantastic. But I feel like they can kind of fudge the two together, and if I remember correctly, a lot of the Crossroads of Reality stuff was… At least led in some part to Nightmare. I remember him being part of some of those stories.

Justin:              He was always hanging out in there.

Alex:                 Exactly. So I could see it all connecting in some way.

Justin:              I think it does. The Crossroads and the Nexus are even drawn very similarly. There’s always just random planets floating around. So I definitely think that’s the case.

Pete:                We kind of got that when we saw the power lines and there was all these weird kind of lights and they went on forever. It kind of looked a little bit like that.

Justin:              No, that’s Monica’s powers developing. That was her point of view. So I don’t think that’s necessarily connected there. I did want to say, what do you think… There’s a book in one shot in Agatha’s-

Pete:                Yeah, that’s kind of glowing, yeah.

Alex:                 So one of the prominent books of the Marvel universe is the Darkhold, so-

Justin:              That’s what I was thinking too. That is a weird choice.

Alex:                 It is a very weird choice. They also, not for nothing, did the Darkhold on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. I don’t know how much that matters, necessarily.

Justin:              Which show did you say? Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.?

Alex:                 Oh, I’m sorry. NCIS.

Justin:              I think a reference to an NCIS moment probably matters more than a reference to Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

Pete:                Poor show.

Justin:              Poor show.

Alex:                 Poor Coulson and his team.

Pete:                Come on. [crosstalk 00:15:48] was great.

Alex:                 The other thing that was interesting about that book, which I’m sure you guys noticed, but it was crackling with red energy at the end, not the purple energy that Agnes, Agatha, I guess we can just straight up color Agatha at this point, is showing off. So it seems like it’s holding some of Wanda’s energy or containing it or powered by Wanda’s energy. I assume we’re going to find out in next week’s episode.

Justin:              Or that that’s the conduit for all this extra energy that Wanda has, is what I was thinking.

Pete:                I thought maybe just, she accidentally dumped some like Code Red over it or something. Because it kind of has that weird glow after you do that.

Justin:              Of all the villains we named though, Mephisto’s sort of the most fun and the most… When I’m like, if I want to put an actor, a big A-list actor into the Marvel universe, Mephisto would be sort of the one to do, right?

Pete:                No.

Justin:              Red energy.

Alex:                 I mean, this would be also very on the nose, but a couple of people have pointed out that apparently Al Pacino had a meeting with Marvel about a potential role. I don’t know how much I want to see that. I’ve already seen Devil’s Advocate. [crosstalk 00:16:57].

Justin:              They just take scenes from Devil’s Advocate and just drop them in randomly,

Alex:                 Hopefully my scene. That would be nice. I was in Devil’s Advocate, I don’t know if you guys know.

Justin:              Oh, right.

Alex:                 That’s not a joke. I really wasn’t Devil’s Advocate.

Pete:                You were in the background of a scene. It wasn’t like [crosstalk 00:17:15]-

Alex:                 My forehead, my blurry forehead, which you already pointed out is very shiny, was featured. They couldn’t keep it out.

Pete:                The wonder you shined up that forehead so much this morning.

Justin:              It’s the moneymaker.

Alex:                 Can I tell you what I did? I was an extra in the trial scene and I was sitting on the aisle, so to make sure they could catch me on camera I kind of sat like this.

Pete:                That’s not what you’re supposed to do.

Justin:              You ruined the shot.

Pete:                That’s not what you’re supposed to do.

Alex:                 It’s fine. You can see me right behind Keanu Reeves in one shot.

Justin:              Wow. Right behind Keanu Reeves. Alex’s dream role.

Alex:                 I was also supposed to be a reporter. They picked me out and then somebody, one of the the other actors was like, “Hey, are you SAG?” And I was like, “No.” And they’re like, “Well get out of here.”

Justin:              That’s too bad. I was in Mystic River as an extra.

Alex:                 Maybe that’ll tie it to WandaVision as well.

Justin:              It has to tie into us a little bit. We’ve covered a lot of big cinema territory.

Alex:                 The two most well-recognized pieces of cinema, Mystic River and Devil’s Advocate. So can we talk about Kathryn Hahn for a second, because I thought she was great.

Pete:                I didn’t know if you guys wanted to go over your resumes a little bit more before we moved on.

Alex:                 Pete you are even lower on the camera than you were before. I don’t know how you’re doing this.

Pete:                Yeah. It’s because your guys’s bullshit is slowly killing me and pushing me out of frame.

Alex:                 Can we talk about Kathryn Hahn? You got to love Kathryn Hahn, Pete, just to lift your spirits a little bit. She was great in this episode.

