Preview: Titan Comics “Dan Dare Volume 1: He Who Dares”

Dan Dare


Writer: Peter Milligan

Artist: Alberto Foche

Publisher: Titan Comics

TPB, 112pp, $16.99

On sale: April 24, 2018

ISBN: 9781785861475

One of science fiction’s most famous characters, DAN DARE – pilot of the future, is back for a brand new adventure and facing his biggest threat.

Peace reigns supreme for the Earth Sol Alliance. The MEKON, perhaps mankind’s greatest enemy, has finally been vanquished and is undergoing behavioural rehabilitation in a maximum-security prison built on the Moon. This leaves his captor, Dan Dare, desk-bound, bored, and praying for adventure…

Dan’s prayers are seemingly answered when a massive spaceship of unknown origin arrives in the Sol System and destroys one of the moons of Saturn in a colossal show of strength. Dan Dare is dispatched to investigate and he may need the help of his iconic foe, The Mekon…

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