Preview: IDW “Violette Around the World, Vol. 1: My Head In the Clouds!”

Violette Around the World, Vol. 1: My Head In the Clouds!

Teresa Radice (w) • Stefano Turconi (a & c)

A 12-year-old girl travels the globe with her parents’ circus, having adventures and learning to appreciate the joys of being different.

Her name is Violette, like the flower in the spring, like the seventh color of the rainbow. She lives with the Circus of the Moon, where her mother is the stuntwoman and her father is the insect tamer. At the end of the 19th-century, Violette is a curious, happy 12-year-old who is fascinated by the beauty of the world around her: music, painting, drawing, nature, and much more. She shares adventures with her friend Samir (a budding trapeze artist), her unusual animal friends, and her father’s trained insects!

HC • FC • $12.99 • 48 pages • 8.5” x 11” • ISBN: 978-1-68405-188-5

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