Battlestar Galactica vs Battlestar Galactica #6

Preview: Dynamite “Battlestar Galactica vs Battlestar Galactica #6”


Battlestar Galactica vs Battlestar Galactica #6

writer: Peter David  |  artist: Edu Menna

covers: Adam “Mojo” Lebowitz (A), Johnny Desjardins (B), 

              Michael Adams “Apollo” Action Figure Cover (C),

              Roberto Castro “Apollo” Split Cover (D-Sub)

              Roberto Castro (RI-B/W), Johnny Desjardin (RI-B/W),

              Adam “Mojo” Lebowitz (RI-Virgin)

FC  |  32 pages  |  $3.99  |  Teen+ 

Kali and Iblis’ plan is discovered, but broken trust is a hard thing to overcome, harder still when lives are at stake!  Can the crews of the Galacticas work together to save the last remnants of humanity, or will this spell the end of the species?

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