Riverdale After Dark: “The Great Escape”

Riverdale - The Great Escape

Archie makes a break for it, and Jughead breaks from reality as our Riverdale podcast recaps “Chapter Forty: The Great Escape”

3 thoughts on “Riverdale After Dark: “The Great Escape”

  1. Hey!
    Thought….if Sierra and Tom get married then they would have spousal immunity in a court of law and wouldn’t have to testify against each other. This may be a stretch but Sierra is a lawyer and would be familiar with marital privilege. I also re-watched the scene with Hermione addressing all the parents about G&G surfacing again and Tom suggested to just avoid it – keep the pact. He noticeably had a different demeanor than the rest of the parents. He also touched Sierra’s shoulder as if he was saying “it’s going to be okay”. If Tom or Sierra had something to do with the death of the Principal then it would also make sense as to why they didn’t stay together when they were kids.

    Also….I’m not sure if this is an ok way to leave theories but I don’t have Facebook or Twitter.

    I love the podcast though! It makes me feel better about obsessing over a show filled with teenagers haha

    1. Hmmm interesting idea! I do think we’re going to see a twist in the Sierra/Tom relationship, but who knows what? And totally fine place to leave theories! Love it. Thanks for listening and commenting!

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