Riverdale After Dark: “The Stranger”

riverdale the stranger

Archie returns to town changed, Veronica makes a big decision, and everyone takes the SATs as our Riverdale podcast recaps “Chapter Forty-Five: The Stranger”

Note: Apologies about some weird audio quality, this episode was recorded over Skype.

4 thoughts on “Riverdale After Dark: “The Stranger”

  1. my theory its probably FP who shot hirom but not because he was ordered to but because he put two and two together with hirom’s vague threat towards jughead

  2. my main suspects have been and continue to be hirom and this evernever guy. i would hate for it to be evernever since we neverever get to see or know him, like no emotional impact if he’s the big bad. hirom getting shot (he’s not dead) to me stinks of red herring and i aint falling for it. if im wrong im wrong BUT your conversation brought something to mind. gargoyle KING. we have all been focusing too much on the KING aka male pronoun. what if the KING is really a QUEEN? the only one i think is smart enough and ruthless enough to have done all this is hermione. as batty and cruel as she maybe betty’s mom is just too batty and cheryl’s mom seems to think too small. hermione is now my third choice……..#stillthinkitshironbut……..

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