Pete:                Yes. She’s always great. She’s a lot of fun. She’s been in a ton of stuff. I respect to work and her comedy. It’s very exciting. She got that big song at the end. I thought it was great. I feel like she’s been killing it on the show.

Justin:              She got the big song. Everybody wants it.

Alex:                 She does a really good job in this episode, I think, first of all of hitting the comedy. Several of her lines made me laugh out loud. She’s the one that I think almost of anybody on this show just gets the sitcom tone perfectly, but also her turns and her little notes of danger, particularly as things go on with Billy and Tommy, with Wanda, obviously at the end, as you mentioned, Pete. Her song at the end was fantastic, and all the mode she played there. She was great in this episode.

Justin:              She can do everything we need from the character here. She’s very funny, she’s been funny throughout the whole series with this undertone of a little bit of menace or a little bit of wink that we don’t exactly know what it means, and then we get the full reveal here. Very excited for the fight that will come. What do you think now? Do we want to get into more speculation, the kids-

Pete:                Hang on. I just wanted to say… Alex brought this up and I didn’t want it to pass by. The line of don’t worry, she doesn’t bite, and then the cutaway of like, “I bit a kid once,” was just so funny.

Alex:                 It’s very funny.

Pete:                Really funny.

Alex:                 It was great. What happened to Billy and Tommy? Is that what you’re getting towards?

Justin:              And I guess what is Agatha’s role there? She clearly wants to control the kids. We talked a lot in the past about maybe she lost her kids or kid and maybe that’s a Nick Scratch situation that we were mentioning, because I think in the comics, Nick Scratch got pushed into another dimension at one point as a punishment for one of the things he was up to. So maybe she lost him and he’s taking the kids to fill that gap. I don’t know.

Alex:                 Right now, I was surprised at the end of the episode that it went so hard on, “I’m a straight up witch villain.” That’s it. “I’m cackling. I killed the dog. I killed Sparky. I’m the absolute worst because.” [crosstalk 00:20:53]. Like we talked about, or like you’re mentioning Justin, with most of the MCU villains, there’s some sort of actual motivation. They’re not just straight up evil. That doesn’t happen. So I feel like we’re still going to get that. I will note, this is not a big thing, but while I was frame by framing looking for Easter eggs in this episode, right at the beginning, there is a carton of milk that Wanda is holding and it’s very blurry, but you can see there’s a lost kid thing on there. So I do wonder if maybe there’s something with that, potentially. I’m still kind of sticking with that theory.

Pete:                Well yeah, because there’s the whole thing of there were no kids and then for Halloween it was all kids and then the kids went away.

Justin:              But I also think that to put her in that spot and make her be so obviously villainy feels like maybe there’s a deeper reason for doing that and we’re going to get this other villain. She’s play acting as well through this.

Alex:                 Yeah, that’s potentially possible. The other thing, maybe I’m remembering this wrong because a lot of things happen in the comics, but I think what actually happened was Agatha used two pieces of the devil’s soul, gave them to Wanda to create Billy and Tommy so she could have kids, and then Master Pandemonium, who’s this villain who’s like… I honestly don’t remember it, but minor devil character, works for the devil or something like that, comes back and then absorbs Billy and Tommy to start completing his soul and turns them into arms and it’s one of the most horrifying covers in comic book history. We could see something like that. Like you’re saying, she’s trying to resurrect somebody, she’s trying to bring somebody back. Something like that.

Pete:                There was a moment where the douchy army guy was like, “We launch today,” and I thought there would be some kind of attack, but that never really paid off in this ep.

Alex:                 I think we’re going to get some sort of potentially a two-part finale, where we’re getting Hayward is attacking Westview with everything at his disposal. Inside Westview you got Wanda, you got Vision, you got Monica now with powers protecting things and taking the fight to them. You also have the people who are loyal to Monica outside potentially on her side. And then on the other end of the spectrum, you have Agnes and whatever is actually going on with her causing this magic fight. So I think we’re going to see this all out brawl span out over the course of the next two episodes potentially.

Justin:              Yeah, I totally agree. Hayward’s setup as the villain, I think, for the other side of it. And I think we’re going to get… Everybody inside the Hex is going to have to fight Hayward, I think.

Alex:                 Yeah. You think Agnes potentially will team up with everybody?

Justin:              I don’t know. I think there’s potential there.

Pete:                I think they might have to team up for what’s coming at them. That could be interesting.

