Inside Legion: “Chapter 6”

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On this episode of Inside Legion, Funguslord attacks, and Alex defends Bill Irwin.

4 thoughts on “Inside Legion: “Chapter 6”

  1. Hey guys, I just started listening to your “Inside Legion” podcasts (long time listener of your other stuff), but I have a question if you don’t mind. If you do mind I guess I still have that question, it will just maybe not be answered 😉
    Okay, my question, why are there two “bars” or “links” or “downloads” for each episode? Is one edited for content or language? Is it just something that happens? All your other Comic Club posts (links to podcasts) only have one “click play button”, but all of your “show” discussions have two. What’s the deal?
    Thanks for taking the time,

    1. It’s because we’re running it in two feeds, the Comic Book Club feed, and the Inside Legion feed. It shows up super weird on the site (and there may be a better way of doing it), but that’s the explanation!

  2. And a fine explanation it is. Thanks. Darn thing was just eating away at my curiosity.

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