On today’s comic book podcast, we’ve got reviews for: Heroes in Crisis #8, Thanos #1, Ascender #1, Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge #1, Criminal #4 and The Terrifics #15 

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4 thoughts on “The Stack: Heroes In Crisis, Thanos And More

  1. Love The Stack as always guys, but Alex, my man, buddy, ole’ pal of mine, when you say a spoiler is coming (IE: Heroes In Crisis) could you give us at least 2 or 3 seconds to get to the volume or pause controls? Hahaha
    “… here’s the big spoiler turns out it was Wally West….”
    If I was transcribing that part of your sentence, I wouldn’t even need to put a comma in there.:-D
    Anyway, off to finish the rest of the episode, with my hand placed ready on my mouse to hit mute at any half-second time span 😉
    Take care, guys

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