Deadly Cast: “Saudade”

Deadly Class - Saudade

The Deadly Class has some fear and loathing Las Vegas as our podcast recaps “Saudade”

3 thoughts on “Deadly Cast: “Saudade”

  1. yeah this episode didnt do it for me. only good points i can take is the death of chico and how that will play out for the characters going forward especially maria. also for the first time the actor playing marcus showed some charisma. too bad it took him being on drugs for it to happen. the rest is just not my style. dont support or care for drugs, dont get it. having never did them myself i cant relate or understand anything that is happening as the characters “trip” so cant find the humor in it 99% of the time. the road trip is what made me drop the comic and i hope its not what makes me drop the show but so far its not starting out on a good point. also: WHERE IS PETRA! she so should have been on the road trip too! i count her as part of the main cast. and since they are going after billy’s dad it just makes sense. he needs his lady……….

  2. soodande???? thats what it sounds like you said lol its more emphasis on the A then the U. sau (saw) da-de. cant help with the accent as the only romantic languages i studied were latin, spanish and french

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