Chilling Podcast Of Sabrina: “Chapter Sixteen: Blackwood”

Chilling Adventures of Sabrina - Blackwood

Get ready for one wedding and a funeral as the Anti-Pope arrives in Greendale and the balance of power changes forever, as our Chilling Adventures of Sabrina podcast recaps “Chapter Sixteen: Blackwood”

One thought on “Chilling Podcast Of Sabrina: “Chapter Sixteen: Blackwood”

  1. took me five days but just finished the season and yeah its SO much better than the first season. still have some problems with the budget for effects and her wig (like you can tell when they had a different hairstylist cause it would look so good and curled at the tips and then in other episodes (or scenes in the same episode) it would look like a bad sitting hat and super dry) but just comparing the two: this is what i wanted. more magic, more adventure, more mythology. fingers crossed each season gets better and better

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