Comic Book Club: Your Audience Questions

Comic Book Club Audience Questions

Justin, Alex and Pete go solo (trio?) for a special live episode of Comic Book Club.

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2 thoughts on “Comic Book Club: Your Audience Questions

  1. he just listed them: killing joke, watchmen, anything batman….not for me, not good, i dont get the hype at all. ill just stick to my x-men and magical girls

  2. i actually know a lot of people (online and real life) who think that way. thats why they dont watch/like super hero films. “joker gets out and keeps killing thousands of people and batman never kills him. doesnt make sense to me” is an example of their gripes. i dont care about batman, its just a fictional character, zack has a point so i dont get why people got their tighty whiteys all bent up over his comment. the movie is done and out there, just never watch it again and move on with your lives instead of keep talking about one or two scenes OVER and OVER. i just dont get it

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