Cloak & Jabber: Runaways Crossover

Cloak & Dagger Runaways Crossover

We’re back for one last episode of our Cloak & Dagger podcast to talk about the Runaways crossover episode, the show’s cancellation, and potential future.

2 thoughts on “Cloak & Jabber: Runaways Crossover

  1. though i dont like runaways (tech wand instead of having nico being a true witch like whatevers) its better than cloak and dagger. i could not get into that show at all and stopped watching after season one. slow and boring. my problems with runaways is the changes from comic to screen for no reason. why couldnt nico and her parents be magic users? why couldnt the yorkes be time travelers? why couldnt some of the parents die at the least instead of this lame “aliens are in their bodies” bogus? and save for like 2 and a half of the actors none of the kids can act. its super frustrating and if morgan le fey wasnt in this season i probably wouldnt have watched

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