Justin:              The post credit scene or the mid credit scene where we have Monica discovering Agnes’s basement, they’re all going to be there. I can’t imagine we’re going to get that fight at the beginning of this next episode and that’s it. I feel like we need… Beginning of that fight Hayward is the… Because Hayward’s the dumb villain that is clearly not going to have bigger implications for the Marvel universe perhaps. So then he gets defeated and then they go deal with the larger stuff.

Alex:                 Potentially I could see that. I could also see them skipping entirely and having next episode be called previously on or something like that, and zooming back and showing how we actually got here and what’s actually going on in the series before we get the blowout fight in the last episode.

Justin:              You love predicting the titles.

Alex:                 I’m always wrong. I’ve had it in one. So far I’m one for seven.

Justin:              Previously on’s a pretty good guess if they do the flashback.

Alex:                 Yeah. We’ll see what happens. Lots of other stuff going on, but I do want to jump back and mention something that we kind of brushed by that Pete mentioned is Monica getting her powers, what’s going on with her, that amazing moment when she jams herself through the wall and we get all the voices from Captain Marvel, we get to see young Monica Rambeau as well. I love this character. She’s great. I’m so excited to see her go forward in the MCU.

Justin:              Yeah, really cool. The establishment of her powers here I thought was great. The different color spectrum that we’re seeing with all the different people here is really cool, and just the fact that her eyes went super blue and then we slowly dial that up throughout the episode. I’m here for it.

Alex:                 Yeah, that was very cool. We also didn’t really talk about the Vision Darcy team up that happened this episode, which was a lot of fun as well. Pete, you want to talk about that one?

Pete:                Yeah, it was really fun because we see Darcy, she’s fully in her escape artist character and then Vision touches her and snaps her out of it, and the first thing she said is, “Secretly I wanted to have a guest cameo, but that really sucked.” I really loved that moment. And then the fun very slowly them trying to get there in the the waffle truck was… I really thought this was a lot of sweet moments. And then her kind of catching Vision up I thought was nice. We didn’t hear the whole conversation, but since we saw the show we don’t we don’t need everything, but the little parts that we saw, it was nice to see Vision coming to grips with everything that’s happened to him, and then Darcy being like, “You two really do belong together. That’s real love there.” I thought that was very touching and nice.

Justin:              And really we get to see just how sad the story is. The tragic fall of Vision and how he doesn’t even know about it, and to hear it from an outside source, I thought really hit all the emotional moments.

Alex:                 And I don’t want to harp on this too much, but a little bit of a correction, Pete, and I can’t believe you got this wrong of all people, but it wasn’t a waffle truck. It was a funnel cake truck called funnel [crosstalk 00:26:55].

Justin:              Oh Pete. Where are you, dude?

Alex:                 Food, your number one. Cars, your number two. Wrong on all counts.

Pete:                See, I was too focused on getting the other details right.

Justin:              Your notes. Your note is just a big funnel cake though, right, [crosstalk 00:27:12].

Pete:                Yeah, that I’m slowly eating. I wish, man. Before you started busting my balls, I felt like there was another… Oh yeah, when Vision was trying to convince her when she was kind of in character was really funny and sweet too. He was like, “No, no, we had a moment before this whole circus thing happened.” And I’m glad we got to see some fun circus stuff. It was also cool to see Darcy knock down the strong man. That was really fun.

Justin:              Not so strong. Not so strong.

Alex:                 Couple of notes that I jotted down, and you guys jump in obviously at any point, but as I was-

Pete:                Oh, thanks for giving me the okay to do that.

Alex:                 No problem, Pete. Sometimes you just sit there and raise your hand. That’s why I’m saying. But other things as I was looking through for Easter eggs. I don’t think there were actually a ton this episode, which was surprising, but at the beginning scene, the bedspread was Hexagons that Wanda was under. So that was pretty fun. Also I looked at everything that was going out on the TV and the answer is pretty much nothing. The weather was going from the 40 to the 60s or 70s, which is a pretty far range.

Justin:              Perfect weather. I mean, the weather is the ultimate Easter egg. Let’s be honest. On any show I’m like, “Is it going to rain?”

Alex:                 The Office opening. That was pretty much straight up, though I think everybody noticed this. It was all Wanda up until the end it was called WandaVision, but created by Wanda Maximoff. I thought that was a nice detail. Also Darcy being the escape artist based on the fact that she was handcuffed to the truck in the last episode, that’s what she got changed to. Thought that was a fun detail. The stork was back briefly as everything was starting to break down. Pete.

Justin:              Stork watch. Who’s on stork watch.

Alex:                 Pete’s on stork watch.

Pete:                Yeah, that was kind of crazy, but I wanted more stork for sure.

Alex:                 We all did.

Pete:                No one wants more stork. The fact that it was in here for that, I was like, “Enough stork.”

