Powers of X #1

The Stack: Powers of X, The Batman Who Laughs And More

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On today’s comic book review podcast: Powers of X #1, The Batman Who Laughs #7, Ice Cream Man #13, Riverdale Season 3 #5, Strayed (out 8/14), Deaths Head #1, The Beauty #28 and Batman: Last Knight on Earth #2

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3 thoughts on “The Stack: Powers of X, The Batman Who Laughs And More

  1. nah. first page of HOX, mutants (you see cyclops eyes spark with power. plus humans arent x-men). last page of POX is the humans. LOVED HOX, POX was not good for me (this is after 3 reads). yes there are some very interesting things going on that i want to learn about and yes i will read the rest but it was too much going on in one issue and the timeline/story i was most looking forward to (xavier meeting moira) got the least love. to compare the two: HOX is a great tv show, POX is a science text book. one is fun, one is work.

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