Riverdale The Red Dahlia

Riverdale After Dark: “The Red Dahlia”

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Riverdale goes full noir as Jughead investigates a mystery, Archie gets drunk on soda, and Betty finds out some shocking secrets.

4 thoughts on “Riverdale After Dark: “The Red Dahlia”

  1. the tone didnt work cause for me it didnt stick throughout. i only got the noir film feels when it was jughead in his office “typing” away, talking with veronica or talking to hermione, the rest just felt like a regular episode of riverdale. as for the reveals: i was half right! figured FP is the one that shot hirom but i was wrong in thinking he did it of his own volition. right that hermione is not someone we should be over looking, though she may not be the gargoyle king. since hirom debuted i was waiting for hermione to reveal that she was only pretending to be that loyal to him and not some stockholme wife and she proved me right FINALLY though she failed in her attempt to kill him (she should have done it herself i mean they sleep together, she could make sure none of the guards or veronica are around to rush him to the hospital). shocker of the night was jellybean and her mom! jellybean is a mob princess!! what is going on! i cant even! im both shocked and intrigued

  2. the title “black dahlia murders” is just the name of the real life event that the movie is based on, not the name of a movie

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