Alex:                 Did I imagine this or at one point did somebody speculate that the stork is maybe Mephisto?

Justin:              I think you said that on a previous podcast, but let me say, when the stork appeared and vanished in a cloud of red smoke, I was like, “It is weird.” And also the fact that… If we’re saying the stork delivered the children, the souls would come from somewhere.

Alex:                 Could you imagine if in the last episode of the show, the stork is like, “I’m the real villain here,” and morphs into Al Pacino.

Justin:              I agree it’s weird, but also it’s weird that there’s red smoke there. There are weird moments around the stork and the fact that the stork is such a thing. We don’t need all this stork. So why do we keep seeing it?

Alex:                 Here’s the thing about that, that I felt like with this episode, which we kind of brushed over a little bit, but there was so much speculation about who the aerospace engineer was that Monica was contacting, and ultimately it ended up being this character called major Goodner who is still loyal to Monica’s mom, played by an actress named Rachel Thompson. And that’s it. She’s not from the comics. She hasn’t previously appeared in the MCU or anything like that. It’s just a random army person from S.W.O.R.D. who is loyal to Monica. Maybe we’ll see more of her going forward as Monica continues-

Pete:                Or maybe she’s actually the stork.

Justin:              Or another bird. What is she’s another-

Alex:                 Here’s the thing, Al Pacino is one of the greatest actors of all time. He could be major Goodner. He could pull that off.

Justin:              I think he’s… If you look at the stork, it has a lot of Al Pacino’s features, and you can barely hear it going “Hoo-ah” if you listen.

Pete:                If you really listen, yeah.

Alex:                 But that kind of points to me that in the best way, everybody is analyzing every single piece of this show and pulling it apart and looking for clues and try to figure out what’s going on, but sometimes it’s just a thing. It’s just a piece of the plot. Not everything is a clue to something.

Justin:              Sometimes a stork is just a stork is what you’re saying.

Alex:                 Exactly.

Justin:              I agree with you. Major Goodner, maybe that’s a huge new character for the MCU. Sounds like a good guy when you think about it.

Alex:                 It’s not major Badner.

Justin:              That’s right. And I was definitely not on the Mephisto train at all, but I do think of all the villains we’ve talked about, that’s the one with the most intrigue, I think. And I don’t think Mephisto’s going to be the villain who’s like, “Ha ha, it’s me,” in the last ep so they have to fight. But I do think a post credit sequence where Agatha reports back to Mephisto makes a lot of sense.

Pete:                No, Mephisto is not that… Don’t bolster up Mephisto. He’s a side bullshit character that they use to retcon shit.

Alex:                 I’ll throw out another possible villain to you guys. This is based on this episode, but when Wanda goes over to the house and sees Tommy and Billy missing, there’s a brief snippet of an actual TV show, which is Yo Gabba Gabba, which is a fantastic show that unfortunately is streaming nowhere. But that indicated to me, to anybody who’s seen Yo Gabba Gabba, what if it’s DJ Lance Rock, the guy who hosts Yo Gabba Gabba. You don’t see them in that shot, and that’s a little weird to me.

Justin:              Wow. Interesting.

Pete:                Why can’t you just accept what the show told you, and its Agnes? Stop looking deeper. That’s it. It’s Agnes. She’s doing it all. She clearly said that.

Alex:                 I think it might be Stilt-Man.

Justin:              You got to look deeper. I think it’s Optimus Prime from Transformers. He’s been wanting to go bad. Think about it. We see a lot of trucks in this episode.

Alex:                 That’s true.

Justin:              Obviously the funnel cake truck. And here’s the thing, they’re robots in disguise, so you’re not going to see them. You’re not going see them first. Because here’s the thing, Pete, I don’t know if you know, a lot of this stuff in the Marvel Cinematic Universe is actually based on comic books, which is an ongoing medium where a lot of times they set up the next story within the confines of the story that’s being told.

Alex:                 This is a really interesting. Somebody should do some sort of a Marvel podcast.

Justin:              Oh, that’s an interesting idea. Oh, to talk about. Boo. Let me be honest, I don’t have much going on in my end of the world, so I’m happy to jump in and do a Marvel Podcast.

Alex:                 I love how you say that when you’ve got a dog and a couple of kids running around.

Pete:                Your teeth are falling out.

Alex:                 It looks like you have an open lesion on your hand. I don’t know what’s going on with you.

Justin:              Life’s good. I’ve just got to get up early and record podcasts. I made all the right choices.

Pete:                You guys also agree with me though that it’s a horrible idea to go into the creepy basement, right? Why would you do that?

Alex:                 My sense of that moment is that’s what she has to do. She can’t do anything else. She’s scared for her kids. She realizes something is wrong.

Pete:                Take on an Agatha right there. Don’t go into her trap.

Alex:                 She doesn’t know that it’s Agatha. She thinks it’s her friend Agnes, and I think Agnes is at the point where she is revealing herself to Wanda. So if anything, you could probably posit that its Agnes’s influence that is sending Wanda down there, giving her this need to go down to the basement and explore things. But it was great, it was great moment.

Justin:              Let me throw this out to you, Pete. If you’re watching a horror movie, which I know you don’t love, the character’s about to open the basement door to go in the basement, and then they don’t. They go back and go to sleep and then you just watch the character sleep for the next 20 minutes.

Pete:                That’s why I’ve lived my whole life and haven’t had a horror story moment because I won’t… If I hear something I’m not going to go investigate. Are you fucking out of your mind? I want to live.

Justin:              Well that’s why your basement’s flooded several times, because you hear a noise down there and you’re-

Pete:                I don’t care. Yeah, I don’t care. I hear cries from help sometimes from my basement. But I’m not going to go down there.

Justin:              But so you would be happy with a horror movie that just was the last-

Pete:                I would stand up and applaud if a horror movie was 10 minutes long, and I didn’t have to have nightmares.

Alex:                 Hey you guys want to go to that abandoned sleep away camp and have sex? No. Credits rolling.

Justin:              Let’s have sex right here, and then you’re watching pornography, Pete. I hope you’re happy.

Pete:                Don’t say that next to your child.

Alex:                 It’s fine. Before we start to wrap up here, though, any other moments from the episode either of you guys want to call out?

Pete:                I was like, “Oh, they’re not going to have Quicksilver in the whole episode,” and then really this snoopers got to snoop line was really nice.

Alex:                 Yeah. It’s great. Fun to have him around. It also seems… We didn’t really talk about this, but Paul Bettany had a quote where he said the actor that he has always wanted to work with but never worked with who is some sort of secret cameo or a part on the show, he’s not Evan Peters. So there’s still somebody else who’s going to show up at some point. I don’t know if if we necessarily [crosstalk 00:36:17]-

Justin:              I mean, that’s what I’m saying. That’s a big reveal. I can’t believe I haven’t gone all the way through the looking glass on the Mephisto thing, but I think I’m back on a last episode Mephisto reveal.

Alex:                 Al Pacino is the stork. There we go. That’s our number one theory that we all agree on on the spot.

Justin:              We all agreed on that. We’ve all said it. We’ve all said it in different ways. I think we touched on everything. Like I said, this episode was very direct with its storytelling. The final payoff of all of the sitcom tropes being this, I thought it was the least fun version of it, and like we said, maybe that’s purposeful. I did think the Agatha being the documentary team filming the Modern Family podcast, I thought that was a good little hit there at the end.

Alex:                 That was great. That whole Agatha all along sequence was fantastic. That was the highlight of the episode for me. Before we wrap up here, what’s on your Vision board for the next episode. Pete, you want to go first with this one?

Pete:                Well, my Vision board just says no Mephisto ever. Never again. Don’t ever put us through that again, ever, Marvel.

Alex:                 Most people don’t know what you’re talking about, but let’s go on, but Justin… You’re talking about an event that happened at this point probably 15 years ago.

Pete:                Just don’t care. I don’t want it again, ever.

Alex:                 Justin, over to you, what’s on your Vision board?

Justin:              I’ve got to say, to your call for a previously on episode that establishes everything I think would be very fun.

Pete:                Don’t feed his ego, please.

Justin:              I just mean like we do have to get this backstory at some point and we’ve revealed Agatha, Agnes, Agnes/Agatha as the villain. We have to hear that story, whether it’s a short sequence or the full flashback episode.

Alex:                 Yeah, that was kind of mine as well, but given you took that one, I’m going to go with I want to hear a stork say “Hoo-ah.”

Justin:              Sorry to rob you of your thunder there, but I also think we are going to get everybody working together to fight some sort of series of Vision clone bots that Hayward has made.

Alex:                 Good call there. I like that. And I like all of you, particularly if you support us at Also we do a live show every Tuesday night at 7:00 PM to Crowdcast and YouTube. Come hang out. We would love to chat with you about WandaVision. iTunes, Android, Spotify, Stitcher, or the app of your choice to subscribe and to listen to the show. Socially MarvelVisionPod on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. for this podcast and many more. Until next time, stay marvelous.

Pete:                Keep your teeth in.

Speaker 1:        Keep your mouth closed when you’re sledding, and if you’re a dentist, call me.

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